Scientific American: Socialism Stops Gun Deaths

It’s not very scientific and it sure ain’t American. But John Horgan at just up and goes for it in a rant entitled A modest proposal for curbing homicides: Socialism. Well, not at first. At first, the author admits that his previous belief in a cause and effect relationship between gun control and crime control […]

Quality – SIG SAUER and Kahr Arms

Two more brands to consider: SIG SAUER and Kahr Arms. Kahr is a relative newcomer to the gun scene. Founded by the son of the man who headed the Unification Church (the “Moonies”), Kahr makes small and medium-sized handguns with steel or polymer frames. They’re all single-stack, striker-fired designs.

Obscure Object of Desire: Steyr M9 and M40

When most firearms enthusiasts hear the name Steyr, they think of the AUG [above]. That’s only natural.  It is Steyr’s most memorable gun.  It cuts an instantly-recognizable profile. It screams “COOL” and “HIGH-TECH” at equal volume. But Steyr’s history of military and civilian gun making traces back to the late 1800s. Steyr was a serious player in […]

Red-Dot Scopes – A New Standard?

Red-dot & reflex scopes are handy.  Highly-visible reticle, fast acquisition with both eyes open, great for low-light conditions.  Recently they have gotten even better, with adjustable reticle patterns, dual-color reticles, and even a variable-size reticle model from Bushnell. But red-dot scopes have a weakness: battery power.  Most people who use red-dot scopes have had a battery […]