Gear Review: Right Now Range

Every now and again, a package arrives at my door and to the best of my ability, I just cannot figure out where it came from. Most of the time, I bounce some emails around to the guys and we figure it out. But sometimes I put the thing away in a corner and forget […]

Just Arrived: CMMG MK4 PDW in 300 BLK

If you’d told Nick a few short years ago that .300 BLK would have the market traction it does today, he’d have made a funny giggle, and started muttering, “The world belongs to the early adopters,” or some such nonsense. His earliest predictions seem to have come true and .300 BLK is here to stay. […]

Wild Pig Removal, Leghorn Style

Many moons ago, Nick flew down from Virginia to go hunting for the first time. I’d never actually met Nick in person until then, but I learned three important facts during our first foray into the woods. First, Nick can operate without sleep longer than any other person I know. He’s an absolute machine. And […]

Gear Review: Ares Gear Aegis Enhanced Belt

A good belt is the linchpin of a solid carrying system. No matter how good your holster, no matter how good your gun, if you have a weak (and usually cheap) belt, you’ll always fight to carry effectively. In the past, I’ve used a CompTac belt with great success. It’s a solid belt with a reinforced Kydex […]

Gear Review: Geissele 13″ Super Modular Rail MK8

We’ve been on a bit of a tear around here testing AR-15 hand guards, specifically the modular and free floating type. For the uninitiated, the market for hand guards is huge and there’s a dizzying array of options available for those who want to free their barrel from the pressure of being touched by anything […]

Gun Review: Underground Tactical Long Range Bacon Maker

There’s a certain swagger that goes along with shooting a hotrod rifle. It is the sort of thing that makes you act downright intolerable around your shooting buddies. People might tell you that money can’t buy your way out of bad shooting skills, but I’ve come to believe that this is only partially true. Spend […]

Gear Review: Warne Maxima 7.3/22 QD Scope Rings

I love my Ruger American Rimfire. A lot. So much so that I end up shooting it more than my Appleseed compliant 10/22. Even with .22LR prices what they are, it is still a deliriously fun time to rack that short throw bolt and burn through a few hundred rounds on a lazy Sunday afternoon. […]

Gear Review: Osprey Piston System

When I first got into the gun thing, it became apparent that there would be certain topics of discussion that would always create controversy. The most obvious examples include GLOCK vs. 1911, .45 vs. 9 mm, large caliber/slow bullets vs. zippy/small caliber bullets, AR vs. AK. You get the idea One of those points of […]

Gun Review: Benelli Super Black Eagle II

I’m not a wealthy man, but I have a weakness for expensive firearms. Especially the kind of guns that our Armed Intelligentsia insist aren’t worth the premium. So let’s get this out of the way. The review gun is a 28″ barrel Benelli Super Black Eagle II in Realtree Max 5 Camo. It comes complete with a sturdy case […]