Vanguard Optics & Accessories at the 2017 SHOT Show

With a few minutes to kill before a meeting and a mandate from the bossman to find optically related things, I took the opportunity to check out Vanguard and their line of optics and accessories. New for 2017 is their Endeavor ED IV line of binoculars that Vanguard considers a value based line of binos. While […]

AimPoint Introduces Micro S-1

Anyone who has given consideration to the purchase of a red dot sight has surely looked at the Aimpoint line, especially the Micro series of sights. Having spent some time behind them, I can tell you that they just always work, and are a great way to go in both eyes open with your rifle […]

Eberlestock Rapid Acquisition Shooting Rest (RASR)

Shooting in the field from whatever you can scrape together is, in a word, hard. Some of the shooters I respect most are those that can put together a stable shooting platform anywhere, anytime, anyhow. There are a variety of tools to help aid in this like bipods, shooting sticks, tripods, and the humble backpack. One […]

Freedom Armory Titanium Silencers – SHOT Show 2017

Like the perfect hunting rifle, the perfect silencer weighs practically nothing, never affects your shot, allows you to leave your ear pro at home, and costs pennies. Though I keep wandering among the various manufacturers here at SHOT show, I still haven’t found the perfect silencer – though I did find some all titanium models […]

Hands on with Eberlestock Rifle Chassis

Boise, Idaho based Eberlestock is probably better known for their hell-bent for stout and muy expensive packs than anything else. Chances are, if you own an Eberlestock pack or case, you’re quite serious about your craft. Passing by their booth, the glimmer of a couple rifle chassis gave me reason for pause. Pictured above is Eberlestock’s M2-Cobra which is a […]

New For 2017: Strasser RS 14

May I not be struck down for the blasphemy I’m about to utter – I’m sick of AR 15s. Based on the tepid reaction to that statement from the rest of the TTAG crew at the 2017 SHOT show, I’m not alone with my thoughts. On the prowl for the sort of thing that would […]

Hands on with SpyPoint Cameras

Perusing the basement of SHOT Show is a special type of thing. As the main floor is only rented out to tenured attendees, new companies or those without the mega bucks are relegated to the first floor – affectionally called “The Basement.” Down there is where you find the wacky and the weird, but also the […]

Hands on with Iota’s Illuminated Scope Rings

Serious long range shooters will be the first to tell you that the set up for the shot is the most important part of making the hit. One of the oft overlooked issues setting up for that long shot is rifle cant. Without the rifle being perfectly level, no amount of dialing of turrets or […]