Ultradyne’s New C2 Flip-Up and Offset Iron Sights

We’ve been fans of Ultradyne’s beautifully machined sights since we first saw them. And their aperture aiming option improves accuracy when accuracy counts. Now Ultradyne has just announced their latest additions, the C2 line of flip-up iron and offset sights that give you a lot of the same benefits of their excellent C4 Precision Sights […]

Everest Giving Away 9mm Ammo With New Memberships

Is your local gun store fresh out of 9mm ammunition? It’s probably easier to list the retailers who have 9mm in stock right now than those that don’t. Which is why the people at Everest are giving away a box of 50 rounds of parabellum with each new membership purchase. Everest launched earlier this year […]

XS Offering More Tritium Night Sight Options

From XS Sights: XS Sights is pleased to offer line extensions for its popular second-generation DXT2 Night Sights and a non-tritium rear option in the new DXW2 Night Sights for Glock, SIG SAUER, Smith & Wesson and other select pistol models. The front sights of all new products feature tritium in the center surrounded by […]

The Stealthiest Disguised EDC Knives We’ve Ever Seen

You can assume that if a knife can somehow be concealed in an otherwise unassuming pocket-sized object, someone’s selling it. By combining these remarkably sneaky knives, you could easily have upwards of ten separate blades on your person at all times. If you’re into that. The Gerber Zip Blade: $9.60 via Amazon Although some of […]

NAGR’s New SuperPAC Debuts TV Ad Warning Kentuckians About McMurtry’s Anti-Gun Record

From Gun Rights America: NAGR’s new SuperPAC, Gun Rights America, made its debut with a TV commercial warning Kentucky Republicans about attorney Todd McMurtry’s anti-gun record as he tries to defeat pro-gun hero Congressman Thomas Massie. The ad exposes McMurtry for running as a Republican, despite his long record of donating to radical anti-gun Democrat […]