In Defense of . . . IPSC, IDPA and OFWGs

A recent Truth About Guns QOTD questioned the value of the “practicool” shooting sports for self-defense oriented shooters. This was not the first time RF has mooted the idea that these games are unrealistic and encourage bad habits. In RF’s world, shooters looking to practice self-defense techniques have the range to themselves, perform whichever maneuvers […]

Gear Review: XS Lever Scout Mount

As a boy, I daydreamed about how cool the world would be if an asteroid hadn’t taken out the dinosaurs. I really wanted my very own Triceratops to ride around on. Now that I have graduated up to big boy toys, that same urge to bring together things that never co-existed in nature can be […]

Self-Defense Tip: If Your Revolver Doesn’t Work, Reload!

My New Year’s resolution: learn to shoot and carry a revolver. For four months I carried a wheelgun every day. I shot around 1200 rounds through my revolvers at matches and a 40-hour advanced handgun course. During this time I learned that wheel guns are not as fool-proof as gun-counter lore would lead us to believe. Where as a modern auto pistol […]

Self Defense Tip: Know Where You Are

By far, my favorite way to hurt myself is exploring the vast expanses of deserts, mountains, and forests in the great state of Arizona on my dirtbike. I wouldn’t dream of heading out on one of these adventures without a buddy, ample water, snacks, first aid, protective gear, basic tools and survival stuff, like my […]

MAG 80 Pt IV: Holdin on to your Hogs Leg . . .

Hands down, my favorite subject at the MAG 80 course: Handgun Retention 101. Do not confuse this with the implication that I am any good at the skills required. It’s a matter of public record that I dance with all the poise and grace of the late Herman Munster. Fortunately, stomping on your “Partners” feet […]

MAG 80 Pt III: Long Guns and Small talk

[Click here to read Part I, click here to read Part II] Throughout the week our long gun training, our instructors emphasized the fact that stance is absolutely crucial to sustained, accurate fire. Case in point: during one strings I failed to take up a low and wide stance. Despite my 250lbs., by the fourth slug […]

MAG 80 Part II Advanced Handgun

[Click here to read for Part I of this series] Roy Rogers had his Trigger. So do you. The cowboy’s horse was probably a lot more controllable (and less temperamental) than the finger you use to fire your gun. As my instructors at the MAG 80 training program taught me, trigger control accounts for 90 percent […]

MAG 80 Experience Pt 1

In early 2010, I had the epiphany: I needed to bite the bullet. I needed some heavy-duty gun training. I did some asking around. I was overwhelmingly directed to Massad Ayoob and his entry-level MAG 40 course. The four-day class focused on the legal aspects of shooting in self-defense, as well as core handgun skills. By week’s […]

Self-Defense Tip for Hand Loaders: Write it Down!

In a recent post, TTAG scribe Benjamin T Shotzberger admitted to carrying hand loads in his self-defense gun. When the topic of roll-your-own for self-defense comes up, the most obvious concern: chances of being branded as reckless and blood thirsty by a Prosecutor looking to make a name for themselves after an armed encounter. Before we […]

The Truth About Carrying A Second Gun

Do you carry a back-up firearm? Most people would answer quite reasonably, “Dude, I’m not Rambo; and I wouldn’t want a jury to think that I thought I was either.” Most gun owners have enough trouble hauling around one gun and its accessories for 10 or 12 or 14+ hours a day—to the point where […]

Are Academia’s Anti-Gunners Bigots? shares an email from “The Regents Professors (RPs) at the UofA, ASU, and NAU…” in response to the Arizona Legislature moving towards passing Campus Carry. (SB1467) “Gun Safety Charter: We affirm that no student should be obligated to be in the presence of an armed faculty or staff member, and no faculty or staff member […]