Will “March for Our Lives” Trigger More Gun Control? Question of the Day

The media love-in for tomorrow’s “March for Our Lives” will be unprecedented. It will be an anti-gun orgy the likes of which this country has never seen. It will be rife with misinformation, misdirection, ignorance and willful ignorance; suffused with teenage indignation. It will be supercharged with anti-NRA anger. Bloody shirts will be waved with […]

Police Shootings Triggered by Subject’s Demeanor, Not Race

Force Science Institute writes:  It’s all about a subject’s demeanor—not about race, ethnicity, or attire—when encounters with police escalate to violence, according to a new study from Washington State U . . . Activist groups and mainstream media, of course, tend to insist otherwise. But a research team that conducted the first controlled laboratory study comparing how […]

NRA’s Popularity Craters

The post-Parkland Gun Control Children’s Crusade has taken its toll on the NRA. Not on membership. By all accounts, membership’s up bigly. And not on NRA members’ determination to defend their natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms via the ballot box. But it has hurt the general public’s perception of […]

BREAKING: Reddit Bans Gun and Ammo “Transactions”

reddit.com has been one of the most liberal of social media websites. Liberal in the classic sense: tolerant. Open-minded. Welcoming. The company’s now joined the post-Parkland culture War on Guns being waged by corporate America (e.g., YouTube). Check out the official notice below . . . Read the second half of the announcement listening to […]

Brazilians Wants Guns! This Is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace

“In the world’s most murderous country, gun control is starting to lose its appeal,” bloomberg.com reports. “Desperate Brazilians are wondering whether they’d be better off armed, given that around 60,000 of their compatriots are killed each year. Polls show support for gun ownership gaining ground. In an election year, politicians are paying attention.” Did you […]