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The U.K. has some of the most Draconian gun control laws on planet earth. Meanwhile, their economy is powered by arms sales. In 2008, the Brits exported some $26.914 billion worth of killing machines. The BAE M777 Towed Howitzer has proven particularly popular. The Financial Times reports that the artillery piece is a hit, adding the Aussies to its fan base. And it’s got legs!

The US is buying a further 58 guns for the army and marine corps while Australia is taking 35, making it the third customer for the system after the US and Canada. BAE’s order book now stands at 955, taking sales for the programme to more than £1bn. The company said it expected further orders for the gun.

Hell, we’re giving them away!

The US government is currently in talks to provide 145 to India as well as several other countries.

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  1. I left the Corps about a year after the transition to the Triple Seven. I'd love to go back on a field op and see how they've fared. An old arty mech buddy of mine was worried about teething issues with the new platform, as the One Niner Eight was so well sorted after decades of use.

    Also, that gun is really elevated. Quite the angle of fire.


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