Is Taking One Class Training?

Does attending a single class constitute training? What if the instructor is a high-speed low drag bad ass… is it training then? What if I take one class a year? Is that considered training? Personally, I don’t think so. By definition, sure, you are training every time you attend a class. But to me, training […]

Question of the Day: Do You Train According to Your Ammo Capacity?

I’ve been thinking about Robert Fargo’s question How much ammo do you carry? I’ve been wondering how a shooter’s available ammo supply relates to their strategy and training for a defensive gun use (DGU). A shooter who carries a snub-nosed revolver without spare ammunition has far fewer options that the citizen carrying a high capacity service pistol and […]

Question of the Day: Should You Customize Your Gun?

With all the options for customizing firearms these days –  recoil springs, triggers, custom barrels, enhanced magwells, magazine releases, and grip modifications – you’re just as likely to see a modified guns when you look around at the other shooters at the range as you are stock models. Shooters alter their firearms for a variety […]

Beware the Magic Gun! When perusing the internet, reading forum threads and blog comments around the subject of firearms for self-defense, there is a common theme. It appears that on any given day you could find approximately 30 to 50 percent of gun owners believe they either own or could buy a magic gun that will protect them […]