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Full Details for Lot 267A
(b. 1961) The 44th and current President of the United States, and the first African American to hold the office. Very rare A.L.S. as President on his White House correspondence card, 1p. 8vo., [n.p., n.d.]. Obama replies to letter dated Feb. 18, 2009 (copy included with the lot), penned by a gentleman who had expressed concern about the newly-elected President’s stance on the Second Amendment. The writer, a sportsman and conservationist, asks of Obama:

“…I’m a strong supporter of gun safety and mandatory hunter education lessons…We (sportsmen) already almost entirely support wildlife conservation, through present hunting license fees, taxes, waterfowl stamps, habitat stamps…If you make hunting ammo/guns so expensive that we cannot afford to hunt…where will the funds for wildlife come from?…Are these (legally bought sporting guns and ammo) a primary contributor in the majority of crimes?…Are we law abiding Sportsmen going to have to pay the price for another problem?

I only hope that prior to your making decisions on bans, excise taxes, laws, etc. that you look at the facts proven historically by other countries’ attempts to control gun violence. Most recently…Australia imposed a ban/surrender law forcing individuals to give up their firearms, which the Government then destroyed….The Results? Within 1 years’ time, homicides up 3.2%, assaults up 8.6%…homicides with firearms are now up 300%!

Can you please put my mind at ease…“.

Obama responds, in full:

I believe in the 2nd Amendment, and the rights of Sportsmen like you. Period. Sincerely Barack Obama“.

Obama’s pre-election anti-gun stance led the NRA to actively lobby against him. Indeed gun sales soared after his defeat of John McCain. Less than a week before this letter was penned and in the wake of a shooting which left five dead on Northern Illinois University’s campus, Obama took another aggressive stance against gun violence, stating that the country must to “whatever it takes” to stem the tide of senseless shootings.

However, he had also famously expressed his support for individuals’ rights to bear arms, adding that “commonsense regulation” was also necessary…leaving Americans – particularly hunters – questioning whether his support of the Second Amendment was actually genuine and guessing as to whether he would eventually yield to gun control advocates. With original envelope, fine.

Estimate $ 8,000-10,000

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  1. What people seem to forget is the 2nd Amendment was not put in place to ensure hunters are able to enjoy their sport.

    It’s the reset button, the way to ensure the people have recourse, the way for the people to protect themselves and their property from both the government and people who wish to do harm. It’s the right to self defense.

    While I don’t begrudge hunters for trying to protect their hobby (which is what it is. Rights are much more important), too often they’ve thrown other gun owners under the bus to protect their hobby. Modern semi-autos, machine guns, NFA weapons are the weapons protected under the 2nd.

    I hope the gentleman who wrote this letter isn’t falling for Pres. Obama’s rhetoric. He want all firearms gone. Everything from Machine guns to “assault weapons” to dangerous sniper rifles (also known as bolt action hunting rifles).

    Voter beware.

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