GLOCK Custom Slide Work by AMF Defense

I’ve never been a big fan of customized handguns. Why bother? A gun is a tool, not a bauble. As for trigger and slide jobs, I worry that they’re going to compromise a firearms’ structural integrity and function. So when I sent two of my GLOCK 19 Gen4 slides to AMF Defense for slide work […]

Gun Review: GLOCK 19C Gen 4 9mm Pistol

There’s something to be said about shooting a fire-spewing handgun. Specifically, most people don’t want one. Should they? This is not the first compensated/ported GLOCK. Back in the day, Gaston’s gang sold a compensated Gen3 GLOCK 19. It was not a hit. In fact, I only saw it once in the hands of a southern […]

Gear Review: Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6x24mm Riflescope

The AR-15 is one of the most versatile firearms platforms in the world, available in a myriad of calibers and configurations. Without the proper optic, though, the AR’s flexibility — for hunting, self-defense, target shooting or plinking — is easily greatly diminished. Is the Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6×24 variable magnification rifle scope up […]

Gun Review: Kahr S9 9mm Pistol

I’ve never carried a single stack pistol. So when RF handed me a single-stack Kahr S9 in 9mm to review, I was on unfamiliar territory. While I appreciate the extra-concealability of a single stack handgun, is it worth sacrificing capacity for stealth and comfort? The Kahr S9 combines a matte stainless steel slide with a […]

Gear Review: CapArms Level III+ Body Armor

Body armor has been way down on my tactical shopping list. For one thing, it’s expensive. While I’ve always wanted a good plate carrier and armor for “just in case” scenarios and for my pistol and rifle classes, I could never justify the cost.   CapArms has just introduced an extremely affordable solution: their $200 […]

Gear Review: Mechanix Wear Vent Covert Gloves

Unless you want to wake up at first light, the summer months are a tough time to go shooting here in Texas. Temperatures rise to above 100 degrees on a daily basis, and the humidity doesn’t help. Gloves are the last thing you want to have to wear. Thankfully, Mechanix has come out with a […]

Tavor vs. AR: An IDF’s Soldier’s Perspective

The M-16 was the first rifle I was issued during my mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). That’s the gun I used to become a proficient rifleman. After basic training, we switched to the more modern M-4. From then on, I carried my M-4 during my military service, and continued to carry it […]

Three Tips for Effective Concealed Carry

As a trainer, I believe that everyone with the ability should should carry a concealed handgun. That said, I understand the that guns aren’t for everyone. As the meme says, “Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one.” Fair enough.  If you do choose to carry, you should do it in the most effective way possible. As […]

SureFeed Magazines for AR Rifles: Gear Review

The AR market offers a wide variety of affordable and durable polymer mags, but I’ve always preferred aluminum mags. They’re typically smaller and, in my experience, fit more smoothly into magazine wells. But are they as hardy? OKAY Industries has been making metal mags for the military for years. The company is now offering them […]

GLOCK 19 vs. M&P M2.0 vs. FN 509 Pt. 1

I love my GLOCK, more than any other pistol. My affinity for these handguns isn’t down to their looks or feel. It’s all about practicality. You can’t find a more widely used pistol than the GLOCK 19. I can easily find parts, holsters, and other accessories for it anywhere I go. However . . . As a professional […]

Understanding the Biomechanics of the Pistol Grip

The thumbs forward grip is considered the modern day standard for handgun shooting. This grip is extremely important in developing good shooting habits.  Although many people use it, many people also do not understand the reasoning behind it. In this short article I will explain the didactic reasoning behind it; when learning the how, we […]

The Truth About ‘Israeli Carry’

The People of the Gun have little time for “Israeli carry.” They scoff at the idea of carrying a pistol with an empty chamber. “Why add an extra step to a defensive gun use, especially when adrenalin is flowing and time is short?” Safety? “Keep your finger off the trigger!” Yes, well, let’s take a look at the […]