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Baltimore Had Highest Homicide Rate of Any U.S. City in 2017

You mean gun control doesn’t work? <gasp>…

Baltimore has the highest homicide rate among big cities in the U.S., according to crime statistics released by the FBI.

The FBI data showed Baltimore’s homicide was the worst of any other U.S. city with a population over 500,000.

According to our media partners at The Baltimore Sun, the 342 homicides in the city last year resulted in a homicide rate of 56 per 100,000 people.

courtesy Baltimore Sun

Strict Gun Laws Aren’t Fixing Baltimore’s Homicide Rate

Oldie but a goodie to accompany the above piece of new stats released by the FBI…

Maryland has some of the strictest gun control laws in the entire country. Not to be outdone, the City of Baltimore has also enacted a number of statutes limiting how and where people can possess or carry guns. For years, the city and state have adopted out most gun control ideas that were proposed.

This year, Baltimore was named the Most Dangerous City in America by USA Today for having the highest per capita murder rate. Gun violence and violent crime is so bad in Baltimore that, earlier this year, the city actually celebrated going 11 days without anyone being killed inside the city limits.

This proves an interesting paradox: the state with some of the country’s strictest gun laws is also home to the country’s most dangerous city. How is that possible? Like most policy debates, the answer depends on which side of the gun issue you fall on.

Maryland law requires a full license, including passing a comprehensive background check, just to own a handgun. To carry one in public, Marylanders need to prove to their local police chief that they have a “good and substantial reason” to carry a firearm in public for self-defense. The bar for proving this is set so high that it is practically impossible for the average Marylander to be approved for a carry permit.



Mass Shooting Data Flawed and Lankford Refuses to Share

Are we even surprised?…

The old saying goes, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.”

When I research a topic for an article, I always keep a running list of my sources. Not only that but I also fact check my sources. That way if someone calls into question something I have written I can provide material evidence to where I have derived my data.

The ability to cite your sources become even more critical when you become a college professor. In an academic setting, any paper that is not peer-reviewed raises certain red flags. Non-verifiable information might be fine for a blog post, but not for a published academic article.

One of the most cited sources for information on mass shootings is Dr. Adam Lankford. Dr. Lankford is a criminology professor at the University of Alabama. Former President Obama and other left-leaning politicians have cited his research into gun violence to further their anti-gun agenda.

courtesy WikiHow

Sharp V. Becerra Moves to Federal Court

John Richardson over at the Polite Society Podcast updates us on the assault weapons lawsuit in CA…

In late August, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D-CA)  moved to have the lawsuit against him and the California DOJ over their ineptness implementing the new registration of bullet button weapons moved to Federal court. One would have thought that he’d want to keep a suit against the California Department of Justice in state court.
The case was moved to US District Court for the Eastern District of California and assigned to Judge Morrison England, Jr.

Today, the plaintiffs which include a number of individuals and a number of civil rights organizations filed an amended complaint. Joining the plaintiffs is the Madison Society Foundation.  The amended complaint also adds a Section 183 claim for deprivation of due process rights.

While I might have been tempted to just say “screw it”, all the individual plaintiffs spent hours trying to comply with the law requiring registration of their firearms. Some of the plaintiffs are IT professionals and tech savvy. Nonetheless, the database system was so screwed up, most of them were not able to do so. The response of Cal DOJ was “you procrastinated, so tough”.

courtesy ARS Technica
And in his place a woman from the UK with no known background in firearms…hmm…
Defense Distributed announced Tuesday that founder Cody Wilson had resigned from the company as of last Friday. The company is now under new leadership—Paloma Heindorff is taking over as director. Previously, Heindorff served as a vice president focused on development and operations during her three years with Defense Distributed.
“He’s been an incredibly powerful figure, but this is about an idea,” Heindorff said when asked how the company will move on from its founder. “We believe in something, and that something isn’t one man—it’s an idea.”
Wilson’s resignation comes after allegations of sexually assaulting an underage girl led to the 3D-printed gun activist’s arrest last Friday in Taiwan. Wilson had previously skipped his return flight from the country in a reported attempt to evade authorities. While overseas, Wilson posed as a student and attempted to make a down payment on a Taipei rental.
courtesy ABC News
Waiting for more information is always wise…and here we go…

Florida authorities have released hundreds of new pages in the case of a white man accused of fatally shooting a black man in a parking lot dispute in July. According to a transcript of Michael Drejka’s interview with Pinellas County Sheriff’s detectives, he said that if Markeis McGlockton had retreated, or even stayed still, he wouldn’t have used his gun. But McGlockton’s girlfriend, who was a witness to the incident, said McGlockton moved back.

The 70-page interview of Drejka, who is charged with manslaughter, sheds light on his thinking in the seconds before the shooting.

Surveillance video from July 19 shows Drejka starting a confrontation over a parking space. McGlockton’s girlfriend, Britany Jacobs, was seated in the couple’s car with two of their children, ages 3 years and 4 months.

Jacobs, whose interview with officers was in the newly released documents, said after parking, the 28-year-old McGlockton had gone into the store. That’s when another vehicle pulled up and a man later identified as Drejka got out and started looking at her car in the disabled spot, then started hassling her, saying, “‘Well, you need to move your car,’ and all this and this, you know, ‘Cause, you know, I got family that’s handicapped,’ and all this and this. So, I’m saying, ‘Dude, uh, no. I don’t know you, so, you know, leave me alone.'”

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  1. Next man up, or in Defense Distributed’s case, woman up. We need to show the leftist the fight isn’t over when they take one of ours out. They’re trying with all their liberal might on kavannaugh. If we don’t win that fight, then we have to ram through Amy Barret as fast as possible, before the midterms, to show them what happens when we’re screwed over. We need to stay on offense and take the fight to them. If kavannaugh falls then we need to keep pushing forward, there isn’t time to mourn or cry or whine about not getting our way. We need to be just as ruthless and jam an even more conservative justice up their azzes, then quickly send up several pro conservative SCTOUS cases as punishment.

  2. Meh…knock me down violently(as in suckershove) I’d shoot you too. Argue all you want…Baltimore is way worse than Chiraq. And the gun laws are actually “strict” unlike Chicago’s.

  3. “The response of Cal DOJ was “you procrastinated, so tough”.

    Commiefornia DOJ your law is UnConstitutional,so tough.

  4. Can a woman run a gun company? We will find out. Is this affirmative action from the Libertarian anarchists?

    • It’s not a gun company, or not a company like any other gun company. It’s an information company. Hell, they didn’t even want to have to sell the information but they had to in order to get past a court order.

      Not sure why you think a woman is any more suspect in that position than a man. Hopefully she won’t go hiring 16 year old prostitutes.

    • I assume you know that “Affirmative Action” otherwise known as the government telling you who you have to hire or anything even remotely like it would be an intrusive coercive government action and so definitionally couldn’t be “Libertarian” or “Anarchist”?

      • Affirmative action policies have been in private companies for many decades now. Without the government telling them that they had to hire somebody. Those companies are acting on their own when they hire whatever percentages of groups. However if you can show me where the government says that “X brand company” has to hire so many blacks or females I would like to see that.

        If you mean by the “government” that is the judicial branch telling companies who they have to hire by Court decree then I agree with you.

        However if you’re talking about the legislative branch then can you quote that law that says that a company must have a affirmative action policy.

        Going back to my original question was this woman hired as an affirmative action higher?

        Was she hired just because she’s a woman?

        Was she hired just because they needed a woman because the “boss man” had committed sex crimes and was running this high-profile company?

        Is this how anarchists think hiring a woman when it’s necessary, to make cover for a male who is in trouble at this high-profile company?

        It wouldn’t surprise me if Cody Wilson hired a female attorney to defend himself. Harvey Weinstein has done exactly that, hiring the most anti-male attorney there is in the United States, Gloria Allred to defend him against sex crime allegations.

        • The feds send EEOC agents into companies and demand to see resumes and interview notes alongside applications. They also look at company
          Demographics. Numbers matter and at 14% of the US population blacks better be at least 10%of a company and Hispanics 20% or more. Interestingly Asians are considered Other.
          Years ago I worked at a company which was 95% white. Why that was is unexplainable. It was a technically demanding firm and “people of color” either had not applied or did not have the skills. In came the EEOC and for 18 months any person not Caucasian was hired. No Caucasian was hired during this time.
          We had to give each person 30 days on the job. Out of 20 hires 2 survived 30 days. 1 lasted a year. One guy was a cook and they put hm in a tech job because he had a trade school degree albeit a D average. There wasnt a huge pool of minority engineers at all. What broke the spell was buying 2 companies that had a manufacturing wing with a large percentage of non white workers effectively getting us to 80% white and EEOC backed off.
          This was 25 years ago. Do you think they don’t do this Today? It’s even easier with technology. Minorities can and do excel as engineers but they are fewer in number. Blame whatever you want for the dearth but it’s a fact. Biomedical Electronic Engineering isn’t a sexy popular career field in the first place. Women were more numerous in the ranks than minorities.
          True tales from the

  5. The people who run Baltimore are just like the people who run San Francisco. They simply don’t believe in gun civil rights.

  6. Criminals don’t obey laws?

    Well, this is just anarchy. ANARCHY! We need more laws.

    Oh, and here, take my guns. The government will protect me, right? I’m sure they have my best interest at heart… I should know…. I facebook.

    OH, guns kill people.

    OOHH… (Jk I’ll stop)

  7. RMGO has their case with CO appeals recently. They uploaded a video on YT with some clips of the court hearing and the State AG sucking hardcore. I’m trying to keep my hopes in check, but from what they uploaded, I really think our magazine law is going to get overturned. Will keep advised once we hear one way or the other on the decision. It’s looking promising.

  8. This will be the end argument in Baltimore. Instead of admitting the gun laws don’t work the law makers will conclude they didn’t go far enough, propose and/or implement even harsher laws and restrictions on legal law abiding firearms owners, and blame surrounding states’ lax laws for their problems.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Blaming and punishing law abiding firearm owners for the actions of criminals is as pointless as a farmer shooting his dog because a fox got into the henhouse.

  9. This is cut throat environment for #2A right now. They are bringing all the false accusations they can.
    I had to hold my nose and vote Aaron Bean for FL senate despite his betrayal because the alternative DEM is a self-admitted gun grabber. I voted for his rival in primary but there was like 10 times the difference in ballots. We need to fight harder in primaries, where even fewer people vote for mid-terms.

  10. Just got back from Baltimore, a lot of the people there carry a firearm with total disregard to the law, not for wrong, but to protect themselves.
    It’s a shame their state makes them so vulnerable, I hate having to leave my piece in Pa every time I go but I just cannot afford a felony.
    I’ve been preaching this one for years, I carry in Pa 24/7 with no issues, I go to Maryland and I would be a criminal, yet, nearly everyone I run into down there is hiding a gun.

    So let me tell you this Maryland, you think you’re all prissy and your laws keep guns out of the state, all you do is cause your law abiding public to be forced to be criminals in order to keep themselves alive.
    Seems to me that’s no way to live.

    You want Balitimore to be less violent, let your citizens clean up the city themselves, allow open and concealed carry, open up to out of state residents.

    • When laws are unjust, only law abiding citizens are punished. It’s a feature not a bug. The government only has the power to punish. Your life or jail, tough choices. The tree of liberty need to be watered from time to time with the blood of tyrants or patriots.

  11. Has anyone tried to take Maryland’s may issue laws to court to get an outcome like Hawaii or has that already happened and failed

  12. In no way was that shooting justified, it was retaliation pure and simple. The other guy was retreating and offering no threat when he was shot. We need to stop defending people who were wrong, it only damages our credibility.

  13. Many times I’ve seen a car pull into a handicap parking area, a young adult using Daddies Handicap sticker on car will get out! Or like this Lady and her man (“we”ll only be a minute”) meanwhile a person in a wheelchair has to park a mile away, go figure. I can understand where this Man was Irritated with this Family however at this point it was just verbal, and nonviolent until Family man came out and violently shoved talker too the ground, that is considered assault, plus a disparency of force, a much bigger dude Assaulting a little guy!
    who says the little guy didn’t bang his head and being woosey thought attack was continuing?
    Give them their day in Court, its Easy to make an Opinion that may be false.

  14. Lol, TTAG has really gone downhill lately…really, questioning the woman who has been wth DD well before any of Cody’s issues?

    Go f*** yourselves and your rapidly declining website.

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