Las Vegas Woman Shoots Abusive Husband Who Threatened Her With a Gun

“There are some characteristics of abusers that you sort of know, they’re probably going to violate that order,” says Amber Batchelor, who represents a domestic violence-related nonprofit called SafeNest. She’s right: protective orders are usually violated…between 70 and 80 percent of the time. This is likely what happened in Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon around 2:00 […]

Seattle Man Sends Home Invader to the Hospital, Where He’s Arrested on an Existing Warrant

Defensive gun use stories are not only commonplace, they also tend to elegantly prove exactly the points pro-2A people have been making until our faces turn blue. One of those points is that people who manage to get themselves shot by armed citizens often have an extensive criminal history. As in, they’ve had their second chance, […]

Armed Ride Share Driver Defends Himself From Violent Passengers… Sort Of

“Ride-share driver shoots at carjackers but they still get away with his car,” the Chicago Tribune reports in a story from this weekend in the Windy City. Around 11:15pm, the 23-year-old driver had picked up two passengers from a relatively unassuming neighborhood on the North side of Chicago (pictured above). After getting in, the passengers started beating […]

What’s the Best Way to Insure a Gun Collection?

Many of us want to have some kind of insurance for our firearms to protect against theft and damage. This is a compact overview of the options. The three ways to insure your gun collection are: (1) under your homeowner’s insurance, (2) under a collectibles insurance policy, or (3) under a specialized firearms program such […]

Three Strikes, You’re Out: Intruder Fails to Break Into Two Homes, Gets Shot in the Third

Soon after midnight on July 6, a 47-year-old man attempted to break into a Richmond, California home. And then another home. He succeeded at breaking into the third home, which belongs to a neighbor describes as a “quiet, reserved close knit family.” His burglar’s success, however, was short-lived: he smashed a window only to be shot […]

The Best (and Worst) Guns to Collect for Investment

Gun collecting is one of history’s deepest rabbit holes. With that in mind, this article is geared toward people who want to buy guns mostly for personal pleasure that can also serve as a long-term store of value. In other words, if you or your kids will most likely be able to sell your gun […]

Gun Lovers and LGBTQ People: More Alike Than We Think

“Shooting isn’t like any other hobby,” says Erin Palette, the founder of the LGBTQ-friendly firearms education network called Operation Blazing Sword. “Car people will talk your ear off, but they usually won’t say, ‘Hey, do you want to drive it?’ But, at practically any shooting range, shooters who catch you looking at their guns will […]