The LA Times reports that the recent decision to allow firearms into Denali National Park has led to a shooting—instead of a mauling:

According to park spokeswoman Kris Fister, the backpackers were hiking in an area about 35 miles from park headquarters when they heard noise in nearby brush. The male hiker drew a .45-caliber pistol he was carrying, and when the bear emerged and charged toward his female hiking companion, he fired about nine rounds toward the grizzly.

… The bear’s carcass was discovered Saturday evening by park rangers near where the shooting took place.

… it is legal to carry a firearm in the original Mt. McKinley portion of the park where the incident occurred, but it is not legal to discharge it.

Park officials are still investigating the shooting. No word on whether we’ll be seeing a special “Grizzly” edition of the pistol in question.


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