TTAG APB: Calling All Johnsons! So to Speak

I’d never heard the term “Sweet FA” until reading several of RF’s posts. So I looked it up.  Disturbing . . . Acronyms and jargon fill the pages here at TTAG; I often find myself in research mode. I bet I’m not the only one who gets tripped up on content. Doing my best to channel my inner Samuel Johnson, […]

Does a Candidate’s 2A Stance Affect Your Vote?

[HTML1] I never was smart enough to avoid bar discussions about politics, religion, abortion or other hot topics.  Something about arguing for the sport of arguing… Tastes Great – Less-Filling. This is beer, not medicine – taste is everything! I like beer, but I don’t want to increase my gravitational pull! Pro-Choice – Pro-Life. You […]

Patrick Brown’s Bullet Point

Take it from TTAG registered contributor #1218: it’s easy to fall off the tracks around here. And it’s kinda like listening to Dennis Miller—eventually I end up in the dictionary. Thanks to TTAG, I’ve been forced (forced I tell you) to learn a lot in the last year. Ruger review-turned-toxicology lesson. A simple picture turns into a Civil […]

Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Helen Staudinger

I’m a strong proponent of the United States Constitution and take the 2nd Amendment at face value. However… a person’s gotta know their limits. When 92-year old cougar Helen Staudinger was denied a smooch by her spry 53-year-old neighbor, she went all Fort McCoy gansta and shot up his house. According to the, “Investigators allege that […]

The Joy of Shooting Bowling Pins

I have belonged to an indoor range for about two years now. I practice every week or two. The range runs “Action Handgun Pin Shooting” on Tuesday nights. I gave it a try this week. Gun guru Massad Ayoob wrote a book on pin shooting back in the early 1980’s, and the sport appears to have […]

CSU Shooting Stinks reports on a campus shooting at Colorado State University (CSU): “The victim, who was not a student at the school, told police he was shot in the arm outside Summit Hall by a black man just after midnight after the suspect asked him for drugs. CSU Police say the victim left campus and reported the shooting […]