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A protester carries his rifle at the State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
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Will violent rhetoric trigger a proliferation of political violence? Qui vivra verra: They who live shall see.

As Lincoln said in his Springfield Farewell Address, there are reasons to confidently hope that all will yet be well. But commentators don’t book many media appearances or sell many books by reminding people how often trends revert to the mean. Movements rise and fall for all kinds of reasons—and sometimes, seemingly, for no reason at all. The age of the angry might be followed by the age of the exhausted middle. Or perhaps the shift will make obvious sense: a loss of enthusiasm the moment average people are called upon to make real, material sacrifices for “the cause.” Talk is cheap; destruction and disorder are expensive.

And who would be less willing to suffer hardship than the lawyers, writers, and intellectuals leading the charge for conservative Jacobinism? For all the new Right’s talk about “grifters” in Washington, D.C., the hottest grift in town is the new Right itself. The activist Charlie Kirk, who was asked at an event last year when conservatives would get to “use the guns” and “kill these people,” hesitated. He didn’t denounce violence per se; he just counseled that the time was not quite right for it.

For a successful salesman like Kirk, the time for violence will always be just over the horizon.

It would be nice to stop there; but after Lincoln left Springfield, we know what happened next. When extremists who are not in on the grift decide that it’s time to “use the guns,” neither Kirk, Bongino, nor anyone else will be able to recage the tiger. The Jacobins will reap the whirlwind, as Jacobins do. It’s hardly unreasonable to assume that dehumanizing speech, repeated often enough, will at length give rise to dehumanizing conduct. There is a similar but simpler principle: tit for tat. The more the Right plays with the idea of burning the world down to destroy its enemies, the more legitimate that idea becomes on the left.

This is not to say that the Left is doing its part to head off catastrophe. In thrall to identity politics, tolerant of the riots that suit them, and addicted to passing “transformative,” albeit unpopular, legislation, the original anti-Burkeans appear utterly uninterested in adopting the political caution that the Right has discarded. Woke corporations, ideologically non-diverse universities, and the mainstream media are trucking in the soil from which the Right’s paranoia grows. What is worse, the Democratic Party is making little effort to keep the militant Right out of power. The data on this point are clear: The party is not offering a vision that independents and disaffected conservatives see as a sober alternative to the Republicans.

“The whole earth, perpetually steeped in blood,” Maistre wrote, “is nothing but a vast altar, upon which all that is living must be sacrificed without end, without measure, without pause, until the consummation of things, until evil is extinct, until the death of death.” It is up to each of us to prove him wrong.

— Corbin K. Barthold in Don’t Hang Mike Pence!

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  1. avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

    “The New Right’s Talk of Guns and Revolution Makes it More Likely to Happen”

    Simple – Don’t start anything, there won’t be anything.

    Hey, TTAG management – Jury selection is finally starting down here for the trial of the movie theater popcorn killer.

    “Curtis Reeves trial begins eight years after deadly Pasco County theater shooting”

    May the guilty bastard get the fair trial he deserves… 🙂

    • “He could have distanced himself, he could have stayed in the lobby, waited for somebody to come in and assist him, tell Oulson to shut off his cell phone,” said Rickman. “Instead, Reeves went back into the theater.”

      So the retired police captain went back into the theater after the altercation and shot him?

      • FYI corbin k. barthold…Firearms are what stands in the way of murderers, rapists, kidnappers, perverts, bullies, child molesters and Gun Control tyrants who savor the thought of disarming America. Gun Control puts sickos in Control of you and yours like nazis were in control of Jews and like the military wing of the democRat Party known as the KKK was in control of Black Americans, etc.

        As Americans we are obligated to Protect and Defend The Constitution of The United States from enemies both foreign and domestic…If you corbin k. barthold really wanted to pinpoint who the domestic enemies of Freedom are and who is fanning the flames your post wouldn’t be a lame version of, “Follow the bouncing ball.” Your post would have cut the chase and not went one inch further than the instigating democRat Party Gun Control rot who want to disarm the American people.

      • No need to explain to Whiner.
        He spent months on TTAG calling a drug that was FIRST developed for human use, and has saved millions of lives around the planet, a horse dewormer.🤪

        TTAG is laughing at you pathetic 🤡.

        • You are referring to the noble prize winning drug ivermection?
          The same drug that had been given to over 1 billion people over the decades and the cdc has it on there website to administrate it to illegal people from south and central America to help deworm them from parasitic worms, that drug ??

          Ivermectin: a multifaceted drug of Nobel prize-honoured distinction with indicated efficacy against a new global scourge, COVID-19 – PubMed

    • That the ahole who killed a guy because he got a handful of popcorn in the face ??
      Your right, may the guilty clown get his long overdue trial on his way to jail.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      As I recall from the French Revolution, the Jacobins cheered on the falling blade, and then met it themselves when it was all said and done.

      That’s the proper way to deal with Leftists/Marxists…

      • Well, that is what they were. But that’s not really the point.

        I’m just having fun watching our noble author unironically do exactly the thing they complain is being done.

    • Activism. A way for useless people to feel important. Even when their activism is detrimental to those they try to support.

      How many minority owned businesses were looted and torched by antifa and BLM in their “mostly peaceful protests”?

  2. Leftists want a civil war, if the military and police remain loyal to them, but not if they have to do any of the fighting, or even handle ANY of the logistics, themselves.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      That’s the ‘crux of the biscuit’, the military grunts are over 80 percent Trump supporters.

      China was able to get away with slaughtering thousands of students in Tienanmen Square by going to the distant Providences to get their jack-booted thugs, that’s not gonna work with the DOD, troops are well-mixed with the general population…

    • “Leftists want a civil war,…”

      Maybe they don’t really want a civil war, because they know they would lose the battle (everyone would lose the nation). Maybe they hope to avoid battle defeat by energizing government to shut down any form of opposition before they would have to put it all on the line, individually.

      • Leftists have been calling for a violent revolution in America ever since the 1960s. They bombed university and government buildings killing a number of people. Read rules for radicals by Saul Alinsky, a dedicated communist who was one of BO’s trainers.

        The leaders of the left seek to destroy America and the useful fools follow along to be the fodder.

  3. Lol
    Upside down and backwards

    This reads like it’s something from Twitter or Facebook. Completely twisting and confusing the ideas it’s trying so hard to convey. Conflating issues to its own convenience given to low IQ conscriptions.

    It’s the left destroying, burning, and rioting. What we see from the right is a reaction. Some of those reactions are passive and many are angry frustrations. The Democrat party cannot turn this country socialist without driving everyone on both sides crazy. Particularly the drugged up liberal rank and file within the general population.

    No one here wants what they are pushing. It is the left that’s pushing and pushing hard. The right is simply reacting to that by pushing back.

  4. Wait, I think I’m losing track of the script here.
    Last week the Dems were Jacobin revolutionaries set on tearing down the power structure. Did they just realize that they are the power structure so now it’e the rightfar rightalt rightnew right?

  5. Well, I had to re-read this several times.

    And the author has it completely backwards. The Right has the restraint.

    Conservatism is by definition conservative.

    The Left is taking advantage of the conservatism by rioting and burning everything down, then blaming a small group of rioters for the worst attack in history. The lefts rhetoric is that which is itself inflammatory.

    Yet the conservative right, does little, doesn’t burn, doesn’t loot.

    Comments of just over the horizon in the article, are probably true, but over 11 million new people seem to be seeing the horizon as well. These new people see what the left is doing in government, and decided the only solution was to arm themselves. Then the polling comes out and more people are switching from the left parties to the right, as they too see what the left has on the horizon.

    Conservatives, keep moving forward, it’s not until they are cornered or attacked that they defend themselves and those around them.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “…over 11 million new people seem to be seeing the horizon as well. These new people see what the left is doing in government, and decided the only solution was to arm themselves.”

      Yep, many of them came from central and south America, where they had direct experience with the revolutionaries like Comrade Che, and want nothing to do whatsoever with that socialist bullshit…

    • Quote: “Comments of just over the horizon in the article, are probably true, but over 11 million new people seem to be seeing the horizon as well. These new people see what the left is doing in government, and decided the only solution was to arm themselves. Then the polling comes out and more people are switching from the left parties to the right, as they too see what the left has on the horizon.”

      Keep in mind that a significant percentage of those 11 million are leftists gearing up for the “final solution” they have been seeking for decades.

      Also, be sure to trust those millions of democrats who are changing their registration to republican to vote only for true conservatives, not for RINOs who will vote left when the time comes.

  6. Just rhetoric. The fight isn’t about words, it’s about freedom. Simple, you don’t take my freedom I don’t become a soldier in the freedom fight.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “Simple, you don’t take my freedom I don’t become a soldier in the freedom fight.”


      Don’t start anything, there won’t be anything… 🙂

    • Exactly. Something Benjamin Franklin once said about “omnipotent busybodies” as neighbours…

  7. Yeah what a load of gobbledygook bat guano. Some of us are more complex than the “muh gunz” crowd. Come to disarm me and you’ll find out…

  8. Anyone who believes Charlie Kirk is a violent revolutionary has never actually heard him speak…

    As others here are noting, it is the Left that has always resorted to violence, guerrilla tactics, lawlessness, rioting, looting, outright lying and fabrications, cheating, fraud- anything to further their minority, utopian causes and attempt to force them onto the rest of America.

    On “our side”, we must be very careful not to advocate doing the same for ours. 2 wrongs rarely ever make a right, and the uncommitted general public will see through it eventually.

    As clearly indicated by the rise in firearms ownership, anti-mask/vax mandates and various large gatherings of all types of Americans who only seek to continue and restore those God-given rights mentioned briefly by our Founders. All that’s really necessary for most of us to do is allow the bedwetting, flacid, woke Left to continue to spew their message. The MSM and establishment political class can only surpress the truth so long. In any long conflict, there are ups and downs but I truly believe the established original direction of our nation is being put back on course

    Yes, it takes a long time, but this anti-American, anti-establishment propaganda barrage has been going on, with a lot of reinforcement from the media and communist plants in our government, since the early 1960s. It will not be reversed in a year, or by a single election.

    Personally, I do not believe there is a “New Right” behind any of the movement to return the US to its original course of freedom from government restictions, red tape and Liberty for all. It is merely a re-awkening of normal American people who, for a time, found it fairly comfortable to allow others to do for them what they all should be doing for themselves. The Left, and their accomplices, turned up the burner way too quickly under the pan containing the frog. That this now-aware frog is capable of doing something about is scares the living hell out of them, causing them to resort once again to the rhetoric and garbage that worked before, such as the article we are resoonding to here. Great! And we haven’t even had to pick up arms to put that scare back into them.

    Let their imagination (and reality, of course) keep ruling their lives. We don’t need to add any fuel to the flames they already are feeling, not yet. Think wisely before you act. We, the mainstream Americans are the true “victims” here, let’s not give the cretins any real ammo to use against us.

  9. I would say due to the rioting, etc of 2020 and the subsequent actions of our Lefty counterparts, I would say they long for an insurrection. Only it wouldn’t be Conservatives doing the insurrecting?

    • They long for insurrection as it gives them an excuse to tear down the Republican Party and the American Right Wing, thus assuring themselves of power and control.

    • As far as the Left’s actual insurrection, violence and looting: They seemed to lose a bit of courage and will after a few were shot down in the streets of Kenosha in what the court has ruled as self defense.

      While I would not, at this time, advocate the right, conservatives, normal, mainstream Americans (whatever) start an armed revolt, I would advocate protecting one’s self and livelihood using whatever means are necessary to preserve them…

  10. Another TTAG front page article today is one on the mayor of San Diego looking for opportunities to confiscate guns. So, that might be a clue as to why the right is getting fed up.

    The key here is that the left can’t tolerate people living life different than them. They are dead set on realigning “normal” to their world view, and the rest of us don’t want to be forced to live life the way they want.

    It’s like a school kid absolutely tormenting a classmate and then crying foul and claiming victim status when the classmate has had enough and fights back.

  11. The FBI has stated the most dangerous bunch of lunatics are the Far Right extremists who have killed the most people in the U.S.

    It was the Far Right Extremists who tried to overthrow the government and it is they that will cause more and more draconian gun bans because the people in power are going to stay in power and they will indeed ban modern weapons if they are threatened again like they were on Jan. 6th and both Republicans and Democrats were almost murdered on that day.

    If the Far Right had murdered people that day more than one General said that they were preparing to move in and take over and that would have meant the perpetrators of the insurrection including Trump would have faced treason charges and the Far Right would have been crushed under the wheels of tanks. Nothing better could have happened to the U.S. if that had happened.

    Remember it was the Far Right on Jan 6th who tired to overthrow the government and create a one party dictatorial state under Herr Drumpf just as Adolf tired to do by force in his beer hall putsch of 1923. Same group of people just a different period in time.

    • What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent post were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • Tim…….Can you believe that he actually used anything that the corrupt FBI has stated ! S O B may be one of their comrades ( employees ).

        • You can tell he’s a fool by how he picks and chooses what from the FBI he repeats. The FBI has said there was not plot to overthrow the government.

          In reality, nothing in modern US politics comes anywhere close to Hitler. This guy hoping for tanks to crush his political opponents is silly wishful thinking. He doesn’t have enough validity to warrant arguing with. Just mockery of his stupidity.

      • He’s an activist. See in my earlier comment.

        Also an evangelical so-cial-ist. He won’t go to one of his utopias. The USA must change to match his will.

    • What kind of internet signal do you get posting from that van with cartoon characters painted on the sides. 🤔

      Must be a slow day picking up fresh meat for your Ohio NAMBLA gang of buds.

        • Mmmmmm! Butter!

          Yes, Mr. Brando may be famous for ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ and ‘The Godfather,’ but he will always be remembered for the famous, family-oriented ‘butter scene’ in ‘Last Tango In Paris.’

      • JC
        Why are you always picking on ohio? I know it sucks but we’re not all related to lil’d or his? man/boy friends.

        • I acknowledge there are plenty of awesome people in Ohio.
          Unfortunately, it’s where lil’d seems to be based.

    • Yeah, dacian the stupid, the Fat, Bald and Ignorant say lots of things . . . and repeatedly lied to Congress, hid evidence, lied on court filings (and were then given a pass for it), etc., etc., etc.

      Citing the FBI for anything is of a piece with halfwits like you citing VOX, Slate, and Axios – the group that cites those meaningless propaganda source are literally the only people in the universe that believe a word that comes out of their mouths.

      What a pathetic Communist/Leftist/fascist you are . . . standing up for the jackbooted thugs of “the man”. Revolutionary?? (*snort*). You’re a boot-licking, SEMI-useful idiot to the Left . . . and a sniveling, brainless punk to the rest of us.

      Don’t bother visiting the cable; the cable is too good for you. You aren’t even worthy of being called an oxygen thief.

    • You are, by far, the most successful Troll I’ve seen on any comment board. Hats off to you man.

      I have no idea how we all keep falling for it.

      • He’s trying to convert us with his evangelizing. He’s only had one fellow traveler so far.

        • I told him I’d ride along to one of those civilized countries he’s always talking about. I had my stuff packed in 15 minutes, even chip in on the gas money.
          No show.
          Dang it, there went my visions of tooling down the highway sitting on dacians lap with my head out the window breathing in the sweet smells of Freedom.

        • He won’t travel. It is a dangerous world outside “Revolution Command Central” (aka The Basement). The USA must change to match his vision. A “Triumph of Will” in a way.

    • It’ll be hilarious if the commie revolution succeeds. Dacian, the useful idiot, will be one of the first against the wall. If the rational side wins, Dacian won’t be shot, he’ll just be ignored.

      I think the latter fate is most horrific to him.

    • The FBI can state whatever it wishes to state. The FBI exposed itself as a liberal progressive tool of the DNC in the 2016 elections.

    • We don’t need disinformation

      We don’t need no arms control

      No dark sarcasm about your mom

      Dacian, leave them guns alone

      Hey, Dacian leave those guns alone

        • Couldn’t reply to your last comment but somehow I don’t think the “sweet smell of freedom” is what you should expect to experience whilst planting your hairy marsupial ass on dacians lap. Jus sayin’.

    • Dude, just what are you smoking? Let us know so we can avoid it. Whatever it is, it seems to have affected your common sense and logic or reason. You just spouted some for out crap.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, It would not be the first time that the FBI was proven wrong. You Lefties have been trying to foment a revolution in this country since the ’60’s when you Lefties did in fact bomb, murder, rob, etc.

      ANTIFA, BLM, etc are the radicals that have been trying to “inspire” your revolt through armed insurrection.

      In fact, Lefty, it seems that your stormtrooper was the one who MURDERED. Not anyone who was demonstrating. How many Capitol Police Officers have committed suicide since Jan 6th? One has to really wonder if they really committed suicide or were they murdered to cover up for your lies about Jan 6th.

    • 1923 to 1933 was a decade- in which time Hitler and the nazi party strengthened and transformed into a national party. Finally, believing there was nothing to be done, Hindenburg appointed Hitler to the chancellorship of Germany.
      Who knows what the next decade will bring? We shall see… Jan 6th was a street riot- egged on by agents provocateurs- with no intention of overthrowing the US govt. The fact that no guns were present speaks volumes on “intent”.

  12. You call Bongino and others Jacobins as the left is doing more in a year to destroy the country than has ever been accomplished. Maybe you should get your priorities straight.

    • Oh, jeff, they’ve gotten THEIR priorities straight – they hate our Constitutional republic, they hate our system of checks and balances, and they hate us . . . they’re just too frickin’ gutless to do anything about it, except post witless comments on the Internet.

      Now, the Feebs, on the other hand, are traitorous scum, and need to be disbanded.

      It will be amusing as hell to watch the wails and lamentations of the fascist Left when karma comes calling on them this November. I’m going to stock up on popcorn, and ammunition.

      • A lot of people believe the Left is going to be wiped out come the midterms. I, personally, hope that’s what transpires, but there’s an old saying: don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

        The Left cheats. That’s what they do. They can’t win arguments, so they cheat. When they cheat their way into power, they use force. A perfect example is unfolding right now in Canuckistan.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          “The Democrats now have a system to win elections.”

          Actually, not any more.

          That’s why you hear them claiming we will steal the next election, when in reality, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin (?) changed their vote-counting procedures so they can’t pull the same stunt they did in 2020 to install Biden…

        • Geoff, have they allowed observers to check the counts?

          I’ve worked on several dozen state and federal elections down under. When the polling station closes there are “scrutineers” who are volunteers from the candidates who observe the count. They cannot touch the papers but can raise an objection or issue for evaluation.

    • “You call Bongino and others Jacobins ”

      One does wonder how many people in the country know what a Jacobin is?

  13. charlie beck is briefly listenable.
    from one superlative extreme prediction to the next, stopped clock and all. he fear mongers with the best of them.
    open disdain for those who partake limits trustworthiness.

    • OK, just to be certain, I did a search on “Charlie Beck”. You’re obviously, either through sheer ignorance, or sarcasm (which I doubt), combining Charlie Kirk and Glenn Beck.

  14. Left riots and burns, we trespass.

    They’re the heroes and victims, we’re insurrectionists.

    As long as we let the left frame the argument, moron’s like the writer of the story, will keep yammering.

  15. Always remember, while the Left accuses the right of mis-information the following is two of their most sacred beliefs.

    1) Men can get pregnant
    2) Women can get testicular cancer

    Always assume that the Left is lying and that the truth is 180 degrees to what they are spouting.

  16. The argument that the author is making boils down to this — people on the right must never exercise their right to free speech because it makes action more likely.

  17. Maistre was correct, though he was not the first to proclaim it.

    If, after 10 million years, or 7 million years, or 6 thousand years, humans have not been able to rid themselves of the cult of death, why should we expect that humans can ever prove Maistre wrong?

    Oh, right; this generation is different, better, enlightened; smarter than all who have come before (said every generation, ever).

  18. This lefty scumbag is a master at projection.

    Remember, the Left:
    (1) Always lies;
    (2) Always projects their faults and thoughts onto their enemies;
    (3) Always, ALWAYS, doubles-down. Always.

  19. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American…
    – Tench Coxe

    I really don’t think that any of the founding fathers intended that we become passive sheep to be led to the progressive slaughter.

  20. Overall better than I would have thought. I will ask who coined “no justice no peace.” Wasn’t the right.

    Life is pretty crappy without the rule of law being applied in an equal, even manner. People don’t tend to stick to that for very long if they have options not to. It’s really a bad day when it happens tbh.

    This guy pretending like Jacobinism is a solution to this problem is a deeply ignorant thing philosophically. The Jacobinists were like a pre-marx marxism and it’s something that historically has never worked out because it ignores that the world is not a zero sum game and also ignores that people are of a fallen nature and in such that the utopia they promise can never exist due to our flaws.

    • There’s a lawyer I have debated with many times in a friendly way. He insists that no one has ever given Karl Marx a real chance, it is always some phony or dictator hijacking or pretending and screwing over the people.

      My point is that what my lawyer acquaintance says is kinda’ the point. The very nature of utopian schemes is that they attract brutalists seeking power, applying charisma and twisting the utopian concepts of the moment to their own ends. As such it just doesn’t matter what Marx thought would work best, it cannot be created. Human nature makes a truly Marxist inspired state a natural impossibility.

      Marxism must end in a dictatorship, a police state, the subjugation of dissenters, all the brutal insanities piled atop each other. Doesn’t want to end up that way, it’s just the human mathematics of the whole utopian delusion worked out to a final result.

      PS: No, I do not support Marx. Not even if his “Utopia” could work, for I see no utopia within it.

      • The entire concept of a Utopian society based upon Marxist principles falls completely apart in practice due to its major ingredient: Human beings.

        If all human beings were infallibly altruistic, hard-working, kind, benevolent, even-tempered, thoughtful, self-sacrificing, egalitarian, color-blind, noble savages, the idea might work.

        Except, they aren’t. Not even close.

        Marx was an idiot.

  21. The minute this goofball used the loaded phrase “Democratic Party” I knew there would be very little rational content – and I was right.

  22. “Talks of guns and revolution makes it more likely to happen .”
    Now why would anyone in the U.S.A. want a revolution?

    • To fulfill a certain far-right bunch’s dream of an authoritarian state run by a charismatic clown who lies to them.

      • As opposed to a certain far-left bunch’s dream of an authoritarian state run by a charismatic clown who lies to them, or what?

        I hate to break it to you, Commissar, but the only authoritarian state, ostensibly run by a not-very-charismatic clown who lies to everyone, and currently in power, is a far-left one, and is being feverishly dreamed about by the Far Left.

        Are you taking over for Minor69er and Dacian? Why are you here? You don’t think that you’ll find lavish praise and hearty approbation, or something, do you?

        Fat chance, Nancy.

      • OK, seriously, that’s some galaxy-level stupid, right there. Are you SERIOUSLY advancing the argument that Leftist/fascist Dimocrat politicians are honest????? Not even dacian the stupid has gone that far.

        Either be a meaningful commenter (which you usually are, even when I disagree with you), or just go full troll, but that was some serious BS.

      • What an idiot. It’s partisan fools like yourself that make “coming together” an impossibility.

  23. The left is notorious for accusing rhe right of the very things it is doing for the purposes of misdirection and to freeze the right from action.

    It is not violence the right is aiming for, it’s trying to avoid it, but the left keeps getting in the way.

    What the left wants is to stop opposition or cause an over correction by the right, whereas a bunch of citizens arrests and civil rights lawsuits might be the most that is needed, they want the right to initiate a shooting war so they can say, “See, we told you so”

    By the way, Bongino has stated a shooting war is not good, because it’s basically all over if it comes to that. He is pushing for much more involvement at all levels, which the left also hates.

  24. It’s amazing how many people forget that history shows the only way to rid society of evil doers, tyrants and communist is to spill their blood because they will not stop their assault. Sadly, there will always be sacrifice of the oppressed seeking freedom. Our founders knew it, hence the Declaration of Independence, giving approval that after a long train of abuse, the right action is to throw off the chains and elect new representatives that respect the people’s independence and freedom. Of the 56 signers of the Declaration, they all sacrificed some or all of their fortunes, their lives or their sacred honor to which they pledged. It’s not about Right vs Left, it’s about Americans keeping America the land of the free and home of the brave. A time is coming when good people will have to do some ugly things to ensure we remain a free people as God and our founding fathers intended. Just as God sacrificed his only son, so to we will have to sacrifice ours, because freedom is not free. So who among us will pledge their fortunes, their lives and their sacred honor ?

  25. The current government people don’t trust! Imagine that! People want to be able to protect their lives, families and country that stands for our freedoms! Dems and Libs have squeezed the lifeblood out of our rights! Look at all the discourse they use the media for constantly pushing propaganda to create chaos to keep power to take more rights and liberties away! FA&FO!

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