Ballistic Magazine: Don’t Offer Opinions On a Gun You’ve Never Used

Mossberg MC1sc

courtesy Mossberg via GetZone

The guys over at Ballistic Magazine laying down some truth regarding the new Mossberg MC1sc. They received so many eye-roll worthy comments about Mossberg’s foray into pistols they decided to put together an entire piece about it. Here’s an excerpt:

The Mossberg MC1sc looks like…

Apparently “every handgun ever made, ever.” Seriously, we saw readers list about three dozen different handguns and the MC1sc looks like all of them. Here’s a roundup of what we saw, but we left out about another 200 comments.

  • “Oh look, it’s a bootleg S&W Sheild.” (Guess nobody ever taught this guy “‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C.’”)
  • “Looks like a M&P Shield had a baby with a Springfield XD.”
  • “If a Shield and a Taurus G2C had a baby.”
  • “Made by Taurus?”
  • “Looks like a knock-off Glock.”
  • “Profile sure looks like a G43.”
  • “Looks like a cross between a Glock and a P365.”
  • “It looks like a Ruger SR9.”

Mossberg will always be known for its shotguns and rifles, the performance of which [are] inarguably fantastic. One reader — literally one — didn’t seem to think so.

  • “So now Mossberg can suck at handguns in addition to shotguns and rifles too?”

Finally, Ballistic got down to it with a statement I wholeheartedly agree with:

Bottom line: Before rendering a verdict on a gun that literally none of you have fired, might want to put it through a test run first. If you run it and have issues with performance or mechanics, that’s a different story. However, as is the case with much of life, you don’t know until you try it. – Ballistic Magazine, MC1sc: The Most Ridiculous Comments About Mossberg’s New Pistol

Right in the feels, Ballistic.

Check out the entire article over at the Ballistic website.


  1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    Looks like a Hi-point.

    What do they think the internet was built for anyway (besides porn).

    1. avatar Big Sky says:

      Oh, come on. That’s the mirror image of a Ruger LCP if ever there was one. A close second would be a knockoff of the Colt Python. So close in fact that I hope Colt sues them for patent infringement.

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        I was thinking more like the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan in .454 Casull.

        1. avatar Big Sky says:

          Almost, except the cylinder on the Alaskan in .454 is not fluted. This Mossburg under discussion obviously has a single large flute on its cylinder slide.

        2. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          Also, it only has 16-2/3% of the chambers.

    2. avatar Holden says:

      Nothing. The Internet has given everybody in America a voice. For some reason, everybody decides to use that voice to bitch about guns.

      1. avatar BlakeW5 says:

        Everyone uses that voice to bitch in general. Social media has become less about socializing and more about campaigning or taking a soap box on issues no one cares to hear a random persons opinion on. The rest of the internet are complainers, people complaining about complainers, and the “gotcha” internet police/spelling nazis. Essentially everyone thinks their opinion is worth hearing, if the internet has done one thing well it’s illustrate in live-time the idiocy pervasive in our species.

        Yes, I realize the irony in complaining about the complainers lol

      2. avatar Jay says:

        Hahahahahaha. That’s why I always go to “”

    3. avatar Bloving says:

      I still say it’s profile reminds me most of a Ruger SR9c, and that is far from a bad thing.

      1. avatar JoeVK says:

        That’s what I thought when I first saw it. It looks a lot like my SR9C.

    4. avatar Bill Sadusk says:

      cat videos

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        Ah yes, flaming, porn and cat videos.

        1. avatar Geoff "Mess with the bull, get the horns" PR says:

          “Ah yes, flaming, porn and cat videos.”

          As the late (*great*) Robin Williams once adroitly noted :

          “More forepaw!”

          *snicker* 😉

    5. avatar RF s a BFBD says:

      I printed out a picture of it, tried in in my hand. Didn’t like the ergonomic. Oh well.

      1. avatar There ought to be a law says:

        You now have a 2D printed ghost gun.

        1. avatar jwm says:

          Ain’t that a felony?

  2. avatar Kman says:

    Kind of an overreaction and judgement of visual comparison.
    What’s so criminal about saying it looks like another handgun?
    I look kinda like Jame Gandolfini minus 40 or 50 pounds. I’m not thrilled about it, but it’s just an observation and not trashing me.
    Now calling it crap before testing it is stupid.

  3. avatar JD says:

    And I’d bet 95% of those people are the ones who carry a keltec in a uncle mikes holster and think they are well armed. Losers.

    1. avatar Craig in IA says:

      “And I’d bet 95% of those people are the ones who carry a keltec in a uncle mikes holster and think they are well armed.” HOLSTER??? What’s a holster?

      About the time the Mossberg is all you have on you and you really need a gun, you wouldn’t be quite as smug, either.

      1. avatar JD says:

        Exactly right.

    2. avatar CZ Rider says:

      Say what you want about them, but an Uncle Mike’s size 3 pocket holster was perfect for my P938, and a size 4 is perfect now that it has a TLR-6 on it too. Sometimes cheap and cheerful is all you need.

      1. avatar JD says:

        Uncle mikes are garbage. End of story. I don’t waste my money on garbage. Nor do I rely on it to work for me when the time comes I really need it to work, like in a life or death situation. Same reason I’d never own a hi point or keltec or any other number of crap on the market. I DO own Mossberg shotguns and have shot their rifles and have always been impressed. I would have to shoot their pistol before passing judgement.

        1. avatar Kendahl says:

          I’d take Uncle Mike’s over Fobus.

  4. avatar Cooter E Lee says:

    Well I’d love to run it and come to my own conclusion if mossberg would send me a complimentary model.

    Otherwise, about the only valid opinion someone can have is what it “looks like.”

    It looks like a striker fired polymer handgun, as do most handguns today. Nothing wrong with that, just hard to get excited over one that’s 20-30 years late to market by a manufacturer that is trying to diversify from shotguns and rifles.

  5. avatar Andrew lias says:

    Anyone remember the rave reviews the R51 got by such experts who supposedly put lead down range with it?

    1. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:

      Thank you…your comment made me snort coffee over the keyboard…so true!

    2. avatar Tex300BLK says:


      “Bottom line: Before rendering a verdict on a gun that literally none of you have fired, might want to put it through a test run first.”

      Yeah totally, we should definitely leave it to the paid shills at a gun rag to tell us what we should be carrying instead.

    3. avatar DaveP. says:

      R51? I’m old enough that I remember positive reviews for the Colt All American.

  6. avatar MB says:

    Went to my local gun store, they said most likely will not be in stock/available for at least 6 months. Release was trial balloon to see if their is any interest, then they will start manufacturing them in quantity. For now, all that’s available is the demo units. Sucks because I wanted one, might have to buy a G43 or LC9SPro

    1. avatar Ginder12 says:

      Buy a PPS M2.

      1. avatar MB says:

        PPS M2, nope, a friend has one. didn’t like it. Thanks for suggestion though.

    2. avatar MeRp says:

      I really like my LC9s Pro. It is just so carryable and feels right in my hand. The biggest downside, in my opinion, is that it only comes with a single magazine, and extra mags for it are relatively expensive. Not out of this world, but like $35 for a spare mag.

  7. avatar 16V says:

    Self-absorbed internet scribblers, whining about the logical errors of their commentariat.

    Compound pathos. Only made sadder by a resident pile-on.

    In other news, water is wet…

  8. avatar Manse Jolly says:

    Nothing wrong with comments focusing on looks/aesthetics. Commenting on function/usability/quality control without having handled/fired/tested is a baseless opinion.

    I think F-150s are about equal in looks to a Pontiac Aztek.

    1. avatar FightFireJay says:

      Because ALL F-150s years and varients look identical?

      Most people don’t care about your aesthetic eveluation when they can see it for themselves.

      1. avatar Manse Jolly says:


        1. avatar Some dude says:

          Shit, what was that flying over that guy’s head… looked like a Chevy 1500 to me!

    2. avatar Geoff "Mess with the bull, get the horns" PR says:

      “I think F-150s are about equal in looks to a Pontiac Aztek.”

      I want a puke-green Pontiac Aztek just so I can put a business sticker on the side that reads “Heisenberg Analytical Laboratories” on it.

      And wait for the reactions when driving it with a black wool pork pie hat on…

      1. avatar strych9 says:


        I’m not sure that’s going to get the good kind of attention.

  9. avatar Imayeti says:

    Well said, Kat. Send me one so I can make an edumacated comment.

  10. avatar Lawbob says:

    It’s almost exactly the profile of a kimber solo

    The grip pattern looks like Taurus

  11. avatar JMR says:

    People don’t have to fire it to know they don’t like the looks of is.

    1. avatar FightFireJay says:

      People don’t need to read ridiculous comments to make their own SUBJECTIVE evaluation.

      1. avatar JMR says:

        I question why you even come to TTAG with an opinion like that.

    2. avatar RA-15 says:

      Fixed-it !!

  12. avatar pwrserge says:

    The big problem is that the market for first time handgun buyers is highly competitive. In order to stand a chance, a pistol has to have some distinct advantages not available elsewhere. The days when you could launch a bog standard tactical tupperware pistol and expect them to sell in job lots are long gone. Even Glock is feeling the pinch on this because their pistols, while eminently serviceable and reliable, don’t have the pizazz to jump out at a customer who knows very little about handguns and is looking at a whole display case of near identical black semi-autos.

    The key question that must be asked is, what does this gun offer that I can’t find elsewhere on the market? What makes it stand out from dozens of similarly priced competitors that have been on the market for years and have dozens of full writeup reviews and videos to help a new gun shopper figure out that they want YOUR brand of tactical tupperware over competing brand X.

    The comments are largely an offshoot of that problem. If all your potential customers can focus on is that your brand new pistol looks like X, then your engineering and marketing teams have screwed the pooch. If you’re trying to break into a market without any after-market or ancillary equipment support (sights, magazines, holsters, etc…) starting with a “blends into the crowd” design is pants on head retarded.

    1. avatar Specialist38 says:

      Who cares if I can find similar guns that do the same thing?

      If a new gun is more aesthetically or ergonomically pleasing to ME, it has merit.

      Otherwise, why would anyone customize or personalize a firearm?

      Competition is a guns thing for gun buyers.

    2. avatar Cloudbuster says:

      Excellent comment. Would upvote or like, if that sort of thing were possible.

    3. avatar Trollolol says:

      I will say Mossberg made a few good choices using SIG Sights and Glock 43 magazines, and I think they do have one thing going for them…

      Their name. Mossberg, every Fudd, casual shooter, and gunnie knows Mossberg makes good shotguns and name recognition matters. Even new shooters likely know the name Mossberg.

      Will it sell well? Probably not super well with such a crowded market, unless Mossberg gets down to Shield pricing and the guns have a solid reputation.

      Will it sell okay? Probably.

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        The pricing is very competitive, sub $500 is definitely the place to be for a handgun like this. This would definitely fit my el-cheapo sub-compact requirements much better than a $800 Legion. I wouldn’t feel too bad if this thing got destroyed by sweat and holster wear.

  13. avatar mountaineer says:

    Really folks? Do we need to fight among ourselves? We are all law abiding firearms owners. We can and do have different opinions. However, leave the name calling and bickering to the NAZI LIBERAL DEMOCRATS! As long as this pistol does what it is intended to do, IT WORKS! In my opinion, in a combat situation, never carry a pistol smaller than .40 cal. The manufacturer really doesn’t matter as long as it saves your ass and your people.
    Now ladies and gentlemen, shake hands and organize!

    1. avatar possum says:

      ” We are all law abiding firearms owners” are you sure about that?

  14. avatar Bob Jones says:

    Maybe I’m a fudd, but I am leery of “structural” plastic on firearms. My wife’s old pair of high dollar rollerblades came out of storage and the plastic disintegrated into granular chunks. Crappy polymer…probably….but what about environmental causes like chemical fumes, ozone, powder solvent, etal. ? My 40 year old steel guns are as strong as the day I got them.

    1. avatar Anon in Ct says:

      That’s actually an interesting question. I wonder if anyone has tracked the first generation of Glocks from the 1980s to see how the polymer is holding up?

      I do know that plastic ski bindings are only good for a decade at most before they should be tossed (for a casual skier – a competitive skier will wear them out much faster). I actually found this out the hard way once – fortunately I wasn’t going very fast when the binding shattered.

      1. avatar JD says:

        My gen 1 Glock 17 is just “as strong” today as it ever was. The materials used in pistol frame manufacturing is not the same as the other products mentioned. But you can look at it this way, how long to the liberals say plastic bottles last in landfills? Any steel frame would be long rusted and useless compared to a polymer one.

        1. avatar possum says:

          One of the reasons I hate plastic, it never goes away. It may change its appearance, but it never goes away. I’ve got an original flintlock, passed down through the family. I’m skeptical of a plastic framed pistol lasting that long in its original configuration.

      2. avatar Cloudbuster says:

        I’ve had my Glock 26 for about 20 years or so. Still going strong.

      3. avatar Kman says:

        2 Glock 17’s from 1987 are still perfectly fine.
        Only changes are replacing mags and recoil springs.

  15. avatar Snake Plisskin says:

    I don’t intend on buying one but let it either sink or swim on its own merits.

    The only comment I will make is that they are sure wading into a crowded field….

  16. avatar No one of consequence says:

    Well, if they weren’t looking for comments, they should have disabled their comments section.

    Seriously, did they really expect all-positive love notes?

  17. avatar former water walker says:

    I’m fer sure no great expert on handguns but this new wonder 9 has a retarded takedown(pull the striker out?!?). All because Mossberg thinks pulling a trigger aka Glock takedown is sooooo dangerous(yet it’s a cheaper 43). I’ll keep my lowly perfect Taurus 709 with a glock takedown. I make sure it’s unloaded when I pull that trigger😄😋😏

  18. avatar TK says:

    It’s got no “grip zone”…how am I supposed to hold it?

    1. avatar Tex300BLK says:

      To be fair, the people who will most likely buy it, probably will need a little bit of help there.

  19. avatar hal_greaves says:

    Sometimes we all need to just sit back and relax on gun opinions and wait until Sig releases Gen 2

    That’s how it’s supposed to be right?

  20. avatar James W Crawford says:

    Another polymere pistol with the “safety” conviently mounted right on the trigger to ensure that abrain fart can have lethal consequences.

    I will stick with my Smith and Wesson 3913 and other 3rd generation, DA/SA pistols.

  21. avatar Specialist38 says:

    I recall TTAG posting an “editorial” of Sootch’s review of the Glock 43X and 48.

    The “editiorial” author passed judgement on not only the merit of the guns but the intended audience of said guns.

    Call it an editorial all you want. It was a vicarious review of guns actually evaluated by someone else. The poorest form of journalism.

  22. avatar daveinwyo says:

    Won’t bad mouth a piece I haven’t shot. But, it’s a pretty full field of poly guns, looks like most semi-autos I have ever seen; a JMB 1911. Even European firearms look like a 1911. Guns made for human hands need to be made in only a few ways to work. 1 thumb and 4 fingers (more or less) is the norm. I would expect a weapon for a 3 tentacle flipper to LOOK different. I’m holding out for a multi-setting phazzer with universal translator. If you are an old Sci-Fi fan you may remember what TASER really means.

    1. avatar napresto says:

      Ah, my favorite! The one about the airship in Africa… I actually found the airship more memorable than the TASER.

      1. avatar daveinwyo says:

        Ding! Solar Queen. Thomas A. Swift had an electric rifle. TAS young adult series in early to mid ’60s Sci-Fi.

        1. avatar napresto says:

          Actually, even earlier:

          It’s from the first series, dating to before WW1. (1911, in fact: a great year for innovative weapons).

          I’ve read some of the ones from the 50’s and 60’s and those were also good fun – more rockets and atomic power and robots, fewer airships, firearms, and charging rhinos. Times sure changed for old Tom Swift.

  23. avatar Ben says:

    Looks like a gun.

  24. avatar Specialist38 says:

    People will naturally comment on a new gun’s looks.
    Up to gun writers to put hands on the piece and report on it objectively. Or not, I suppose.

  25. avatar MyName says:

    What about commenting on a magazine I’ve never read? Asking for a friend.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      most of mine say mec gar.
      very little prose to be found.

      1. avatar MyName says:

        I’ve got several that have Magpul written on them and a bunch that were authored by Chip McCormick but, you’re right, most don’t say much. Good thing we have TTAG or there would be nothing to read.

  26. avatar NORDNEG says:

    I just happen to collect weapons, so if anybody out there has one of these & don’t want it , find me… Especially if they are limited production, because of trademark encroachments or unreliable performance, they would be worth big bucks… just like the S & W Sigma, they got sued by Glock & lost for a patent infringement… But I got one, can’t hit a wall with it though, it is a piece of dung…

  27. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    it does not particularly stand out.
    were i a mossy pump and lever guy, i might sit up and take notice ‘cuz muh loyalty.
    commenting on appearances is not a condemnation of any functional aspect.
    i don’t want one; it’d probably melt in july.
    but the ’58 bearcat becomes mine today.

  28. avatar Nancy Pelosi says:

    I don’t f’n care what you all think.

    It’s a assault pistol and needs to be banned.

    Trust me I know what I am talking about. Shut up and listen, think of the children, get this weapon of war off the streets.

    Chuck, Dianne and I will do all in our considerable powers to prevent you undesirable peons from ever getting your greasy paws on this.


  29. avatar Michael in AK says:

    Haven’t visited their site much as the times I did I found the content to be pretty weak….will wander over just because!

  30. avatar MouseGun says:

    Sounds more like desperate whining due to the fact that paid critics are slowly going the way of the dodo.

  31. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    Why does a gun magazine even care about those comments? Worried they won’t get their usual kickbacks for a glowing review?

  32. avatar former water walker says:

    And who buy’s these paper publications?!? My local supermarket(s) have ALL done away with any paper magazine. I do get the NRA rag but I’m done reading in an hour…the pay is going to fakebook shills.

  33. avatar Bierce Ambrose says:

    Wow, people ranting on all meta about nothing are … nevermind.

  34. avatar Jimmy crack korn says:

    Eh no one ever brings up the Taurus 709, which was before the shield. the mini-subcompact market is already changing, companies like Mossberg who developed this have to rush and change thier product to match. Sig has upped the game cramming more rounds in and you’ll see other companies trying to follow suit. Glock is jokingly trying to follow but so far failed.

  35. avatar GS650G says:

    I think we can comment on what it looks like without firing it. We can take issue with it’s specifications. We can josh about it’s price. This much is publicly announced before it’s tested.

    Personally it looks like a fine alternative to me and it’s good to see a shotgun make branch into handguns. Shows they are confident we’ll still be able to own them.

    1. avatar little horn says:

      good point. saying it looks a certain way does not speak on its ability. seems like they are getting a little butt hurt.

  36. avatar Geoff "I liked my Mossy 500 folder when I had it" PR says:

    Hey, TTAG – Are you gonna review it?

  37. avatar possum says:

    What’s wrong with saying” Looks like” ? Oh I forgot, America, free speech and all that silly Bill of Rights nonsense.

  38. avatar Ralph says:

    The MC1sc isn’t Mossberg’s first foray into handguns. Back in the late ’70s or early ’80s, the company advertised a .45 ACP pistol that was made for them by another company. It didn’t work out for Mossberg and only few guns were produced. I have no idea if the pistol was any good since I never got my hands on one.

  39. avatar Tom T says:

    6 lb. trigger seems kinda high for a striker fired. Personally I like what I see. Unique disassembly.

  40. avatar BlakeW5 says:

    Exactly what is wrong with a pistol resembling another popular, quality gun? I’d rather a company take ques from a working platform than design something totally unique SOLELY to be unique.

    They fail to realize many of those guns bear resemblance to one another too, yet no ones complaining about that.

    Hope the Mossy is a success. More options in an area as user-centric as pistols are is never a bad thing. Besides, as fickle as gun folk are each company is one Tweet away from landing on the “no-buy” list of the community lol.

    1. avatar Marcia Mason says:

      You want unique? Have you seen the EAA Witness Pavona from Tanfolio? It has glitter in the purple grip! Looks like my granddaughter went berserk with her sparkle set. No look-alikes there.

  41. avatar Marcia Mason says:

    These replies are some of the funniest I’ve ever read online! Good humor for a Monday morning read!
    I was disappointed to see that Mossberg intro. The last thing the industry needs is another semi-auto. I’ve been trying to find reasonably priced revolvers lately, and didn’t want to get into the higher end S&W, heavy Rugers, and Kimber K6. Too much money for 150 year old technology. You can only look at so many Charter snubnoses before you puke pink, and I don’t do Taurus, and don’t let my friends do Taurus. EAA Vindicator is about right but too cheap in the other direction. Not much in the middle. Maybe if Mossberg tried the wheelgun format I might look at it.

  42. avatar Brian Messenheimer says:

    So what happens after you reach puberty and it doesnt fit in your hands anymore?

  43. avatar enuf says:

    Among the other things the internet was built for, it was also built for snark. As snarkiness has been well represented on this topic already, I’ll give that a pass.

    I like Mossberg. Bought my 500 12ga about 40 years ago and it’s always worked perfectly. Bought my 590A1 a good deal more recently, but it too has been flawless. While I’ve never owned a Mossberg rifle I have shot some owned by others and they seemed like good serviceable firearms to me.

    So, they are back into handguns now? Okay, I’ll be watching that. Maybe as they settle into routine sales pricing here and there I’ll buy one. Lots of points available on the Cabela’s/Bass Pro credit card, gotta’ do some with all that one of these days.

    Hope they do well in their new venture.

  44. avatar little horn says:

    the fact that you made this article proves you don’t understand the “internet”. that is what it is for: trolling and conjecture.

  45. avatar Ginder12 says:

    It’s called google. There is a lot of information about this gun on the net. Kentucky Gun Company has a good review with range time. Price will be around $325. I’ll buy one.

  46. avatar jakee308 says:

    Re: complaints about complaints. Blog comments and Twitter are just the modern day equivalent to the millenia old Fora which the Romans and the Greeks used.

    Only then you had to show up in person and argue face to face with the other moron.

    More ‘interactivity’ as they say.

    They still mostly talked a lot of sh!t and solved little. People like to argue.

  47. avatar adlib says:

    it’s a fair point … but i think it’s also fair to consider a company’s track record/quality when debating other as-yet-untried products they’re rolling out.

  48. avatar Nanashi says:

    I can judge features I’ve handled or researched. My opinion on the Mossberg was “Meh, we’ll see if it’s better than the other dozen options for this niche”.

    Was being the key word, then I heard it took Glock mags. Now I’m actually interested.

  49. avatar Minuteman says:

    It looks like a gun. Most plastic fantastics look similar. Now when there is a test of it out there that shows it shooting all bullets into one ragged hole at 10 yards is when I will get a lot more interested in it.

  50. avatar Karl says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words… and those words tell me that trigger looks awful.

  51. avatar Sora says:

    I think it looks like Shield with better flat trigger. And that’s a good thing.
    Makes me want to go try one vs Shield 2.0 9mm
    Really not sure about the crossbar that’s next to mag release.
    Someone should be forcibly put into institution for that.

  52. avatar John in AK says:

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED to find out that Pg2 hasn’t injected any thoughts on vaccinations here yet.

    It must be assumed, as Mossberg has not made any statement to the contrary, that they are in FAVOR of vaccinations. Therefore, this pistol cannot be any good. In fact, it’s OBVIOUSLY a Tool of the Antichrist and the AMA, who are in cahoots to give all of us Autism for their own nefarious ends.


  53. avatar Grant. says:

    It looks ugly.
    I don’t have to shoot it to say that.

  54. avatar Kevin says:

    This is better than actual comedy

  55. avatar ozzallos says:

    Author engages in thought-policing from usurped moral high ground, news at 11.

    But seriously, i dont need to hold the gun to express my opinion that it looks derivitive or make a comment concerning mossberg qc and ttag should know better than to give these sort of trolls a platform.

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