President Trump Hasn’t “Closed the Door” on an “Assault Weapon” Ban: Quote of the Day

“White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also told reporters that Trump hasn’t ‘closed the door’ on a potential ban of assault-style weapons and ‘hasn’t yet determined’ whether there should be a federal age limit for purchasing semi-automatic rifles.” – Other gun bans besides ‘bump stocks’? [via]

Will You Let Your Child Off School on March 14? Question of the Day

If there’s anything different about the post-Parkland call for gun control, it’s the very public lobbying efforts of teenage students who survived the massacre. Gun control advocates have placed the kids’ angry condemnation of pro gun rights politicians front and center in the media’s thinly veiled (if at all) support for civilian disarmament. The teen-flavored […]

10mm Auto vs. 357 Magnum [VIDEO]

USA – -( The 10mm Auto, sometimes referred to as the “357 of the Auto Pistol World”, has experienced a resurgence of late. Since its development in the 1980s, the 10mm found sudden popularity only to stagnate and shrink, but now the 10 is back with more pistols and ammunition than ever before. With that increased popularity comes truths […]

Senator Ted Cruz: TTAG Gun Hero of the Day

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is not the most photogenic politician. But he could well be the most conservative. An adjective that certainly applies to his support for the Second Amendment. For standing up to Hollywood hypocrisy, for giving us a rallying cry while the NRA maintains its radio silence, Senator Cruz is our Gun Hero […]

OpticsPlanet Stops Sales of “High Capacity” Magazines – “Nothing To Do with Parkland Shooting”

We’ve received the above copy of an email sent to an OpticsPlanet customer. It informs the aspiring magazine buyer that the company will no longer sell ammunition magazines with greater than a 10-round capacity to the general public. We called OpticsPlanet . . . and confirmed this new policy with a customer service rep. An earlier […]

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Parole Officer Knows When to Fold ‘Em

Tyson’s pocket dump contains not one, not two, but three folding weapons: a North American Arms pocket-clipped (not magazined) .22, a Benchmade 558 Doug Ritter Mini-Griptilian with AWT scales and a Shomer-Tec SHNK Covert Nickel Knife. A product name that’s awfully close to “shank” — a crude weapon not unfamiliar to the Georgia parole officer. If Tyson’s […]