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Coutesy Joe Grine

You may know the Salem, Oregon based company AXTS because of their excellent “Raptor” charging handle and the Talon 45-degree safety. But you may not know that AXTS produces full production guns as well, such as the 300 Blackout pictured above. I have had an opportunity to shoot these weapons and can’t tell you enough how much I like them . . .

Courtesy Joe Grine

AXTS CEO Eric Anderson is a former Army Ranger and larger-than-life character. Under his leadership, AXTS is really taking things to the next level. For example, their MI-T556 rifle has a precision match grade barrels start out as a Shilen 416R blank with a 1 in 8 twist and are turned to a custom profile. AXTS barrels are chambered in .223 Wylde as well as a hand polished crown and are fitted with the highest quality barrel extensions with polished feed ramps.  According to AXTS, accuracy is sub 1/2 MOA using  55, 62, and 77 grain ammunition.  The AXTS rifles are a true fully ambidextrous design, featuring:

  • RH/LH hand bolt catch,
  • RH/LH hand bolt release,
  • RH/LH hand mag release,
  • Talon 45/90 ambidextrous safety selector.

Here are some close ups of a .new 300 Blackout model that shows the same ambi interfaces and the Knights Armament 600M Micro Sights that come standard on these rifles.  This rifle also features a titanium forward assist with a black DLC coating and a BCG that is made in-house:

Joe Grine


The AXTS rifles are now comeing equipped with the new PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube – MOD 2 :


This rifle also features a flared mag well, which is becoming more and more common on high-end ARs:

Courtesy Joe Grine

The handguards are made in house as well, and are designed to have an M-Lok interface capability. I really like the way that the handguard attaches to the upper receiver:

Courtesy Joe Grine

These rifles represent the high-end of the AR market, so expect prices to be in the $2900 range.

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  1. Sub MOA with 55? Really? That’s pretty impressive if true. My rainier arms barrel does 1-2 MOA with 55, but that 72 is sub MOA. Any word of the individual parts then? I don’t do pre-built.

    • I have two ARs that shoot sub inch groups at 100 yards with 55gr M193. So it is possible. Now, will it hold close to 1 MOA past 100 yards? I’m not sure yet because I don’t have a longer range close by.

  2. The trouble with high-end ARs is that you’re essentially paying for a great barrel, trigger, and very good finish, plus a hefty mark up for the labor. Quite often you can get the same results (if you don’t care about how the outside looks) by just getting a quality barrel, and trigger, then the rest of it can be middle of the road.

    • Yep, build your own and you can save $300-800. Although that doesn’t work for some brands if they have some super exclusive design that is not for sale in parted out components. Some people are not DIY people or they don’t know or trust their DIY friends so spending the extra money is not an issue.

  3. Cool guns. Too bad the quality of the images in this post is terrible, esp. the close ups, all blurry or have shake. You need a mirrorless camera (as good quality image as Digital SLR, but 1/2 the size), iPhone pics don’t cut it when you’re not looking at them on a tiny screen.

    • Yes, you are right that my photos sucked. I was using a good camera, but the exposures were in the range of 1/15th to 1/4 sec sec at F4. I will bring a camera with stabilization next year.

  4. I like AR but for as often as I use one I would be just as happy with a $450 home built franken gun as a $3000 rifle. If you can afford this and your happy great, I would rather have 2 or 3 cheaper rifles and a $#!+ ton of ammo.

    • For where I’m at, I think I’m the same way. I’d probably rather have a $1,500 AR (Daniel Defense?), $800 AR (Colt?), and $600 AR (i.e. S&W M&P 15 sport). But I’m not in competitions. But man, AXTS’ website has some really, really sweet looking rifles.

  5. I seriously doubt it’ll do sub 1/2 MOA with such a wide range of bullet weights, but it looks like a nice build. It had better be, for that price. I got some legit 3/4 MOA with Barnes 110 grain TTSX in my .300 BLK build yesterday, which is the best I’ve had so far from that AR. Changing bullet brands and seating depths opens up groups – like it does with any other rifle.

    The .223 Wylde is a nice chambering, but not so good as to be 1/2 MOA with such a wide range of bullet weights. And if I’m wrong on that, I’ll be happy to hear “I told you so.” Heck, I might even order one of these.

  6. I’ve always liked AXTS. They were the first ones out with a full ambi lower, and I think their design language is sharp yet subtle (unlike a lot of places that just like slapping their logo everywhere).


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