A Custom Quality Double Gun and a Continental Hunt Amateur

The sky could have been bluer. It had that steel-gray look that in a different setting might have been called ‘sullen’. But, clouds notwithstanding, I experienced nothing sullen during the recent South Fork Hunting Preserve continental pheasant throw. Not only was this my first ‘throw’, but the event is a driven shoot, making it European-esque […]

Gun Review: Blaser F16 Shotgun

I’ve had some success hunting upland birds with a Blaser F16 Game model shotgun and Federal ammunition. In this review, I extend the application of the F16 Game, paired with Federal Target loads, for the killing of some clay pigeons. All kidding aside, just as in upland hunting, the combination of the Blaser F16 and […]

A Visit With French Arms Maker L’Atelier Verney-Carron

The name St. Etienne is synonymous with weapon production. From the middle ages to the present, St. Etienne artisans, gunsmiths and factories have produced countless knives, swords and firearms. These weapons were designed for hunting, self-defense and/or military applications. Verney-Carron is a lens through which one can view St. Etienne’s firearm production. The marriage of […]

Gun Review: MG Arms Ultra-Light Rifle in .416 Taylor

“You begin carrying a pack, canteen, food, full-weight rifle and a handgun strapped to your waist. After 14 days you don’t even want to carry the handgun.” – Kerry O’Day This review was born out of a series of conversations with MG Arms Owners, Carol and Kerry O’Day. Our interactions occurred during the Dallas Safari […]