CADEX Defence Falcon Bipod – 2017 SHOT Show

The bipod is an oft overlooked piece of rifle equipment. Given that a good bipod can mean the difference between a hit or a miss, it pays to pay attention to the two sticks at the front of the rifle. With the rise of competitive “tactical” rifle shooting, the traditional Harris bipod has given way […]

CADEX Defence Competition Chassis – 2017 SHOT Show

New for 2017 is CADEX Defence’s series of Competition chassis. CADEX has long offered a series of chassis with an integrated top rail, completely free from the receiver of the rifle. The Competition series is an open topped model designed in response to customer feedback for a chassis that would allow them to use a […]

Nosler Introduces 22 Nosler – SHOT Show 2017

If I get to thinking about it, I’ve always liked Nosler. I killed many a deer in my youth with their 95 gr. Ballistic Tip out of my .243 WIN. But I admit that I haven’t spent much time thinking about them lately. Things probably would have continued that way except that somebody in Nosler’s marketing […]

West Texas Ordnance SwitchLug – 2017 SHOT Show

One of the most common things I kept running into at the 2017 SHOT show were rifles equipped for switching barrels quickly and with a minimum of tools. It seems to be all the rage today, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Investing in a really solid action, stock/chassis, and optic is a big chunk […]

CADEX Defence Kraken – 2017 SHOT Show

I dare you to find a greater joy than walking into a big room, finding the most expensive thing, and then making the salesperson for that thing give you the pitch. Say I were to walk into the Ferrari dealership dressed how I dress, stroll up to the lone LaFerrari on the floor, and demand that […]

Hands on with Leupold’s LTO-Tracker – SHOT Show 2017

In late October 2016, Leupold released a hand held thermal optic called the LTO Tracker as an accessory for the modern hunter. Unfortunately, they’ve been made of unicorn teeth since the intro, and we have yet to receive ours for testing and evaluation despite our desperate pleas. Good news then that Leupold had one on […]

Hawkins Precision New DBM – SHOT Show 2017

I’m a sucker for precision rifle gizmos, especially those geared towards competitive precision rifle shooting. Seen above is Hawkins Precision new-for-2017 detachable bottom metal for Remington 700 pattern rifles. Following the M5 pattern, this should be a drop in replacement for your existing bottom metal, or a fun new edition to your old standby rifle. […]

Leupold Updates Mark 8, VX Series – SHOT Show 2017

Perusing the Leupold booth at the 2017 SHOT show, I was reminded of the old saying – “Nobody ever got fired for hiring IBM.” Sure, the guys in the crisp short sleeved shirts and the pocket protectors might not be the trendiest or flashiest, but they do a competent job on time and in full. Similarly, Leupold […]

Gerber Brings a Bald Eagle to SHOT – Freedom Ensues

Like any conference, SHOT Show exists to get eyeballs looking at products. One of the easiest ways to do that is via the tried and true “booth babe” concept that our editorial staff has covered endlessly in previous years. Sex sells, and having cleavage appears to still get asses in seats metaphorically speaking. The other tried […]

OTIS Patriot Cleaning Kit – SHOT Show 2017

If you’ve ever set foot inside a sporting goods or gun store, you’ve no doubt seen the name Otis. They’re synonymous with gun cleaning and their Breech-to Muzzle cleaning cable is well known for being a compact way to keep a cleaning kit in your bag. New for 2017, they’re debuting a series of ready-made […]