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Baltimore student guns online class

Spending so much more time online these last few months has been a difficult transition for many. Lots of people participating in virtual meetings and classes have been embarrassed by inconvenient activity behind them or noises that are broadcast to others when their mics aren’t on mute.

So you can probably imagine what happened when a Baltimore County, Maryland fifth grader inadvertently revealed his gun collection hanging in his bedroom on a pegboard behind him during an online elementary school class.


Courtney [Lancaster] says she was home with her son who’s been doing virtual learning since schools shut down in March.

“So, I answered the door. The police officer was, he was very nice. He explained to me that he was coming to address an issue with my son’s school,” Courtney told Project Baltimore. “And then explained to me that he was here to search for weapons, in my home. And I consented to let him in. And then I, unfortunately, stood there and watched police officers enter my 11-year-old son’s bedroom.”

That’s where the budding Boy Scout keeps a Red Ryder BB gun and a couple of airsoft rifles prominently displayed along with two compound bows and other gear. Items that at one time was evidence of a healthy, red-blooded American kid.

According to emails Courtney later exchanged with a school administrator, a screenshot was taken during the online class. The principal of Seneca Elementary was notified. Courtney says she was told the school safety officer then called police.

“I felt violated as a parent, for my child, who’s standing there with police officers in his room, just to see the fear on his face,” she said.

It appears that, in a time of forced distance learning, schools’ zero tolerance policies — diktats that make even the slightest reference to firearms of any kind verboten — now extend into their students’ bedrooms.

Since that day, she has written school administrators, the superintendent and the school board, demanding answers. She says the principal initially compared bringing a weapon to a virtual class to bringing a gun to school.

She was also told she could not see the screenshot of her son’s bedroom, because it’s not part of his student record.

“It’s absolutely scary to think about,” Courtney said. “Who are on these calls? Who do we have viewing your children and subsequently taking these screenshots that can be sent anywhere or used for any purpose?”

Who indeed.

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      • Definitely a poor decision to let the “thought police” enter your house without a warrant. Shameful reaction on the part of the school and police. It would be time for me to take my children out of public school and home school them. (my wife and I did). The children turned out much “smarter” than school kids and much better educated, not to mention good citizens as well.

        • I was 100% pro-homeschooling up until a few days ago. Kids need to socialize, they need to be allowed to make friends and live. The public school system sucks, its full of poison, but its one of the few places where they get to socialize with their own age group without someone hovering over them. Check up on who they are hanging out with, educate them on the dangers of the world, make sure they know you are there when they inevitably get into some kind of trouble; but they need to actually live and not be sheltered all their lives. I would trade the rest of my years to go back and change course on being home schooled.

          That said, if someone goes the public route, they need to get involved with their kids homework and correct the deficiencies of the system, correct the propaganda that is being forced thrown their throats, and make sure they are learning what they need without taking up what little free time they still have.

          I was home schooled and I did turn out smarter than most, but several chapters of my life were never written and the increased knowledge isn’t worth the price or developmental damage. I never got to socialize, join a sports team, or make friends, never had any intimacy of any kind and I didn’t realize how damaging it was until this month. That this is the source of many problems in my life and brought about so much misery.

          I’ve made plans to correct this grievous wrong before I’m too old and ugly from the ravages of time. I probably already am.

          If I decide I want kids, they will not be home schooled, but I will stay on top of what they are learning. That said, its each person’s choice to decide what they think is best.

        • Agreed the school systems suck, but homeschooling is a VERY sheltering lifestyle. I see a lot of homeschooled kids here in MT. It’s not a good thing. They don’t learn how to think for themselves, they do as they are told by their parents. They are usually very well mannered and such, but it’s very obvious they have no understanding of how the world turns.

          • @Arc and @Montana Actual,

            Respectfully, I have to disagree.

            I know many home-schooled students and their parents. There are numerous social activities that home-schoolers participate in…play “dates” for the younger children, sports for all ages, trips to parks / museums, group projects, etc…all of these activities are geared to give those students the socialization and resilience required for survival in this crazy world of ours.

            Most of the home-schooled (young adults and older) I’ve come into contact with have been well-rounded persons capable of filtering the immense amount of worldly BS that showers them daily.

            Local employers like them because most of them exhibit a personal responsibility combined with a work ethic that many in today’s workforce never developed.

            My $0.02 worth.


        • @Arc @Montana Actual

          I was pulled out of middle school to be homeschooled by my mother, and I found that my social life actually improved. Not only did she connect with local homeschooling groups for social events and group field trip activities, the curriculum being goal-based rather than time-based meant that as long as I kept up with my work I could spend the extra time at friends’ houses rather than killing time in a classroom waiting for the bell to ring. Moreover, one such friend was a girl who had been pulled from school by her parents because of her school’s failure to protect her from physical and sexual abuse by her peers (real bad school, to say the least.) When I first met her she was withdrawn, depressed and would sometimes have panic attacks in the presence of boys. It was close to a year before that changed but I suspect what did it was repeated exposure to polite, friendly and respectful children (and, admittedly, often sheltered ones — the groups themselves were secular, but there were enough Christian families to make up what were functionally subchapters, and their children’s, shall we say, inappropriately worldly knowledge tended to be slight.)

          Now, I’m not saying homeschooling your child(/ren) is easy, or that providing them social opportunities doesn’t take time and effort. But you should still do it (unless you’re wealthy enough to consider private school, though even then I’d recommend constructing your own curriculum with the help of private tutors rather than using the now obsolete formal classroom setting.) In both respects it is superior to our public education system which is now a joke at best, and a catastrophe of epic proportions at worst. For most students it’s a time-waster where students gather useless and often incorrect information, where they’re punished for failing to cooperate or for questioning authority. For some it’s a system of tortue very much akin to prison. In either case you do your children a disservice by sending them to it just to save yourself some effort.

          Side note, we really need to get some kind of opt-out system for school taxes passed. Yes, it would effectively defund public schools as we know them today. That’s the point. They can’t compete with private sector schooling (parent-provided or otherwise) and so they exist strictly because of government mandate. We can arrange for children in inpoverished families to recieve an education which is at least as good as what they are getting now, without making other families pay twice to not send their children to the bureaucratic quagmire of non-education that our public schools have become (and have been for quite some time.)

    • why the hell did she let him in?…kind of stupid and naive on her part…she should have asked about the nature of his “visit”…and then said that she…as the parent… would look into it and get back to him…you can’t have it both ways….

    • The kid should have a toilet pictured in the background because nitpicking busy body nitwits in charge of educating kids belong in a toilet.

      Obviously discrimination is not limited to skin color. If you own a firearm or your kid has a BB gun you are the new Black and Gun Control Zealots are Jim Crow Bigots sans the sheets.

      Look at what happened to the POTUS over the last 4 years. Despicable democRats used Jim Crow tactics in an attempt to overthrow a duly elected POTUS. The democRat Party used the same sleazy libel and slander tactics to prevent emancipated Black Americans from running for or holding public office.Too many ho-hum gun owners are politically inept and history illiterate and that allows sneaky educated socialist democRats to get away with using inconspicuous tactics that have all the attributes of racism.

      When have Gun Control Zealots ever had to answer questions? The fact is Gun Control is Rooted in Racism and Genocide. Are gun owners so inept they do not know what racism is? What genocide means? When will the NRA et al stand and ask Gun Control Zealots to Justify Their Racist And Nazi Based Gun Control Agenda?

      Questions need to be asked and questions need to be answered. Not asking pertinent questions makes one wonder if some people profit from this perpetual pissing contest with Gun Control Zealots and do not have any desire to upset the apple-cart.

    • Yea, that’s what jumped out at me too.

      “I felt violated as a parent, for my child, who’s standing there with police officers in his room, just to see the fear on his face,” she said.“

      It should’ve been: “Go get a warrant.”

      • Eh, easy to say in hindsight. When Officer Softspoken McReasonable shows up most law-abiding folks’ first impulse is to be helpful. Sad that we all need to turn up the situational awareness to 11 when dealing with people who SHOULD really be here to help. Unfortunately responsible citizens need to change their mindset – no warrant means: no entry, no information, no nothing – until I talk to a lawyer.

        • Even with a warrant you should still ask the officer(s) to wait until your attorney arrives and examines the document and monitors the search.

        • A good friend of mine *is* “Officer Softspoken McReasonable” and his advice would be, “Don’t let me into your house (or anywhere near your children) unless I have a warrant. And, by the way, if I do have a warrant, call your attorney and try to get them there before I leave the house.”

        • If all it takes for you to consent to a search is for the officer to be friendly then you shouldn’t go feeling violated afterwards when you talk to the press (her, not you).

      • Am a law abiding 77yr old person who has had “Officer Friendly’ knock on my door. I stepped outside, closed the door behind me, and then asked politely, “What can I help you with this afternoon, Sir”. “A passerby ‘thought they heard shots in the area and weren’t sure if everything here was alright’, are you alright” My response was to assure the officer that I was obviously fine, didn’t here any ‘shots, gun or otherwise’, perhaps a follow-up with the passerby might be more productive. At which time I re-entered my house and closed, locked the door. He didn’t knock again. I surmise that he had no further questions.

      • @ 41MAG

        I’m curious about your screen name. Is it an indication that you are a fan of the 41 Remington magnum? And, if so, can you offer some insight as to why? It is only curiosity that prompts my questions, and I sorta hope I’m not too old to learn something.

        • Yes, I happen to like that obscure cartridge. Not too hot, not too cold. And it’s caliber is the actual size, unlike others that claim to be something they aren’t.

      • @ 41MAG

        Thanks for the response. I too am a fan, and I’m always happy to learn of another. Not too many of us out there, though there does seem to be some renewed interest.

      • ” It should’ve been: “Go get a warrant.” ”

        Especially after “…to search for weapons.”

    • That was my #1 take from the article as well.

      If you choose to open the door, you remain three feet (beyond normal arm’s reach) within your threshold, while the officer(s) remain outside of your doorway. You calmly request the officer(s) names and badge numbers, write them down, and then inquire of the nature of the contact. Do not offer or volunteer any information, and unless a warrant is presented, never consent to any searches. There is no such thing as a “good faith” search.

      • I personally would slip out the door and talk to them outside. No need to give them a big view of your living room if they are looking for an excuse to enter. I also have a doorbell camera so my front step is recorded.

  1. Why the f would you give them consent? Know your rights, tell them to come back with a warrant. Then the cops would have to explain to a judge what law they believe is being broken.

    • This is what comes of not educating kids for the past 40 years in US history, the Constitution and civics, difficult to know what ones rights are if they don’t know when they are.

    • Cops in Baltimore would have no problem finding a judge to sign a warrant… Judge says “why” cop says “because, guns”… nuff said…

    • Yeah one they gave the police consent, never give law enforcement consent, ALWAYS ALWAYS ask if they have a Warrant. Second distance learning or not, now they’re telling Children how and what they can have in their room. This has gone too fucking far, I don’t care if you’re a teacher, or superintendent, your authority stops at education it’s none of your fucking business what the Child has in the background it’s THEIR ROOM. I don’t see the Teachers or SuperIntendents paying for the Childs room.

      They’re literally telling Parents and Children how and what they can decorate their home and rooms with and this is unacceptable. You have the right to decorate your house and rooms however the hell you want. I don’t see them paying the mortgage and until they do they have no say in how a Child or Parent Decorates a House or a Bedroom!

      • Our Country is going to pieces. My friends who lives in a Southren State, used to bring their rifles to school so they could practice shooting on the schools rifle team – on school grounds after class

      • Twenty-five or thirty years ago, there was a brief flap that OSHA would extend workplace regulations to the homes of employees who worked at home. They would need to have installed in their homes all the safety equipment (e.g. illuminated exit signs, handicapped accessible, OSHA inspections) required of a business. I used to do a lot at home. It worked well for me and my employer. My supervisor told me that, if OSHA got its way, he would have to forbid me from doing anything at home. Fortunately, there was enough opposition that OSHA backed down. They claimed it never was a serious proposal. I think they were testing the waters to see what they could get away with.

        There are too many in government who believe the Bill of Rights should be replaced with, “You have the right to shut up and do as you are told.”

      • kind of reminds of the time I invited the cops into my living room on another matter….then watched their jaws drop as they observed numerous sub-machine guns scattered about…none of them real, of course…but quite realistic nonetheless…simply told them they were decor items…they left laughing and shaking their heads….which is what should have happened here….

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the principal happens to be one of those in the radical far-left who has no better thing to do with her time than to be doing unauthorized surveillance on kids, taking screenshots and then making such stupid allegations and comparison that “bringing a weapon to a virtual class is the same to bringing a gun to school.

    • That’s the problem with the whole Public Educational System. The far left oddballs have taken over the whole system. Indoctrination now comes before Education. Common sense is replaced with unreasonable over-reaction. When these indoctrinated young minds reach University Level, they are then molded into left-wing terrorists. It’s only a matter of time before we have complete chaos in this country if we keep going on as we have. Black Lives Matter is only the tip of the iceberg. Our young are being trained to over-throw our system of government.

    • Following that “reasoning”, having SARS-CoV-2 in virtual school is as much risk as having it at actual school.🙄

  3. As a kid I had a Sonic Blaster. If such a cool toy existed today ,the Swat Team would be sent. Unbelievable

  4. What we are seeing in our nation is a hysterical and fervent push to make everyone exactly the same. If you are not 10,000% on-board with Progressive orthodoxy, then the Progressive mob will do everything possible to force you into compliance.

    This event in Baltimore is just one of countless recent examples.

  5. Never Ever Let the police into your home. Period. Unless they have a warrant. I think it’s been almost 20 years now when a social services inspector, with a uniformed cop standing behind her. Demanded entrance into a woman’s home. A homeschooler. She refused. It went court. And the court ruled in the mothers favor. The government agent never did get into the woman home. And she lived in Maryland.

    Everyone needs to stand up for themselves. And that time is soon coming. For everyone. Are you ready? If not, you had better get ready.

  6. “Good morning officer. You want to search my house? May I see your warrant? You don’t have one? Well I’m sure that if this is based on anything substantial you’ll have no trouble getting one.”

  7. Her first mistake was letting the cop in the house. No warrant means no entry. Cops just can’t be trusted anymore. And I’m tired of hearing 99% of cops are doing a good job. Around 80-% to 90% of cops are power hungry punks. Every department has bad cops, and they cover for them. They investigate themselves, and find procedures were followed they will always say. Cameras On cops are showing Just how they abuse their authority. The George Floyd killing on video showed that 100% of the 4 cops present, were bad cops. And what is the cop checking on even in this story? Since when is it illegal to have a gun in the home? Never talk to a cop and never ever let one in your house, or on your property. At a minimum they will harass you, and they may shoot your dog or you for they are always in fear of their life. It’s time to end qualified immunity too.

    • guess the concern was for the kid to have access to high-end weaponry…they’re making them pretty realistic these days…but if she didn’t want the kid “traumatized” she shouldn’t have left the cop in…a simple conversation at the front door would have sufficed…..and cleared things up…she’s partly to blame here…

  8. I would hope an Attorney would take this Pro Bono and file suit. Among other things they MUST allow you to review your sons file. The Principle should be reprimanded and the Board is responsible to insure the Superintendent follows the law. Unfortunate most Boards refuse to pay attention , even when a Multi Million dollar lawsuit is filed.

    • Ah, but the screenshot isn’t *in* the kid’s school file. It’s not actually part of the educational record, and the school knows it. This is why they “can’t” provide it; it’s not that they don’t have it, it’s just that “they’re not allowed to. I put “can’t” in scare quotes because obviously they CAN provide it, they just don’t want to. And because it’s not part of the official record — and it’s something they shouldn’t have in the first place — they can get away with not providing it. And even though they do have something they shouldn’t, they’re clearly being responsible by overstepping their bounds and keeping secret information in double-secret probation because everyone knows, yada yada yada, and they’re just looking out for this kid’s welfare and they’re Good Progressive People. Anyway, welcome to the progressive bureaucracy.

        • Lack of a photo is a good one to.

          Judge – Can i see the photo that proves this happened

          School – No its not part of the record.

          Judge – Ahh so you randomly punished this child then.

          Yeah that will play well.

  9. It does bring up the point of school from home is in effect invading our homes. My opinion is set up a sheet background to eliminate risk of that happening or keep the camera OFF. If they ask why the camera’s off tell them that your house is none of their business.

    • Yeah, but unfortunately it’s the Parents job to do that because the Child doesn’t know any better they don’t know that so it’s just the Education system pushing more burden on the Parents unnecessarily.

    • I removed the cameras from my grand childrens’ computers, there is no reason they should have them. While now, they can face time on their phones, the camera isn’t on all the time or liable to be manipulated by some hacking pedophile. That is what I would tell the school if they wanted a camera on – just before I put them in a charter school.

  10. The same goes for a yard that’s fenced with a gate that is latched with a small No trespass sign. Law enforcement has to have a warrant to enter unless the gate is open.

    • There was the supreme court case over that very issue
      United States v. Carloss.
      I just read it today at
      The homeowner put multiple no trespassing signs in the yard, around the property and even on the front door.
      The police claimed “implied consent” for a knock and talk.
      The majority sided with the cops.
      Justice Gorsuch wrote a dissent where he said the homeowner did everything except dig a moat, and what did the majority want the homeowner to do.
      He even said the homeowner is not expected to put up razor wire.

  11. High marks for boy scout having a peg board of weaponry in his room. A+

    Gonna have to fail you for letting cops into your house unfortunately. F

    Teachable moment. If you’re in any way happy or under the delusion you’re a free human being the state hates you and big brother is always watching.

    • Scouts…and others…should be teaching about the constitution…the 2nd…proper firearm usage and safety.
      Should be done is schools as well…it IS part of our heritage/history after all.

      • they’re too busy fending off lawsuits about pedophiles these days…something I never encountered…or even heard about during my time in the scouts…and that includes my time in summer camp where hundreds of us gathered….the lawyers are already circling about like buzzards….

  12. In the late 60’s we had a rifle club at my highschool, of which I was a member. We qualified for awards. We had fun. A teacher supervised. We either owned or shared .22 rifles, and if you had a paper route you might have a handgun. We all shot BB guns. Where has this Country gone? I see many cowardly wimps today.

  13. Wow! Kids west of Ohio would blow their mind because they have REAL GUNS. These lefty freaks live in a bubble and have no idea how 2/3 of the country lives or what their valuea are.

  14. What in blazes is wrong with the child’s mother, that she did not politely ask to see a proper search warrant? Another question that comes to mind is the following. What might it be that goes on in the minds of school officaldom, aka officialdumb?

  15. Soooo much wrong here. And yet the po-leece will let looters & thieves destroy Baltimore. “Room to destroy” I remember. And it just so happens my son lives near Baltimore and home school’s my 3 grandkids.
    Ex-military but sadly a fudd. I’m pretty sure he knows not to let the po-leece in without a warrant but he won’t have scary guns(any sort!) in his home.

    • How near Baltimore are we talking? Bus route accessable? Can’t imagine not having something living near there or Philly or Albany lately.

  16. This is why my son never set foot in a Public School. Public School and Common Sense are two things that never seem to go together. We suffered to send our son to an excellent private school which cost almost as much as a top level college. The only thing that seems to be going on in public schools in Democrat Controlled areas is Marxist Indoctrination, teaching white guilt and get whitey. Thank GOD my son decided not to go to that mill of Marxist Indoctrination, the extended adolescence College or University. He is thirty years old found a business he totally loves and immersed himself into it and after over ten years is making a six figure income. There are people out there that have gotten three and some four degrees and can barely read their diploma. Most of them are seen everyday asking if you want fries with that order. Even if you have to eat beans and rice if you can send your kids to private school.

    • I’m right behind you. I spend almost as much on my kids high school as a community college or state school and it’s worth every penny. Big difference in the attitude, aptitude and ethics over the publics. Most graduates get scholarships big and small and that’s something to look forward to. We also don’t have to deal with rambunctious teenagers running amok whom thwe school wont dare confront.

      Private and parochial school is not free but it’s not impossibly expensive. The schools have programs for children who test well and most catholic schools will bend tuition down for needy families. The key is don’t live in a overpriced taxed to death school district so you can afford your own. Then sacrifice what you can for your kid, it’s education and that’s the point.

  17. “She was also told she could not see the screenshot of her son’s bedroom, because it’s not part of his student record”.

    So whose “record” is it?

  18. “She says the principal initially compared bringing a weapon to a virtual class to bringing a gun to school.”

    This is why there are lawyers.
    How does a principal claim control over what what is in your house when your child is on Zoom? I think she’s got a decent shot at cleaning out the school district for enough money to send the kid to a private school instead.

    • She says the principal initially compared bringing a weapon to a virtual class to bringing a gun to school

      If having a gun visible in a video chat is the same as bringing a gun to school, I would have to ask what the teacher was doing with my child in their bedroom without a parent present.

    • why didn’t the principal call the parent and voice his/her concerns while explaining what happened?..this is how issues between home and school used to be handled…without bringing the cops into it….

  19. She’s lucky they didn’t send a SWAT team and shoot her or the kid or both. Other people have called the cops for help and wound up dead or one of their family dead at the hands of over zealous and poorly trained Police.

    One thing could be done since everyone wants to talk about changing the Police.

    How about stopping no knock warrants unless they’ve got guaranteed correct information backed up by actual citizens and not low life drug addicts looking to escape justice?

    And stopping the immunity doctrine from those who have shot or killed someone. If they were in the right then let that come out in a court room and if they’re in the wrong then they should pay and let that be a way of slowing the Police’s tendency to shoot first.

    How about repealing a whole bunch of the laws made for the so called “War on Drugs”? A war that we’ve lost and that has caused more death and destruction than the drugs themselves could’ve done.

    And let’s stop the handing out of military weapons to the police from the Feds. Let them sell it to some other 3rd world shithole.

    And let’s also make the rules that allow officers to be given 72 hours and counsel before being interviewed apply to the citizens. Fair’s fair right?

    Oh and one final one. Cops don’t get to lie to suspects. Sure it’s a handy tool but it just increases the gap between cops and citizens when the cop is allowed to violate the normal rules of conduct between people. If you have to lie to do your job then you aren’t very good at your job is my view.

    • if you give them “toys” they will play with them…take them away and they’ll have to go back to relying on their wits…the way good police work was previously done…….

    • Many kids in the inner city do not have their own rooms, some sleep in the living room – whole families live in 450 sq ft, like the tenements in NYC. Now that kids are schooled in front of a computer, isn’t that a privacy(of the family) violation? How can they even clear enough room in a cramped apartment for a child to attend virtual class?

    • I agree with Jakee308.
      Not only should we do everything he said, we should ban no knock raids entirely.
      It’s worth the price of some criminals flashing some evidence down the toilet, if we get to be secure that the police will not be bursting in our doors

  20. And yet, they did nothing to stem the violence of the “protests”, and the rioting and looting…it’s no wonder LE gets no respect…

    • cops do what they’re told to do…or not do….most are quite fond of that pension…..

  21. If the cops don’t have a SEARCH WARRANT, they get told to PISS OFF. Quit talking to them, don’t allow them to engage you in conversation as that will only lead to them LYING and bullshitting their way in. Cops LIE.
    Don’t open your door and don’t engage them in conversation. You NEVER EVER have to talk to cops.

    The cops know better than to come beat on my door. I got served a subpoena not too long ago involving the theft of my Ruger SR22 from my rental property while I was working on it. Before they came and knocked on my door, they CALLED FIRST.

    That was mighty white of them.

      • wouldn’t work for me…i’m usually up all night posting on the internet…something i’ve made them aware of….

        • Is 1:59 AM close enough? PTSD keeps me up and “on watch” ALL night, sleep a couple of hours in the afternoon, never more than 4 hours at a time and never at night…. Sun goes down adrenaline goes up….

  22. Get a warrant or get bent.

    The police are NOT your friends. Just ask the families of:

    * Michael Pleasance
    * Amadou Diallo
    * Patrick Dorismond
    * Kathryn Johnston
    * Justine Damond
    * George Floyd

  23. Better get use to more of this in the future. With President Trump becoming so polarizing I’m starting to doubt he will be re-elected. After the Socialists take over, open the boarders, destroy the Constitution and turn this in to North Venezuela we’ll all be on our own. I don’t see it getting any better. A group that makes up less than 15% of the population and does over 70% of the violent crime is now taking over control of everything from NASCAR to HBO …. call me for dinner, I’ll be reloading ammo

    • The experiment is under way in CHAZ aka LITTLE MOGADISHU… It took two days for the “Strongman” to rise to the top and start delivering justice to the people… spray paint a building get a beating, stealing (beating), sexual molestation (beating), non-sanctioned beating (yep that’s a beating)…. OBTW….. Fuck those sellouts at NASCAR, they must have missed the “freedom of speech/expression” part in Constitution 101….. next they’ll be moving all their races to New England and California… I WAS a life long fan even pulled for the black guy, THOUGHT it was cool that the 1st black guy since Wendell Scott was finally establishing his place in NASCAR , until now… Thanks “BUBBA” too bad your feelz got hurt over a fucking piece of cloth that has nothing to do with you.. So what do I do with the 3″x5″ CSA “Battle flag” on my left forearm that goes with the 3″x5″ Betsy Ross flag on my right? (I don’t do long sleeves)….

      • NASCAR died with Dale in 2001. He was not my favorite person, but he was the very best driver. Got to respect muleheaded talent and balls. He was the “new” Richard Petty (who was fading), and in so being, NASCAR let him and his team get away with anything. But he really was THAT GOOD.

        • Wendell Scott was a true gentleman. He would talk to you all day long at Mamma Possums diner. They finally gave him a trophy for his win, but he said it was far smaller than the one that was originally given trackside. He told me “Racing has always been a little crooked.” And I do have his autograph.

        • That is correct, but what it means to me is just as important to me as what it means to others is to them… Just because some dickhead Soi Boi with a “manbun” says it’s racist does not make it so….

      • Pretty sure the 1st Amendment protects the right of NASCAR, as a private organization, to control what message it wants to project by controlling what is or is not allowed at its events.

        • You know what? you are correct, however when you are caving to some PC bullshit and throwing it in the face of your core supporters then it becomes just plain chicken shit… So they can “control” the sheeple but I will no longer participate (not over a fucking flag, but the reasoning) the biggest problem with “giving in” to every little bullshit demand is that it empowers those who are “demanding” to demand bigger and bigger stuff… Where do YOU draw the line, or do you even have a line? I can assure you NASCAR would not have felt any impact had they declined the “request” to abolish the Confederate flag, but there WILL be financial and attendance issues (when they return to attended events) over this decision…

    • they push for what they can get away with…blame the others that are complicit in allowing this to happen….

  24. So… I’m waiting for the rest of the story. What did the cop do after he found the air guns? Did he say, “Nice BB guns; I had a Red Ryder when I was a kid. Have a great day.” and leave? Or did he do something else?

  25. I am a fed LEO…and I suggest…NEVER invite cops into your home unless they are friends or family…
    never allow them to search your vehicle, either…
    let them get a dog or a warrant…just say NO!

  26. So…are they doing the same thing if kids have food? pets? music? TV?
    They had no problem with the archery stuff…JUST the guns…right?

  27. Just as in the past case in PA where teachers were activating the cameras on the kids computers and spying on them, how many instances will we see come out of all this CV teams and Zoom teacher/student BS now. Guaranteed in a few months the pedophile charges will be off the charts, they set up a target rich environment of opportunities for pedos to spy on children, Craig “the sawman” Sawyer where are you brother? Plug for Vets4child rescue, watch Contraland on Youtube today.

    • Missed your post on before remembering this one in the post below. I want to say it was near Philly around a decade ago but will need to search to be sure.

    • It’s amazing what a little black strip of electrical tape can do…people should learn to use it…

        • Off button, close the lid, disconnect from WIFI, put in a drawer/closet when not in use? Tape doesn’t mute the mic, someone could still listen to your kids and most of the house..

  28. Disable the camera or put tape over it. Problem solved. Otherwise, that was an invasion of privacy. Imagine what else is seen in a student’s room by teachers and administrators with nothing else to do than progress the nanny state. If it had been a girl’s room and comments were made to the parents, imagine what that outcome would have been.

    • Seem to remember some school in PA that handed out laptops and “randomly activated the cameras to ensure that the children were using them for homework”. It was outrageous then and black tape is always a good idea when the camera can be active when the light is not on.

  29. When I was a kid ( pre-ten yoa) I had more toy guns than I knew what to do with. Used to group them in my bedroom by category. Old West, WWII, (even had a tripod mounted Browning MG that went rat-a-tat and fed a belt. If I had batteries.) Around ’68-69 I got a toy M-14 and a Matel Maurauder M-16. Didn’t care for it much. Always malfunctioned. Had a couple of BB guns and pellet rifles. Owned real knives and hatchets. Bows and arrows. Sling shots. My friends and I made spears. Built forts in neighborhood wood lots. We watched John Wayne movies and Gunsmoke. We got in fist fights and played baseball together the next day. We weren’t pussies. Somebody please explain to me: what the hell is going on!?

    • Gadsden
      At about the same time I had a MP40 replica that fired hard plastic bullets from 20 round magazine. Would probably bring a Swat team now.

      • RCC, Sears had a replica MP-40 that I coveted. You could you pull the pistol grip out and it became a Luger. Mom never would but it. Said it was too expensive. Two years later, I was twelve, and earning my own money, I owned real firearms. Never mind toys.

    • We weren’t pussies. Somebody please explain to me: what the hell is going on!?

      Because now they are…… AKA snowflake’s…

  30. The resistance of the school to release of the images makes me suspicious.

    What were ALL of the times in which the cameras were activated?

    Were they activated OUTSIDE of “school” hours?

  31. I am curious, since when do school authorities have the ability to summon the police when they are not involved?

  32. I have steel security / storm doors, with insect mesh front and back so I can get cross ventilation when wanted. It is also how I talk to anyone who comes to my door that I don’t know. This has included police asking about burglary up the road. Pointed them in the right direction (not many street numbers here) and they left.

    Cheap easy way to safely interact with someone.

  33. Talk about hypocrisy! Baltimore??????????????? Better worry about the violent chiggers instead of innocent children What a load of bull shit! This country’s in deep doodoo.

  34. I hope this lady sues the school for dramatizing her son and breeching her privacy. as for not letting in cops well it was already said a warrant could be obtained , as for not letting them in until lawyer was present, well not everybody, even those who hang dangerous assault airsoft guns have lawyers that they know and can contact just like that. she would have to find one that understands her rights were violated and not get a snowflake who is a lawyer. and if she did not let the cops in then when she did, they would have been back and not so nice, and probably tear up her house. this is a good reason we sue the hell out of the communist a**holes like the school staff who were in on this and not let them get away with it. and let them know when they do stupid stuff like this there is payback. hit them in their wallet enough of times they will back off.

  35. “So what do I do with the 3″x5″ CSA “Battle flag” on my left forearm that goes with the 3″x5″ Betsy Ross flag on my right? (I don’t do long sleeves)….”

    Ummmmmm, cheese grater?

    • when I taught history and got to the civil war I used to put up a wall-length bulletin board…complete with a large confederate flag hanging behind my desk…all this in a predominately black district…I said it was “to promote discussion”….and it certainly did!

    • Yosemite Sam blazing away is on my right forearm and the Tasmanian Devil on my left and where I live long sleeves are rarely needed.

      • Betsy Ross flag behind an Eagle on the right, Stars and Bars behind the Eagle Globe and Anchor on the left…. both 3″x 5″… got the left after 1st trip to RVN, got the right on 9-12, 2001 (had the Eagle just added the flag)…

  36. Forget it, Jake. It’s Pigtown.

    OTOH, how very adept the cops are at making everyone hate them. I mean, why should black people have all the fun?

  37. When I was doing the classes this last quarter I became aware that there was some ammunition, reloading supplies, and a few AR magazines in the picture behind me. I was waiting to hear someone mention them so I could talk to the students about reloading.

    . . . hey, come in my house, and guess what, you’re in my house. I decided I wasn’t going to move them. Unfortunately, the only “Talk” they generated was with my principal. She wanted to know where I was shooting, as the city range was closed. We don’t have many hoplophobic teachers.

    I think most of the teachers where I am would have asked about them, but in a general interest way. The biggest problem would be the class devolving into “gun talk.”

    As it was, the students got to “meet” my English Bulldog and my daughters Pug.

  38. Seems like a lawsuit in the offing, particularly since they “can’t” provide any evidence of why they took any action in the first place.

    This kind of shit transports me back to being a high school sophomore in 1999. Fuck being suspended, I’d probably end up in juvie these days.

    • Not a chance. Police have BROAD latitude when it comes to consensual searches like this and with the specter of school shootings and the evidence of weapons (such as they were) there’s no way a lawsuit gets a win.

      In order to win a lawsuit you have to have your rights taken from you, not give them up.

      • Search warrant MUST specify what is being “searched” for, consensual search opens the door for “anything goes”…. and it’s on you…

  39. So there was a BB gun in the back ground. So what, who cares?

    Now, if little kids are getting into such serious trouble with pop tarts carved into gun shapes, perhaps it would be best to NOT stir up stuff. Why risk creating problems when ya don’t have to?

    But then, with no warrant, why let cops into your home? Especially since history has so many home invasions from fake cops.

    I feel like it’s the blind leading the blind.

  40. Maryland, the Coppers there stopped my 11 year old nephew from building a bbq with bricks in his back yard. NO mention here what items they took because they were forbidden, seriously, what did they relieve him of?

  41. Parents- start parenting with the knowledge that you are in 2020. Your kid is at home, take part in their education. Know technology and know how stupid schools are. Know what your kid is showing on his camera. This should be a given.

    And crucially, know your rights.

    Officer Friendly: “Hey, the school wanted me to check on this, it’ll really put everyone’s mind at ease, mind if I just come in to make sure what you’re telling me is correct?”
    Smart parent: No, sorry, I am not going to consent to any search.

    That’s it. At that point, if you have the fiscal capability to do so, lawyer up.

    Or you can let them in and hope it makes things easier. To be fair, it might. The school might not care to pursue some sort of suspension (and if you think they can’t do that, you’re wrong) if you ‘cooperate.’ But don’t then act like you got raided.

    • When the school sets up virtual learning, they need to be clear as to anything prohibited in the video feed. Unless they have provided guidelines, they should not be seeking to enforce any non-existent rules.

  42. Since when is it a cops job to enforce that? It’s not so why are they there? I used to be a cop and am still law enforcement. We did not take ignorant calls like this and yes they happened all the time.
    Don’t let police in. Don’t live in non free America. Challenge the school every chance you get. Hang an American flag behind them guns.

    • Therein lies her problem.
      If you don’t want cops standing in your kid’s bedroom, don’t let the cops in when they ask for permission to come in and search your kid’s bedroom. It’s amazing how that works, isn’t it?

      “If you see something, say something” stupidly forced the cops to come to your house, but they were probably just going through the motions and didn’t want to be there in the first place. Do them a favor and send them away.

      • “If you don’t want cops standing in your kid’s bedroom, don’t let the cops in when they ask for permission ”

        Clearly people who post this kind of advice don’t live in “The Free State”. Denying the officer entry for guns is grounds for a warrant. Next step is gestapo (aka SWAT) shows up at 5AM and if you’re lucky you & your child survive. If you have a dog, it’s dead. It’s all for the children. Welcome to Maryland, it says so on the sign when you enter the state.

  43. Well, what was she supposed to do? Yes, technically the cop needs a warrant from a judge and needs to show it to the property owner. In reality that ain’t gonna happen. What would have happened if she said no and started to close the door the cop would have placed his foot in the the door, called that assault, taken mom down at that point. It’s happened before. The son probably would have heard his mom screaming, and running down the stairs with his bb gun would have gotten shot dead while his mom had to watch that for the next three hours lying face down in a pool of her sons blood. Thats what would have happened if she exercised “ muh rights.” So yeah, just let officer friendly in and have him do what he wants. You can file a lawsuit later. Right now both son and mom are alive. A bit traumatized but alive. So good call on mom.

      • Just another dipship over worded theory posted by a screen name we’ll probably never see again. Soros//bloomberg pay by the word you know.

      • Look, I’ll just leave this right here.

        Unlike vampires, the police don’t need to be invited or a have a warrant to enter your home against your express wishes. Even with no direct evidence of a crime. Yes, they will kill you if you try to stop them. Yes, you will be charged with a felony if you survive. Yes, this is the United States. So if you’re expecting the police and keep the doors locked tight and your lights off, then yes maybe they’ll go away. But if you’re a normal human having not committed any crime, chances are high you’ll just open your door and ask what this is all about. And that’s when they’ll come inside, whether you like it or not. I doubt any keyboard warrior here in reality will then exercise ‘muh 2nd amendment rights, because muh’ 4th is being violated. You’ll be snuffed out and most pro-gun message boards will be filled with comments like “Play stupid games win stupid prizes, hah hah”, “Potential cop killer bites the dust, noice!” Etc etc. Nobody in the gun rights community will take your side. Definitely not the NRA. They’ll just call you deranged. Only if you’re in the middle of nowhere and you’re off everyone’s radar, then yeah, you have all the rights in the universe. But in present day US society, ie connected to the grid, with a police station and walmart around the corner? Nope. You see, according to SCOTUS, unlike you, the police don’t actually need to know the laws they are expected to enforce. Even if it’s illegal, you are legally obligated to obey the officer’s orders. You can take them to court AFTER the fact, but you cannot disobey them WHILE they are breaking the law. And that, sadly, is the current interpretation of law in the home of the free.

  44. My husband and son went to the Carson City range in NV and took a quick pic of their guns on the shooting bench; a SCAR, AUG, Mk18, M249S… and my son uploaded the pic to his Instagram. The school police officer pulled him out of class and interrogated his without Miranda and without calling us (his parents).

  45. No sorry once that photo was used to file a police complaint it became evidence against the kid and open to cross examiation. The school board is just betting the family doesn’t have the cash for lawyers to push it while the have attorneys on tap courtesy of tax payer dollars.

  46. Absent a court issued warrant, there was no valid reason to allow entrance by the police or any other form of “officialdom”, aka “officialdumb”. As to the possibility of the child being “traumatized”, strikes me that that is the fault of the child’s mother. By the way, based on repeat articles, it sounds as if the investigating officer behaved properly. In any case, the child’s mother has a legitimate gripe with the school, one that should be pursued. She might have one with the police dept. too.

    • I’m sorry Bob, I can’t stop laughing. Talk about your exercises in futility, this has to top the list!

  47. Sue the mthrfkrs for intimidation!

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