Gun Review: Kimber Stainless Ultra Raptor II

Kimber claims their new $38 million Alabama factory will create more than 350 jobs over the next five years. While the Kimber’s tax break remains unspecified, the deal depends on one thing: product. Whether deserved or not, the brand must overcome its rep for producing unreliable firearms to woo disaffected customers and win new ones. […]

All Gun Owners Should Learn Krav Maga

Nothing is more dangerous than an idea — when it’s the only one you have. French philosopher Émile Auguste Chartier was a pacifist. But his advice applies to self-defense. Here’s an example . . . During a trip to the mall with your family, you accidentally bump into another shopper. They mistake your bump for a shove. The stranger becomes immediately […]

My Weekend with Colion Noir and IWI

Does Colion Noir know how to shoot? Anyone who’s seen the gun rights advocate, social media personality and NRA Spokesman handling a gun knows he can. But can he really? You know: multiple takes. Editing. I may be from Israel, but when it comes to shooting, I’m from Missouri (a.k.a., The Show Me State) . […]

Gun Review: FN 15 Tactical Carbine II Rifle

My Combat Rifle students often bring homemade rifles. They always run into issues: malfunctions, broken parts and assorted failures. SMH. I always advise shooters to buy a complete rifle from a reputable manufacturer; a package that includes the trigger, sights, lower and upper and lower receiver, barrel, hand guard and birdcage flash hider. That’s because . . […]

Gear Review: Blue Force Gear Vickers Slings

Slings serve four purposes: they stabilize your rifle when shooting, retain it when you need to punch someone in the face go “hands-on” or transition to your pistol, and help you carry it comfortably. A few months ago, Blue Force Gear sent me the Vickers Combat Application Sling in black and coyote, the same sling with […]

Gun Review: PWS MK116 Mod 2

A few weeks ago Jeremy S handed me a Primary Weapon Systems MK116 Mod 2 rifle. As I’ve been busy shooting various piston driven AR15s, I was curious to see if a high end version is worth an extra grand or two. PWS ships the MK116 Mod 2 rifle equipped with a BCM stock, grip […]

IWI Tavor X95 300 BLK: Second Look

The Tavor was my combat rifle in the IDF. When RF told me that IWI was shipping TTAG the X95 in 300 Blackout, I jumped at the chance to spend some more trigger time with my beloved bullpup and follow-up on Jeremy’s four-star review. The first thing I noticed about new 300 Blackout Tavor: the […]