The Mighty Yeet Cannon…Yes or No?

This is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal and legislative news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights.  There’s one thing that happened this week that isn’t really legally related, but I just can’t resist writing about: the YEET   CANNON. Hi-Point vs The Entire Internet Hi-Point unveiled their new pistol at the SHOT Show. […]

AR Sales Skyrocket Ahead of New Washington State Gun Control – TTAG Weekly Gun Law Roundup

AR Sales Skyrocket in Washington Ahead of New We’ve talked about Washington’s Initiative 1639 before. It puts a host of new restrictions on gun owners, including requiring a permanent waiver of their HIPAA rights before buying a handgun or semi-automatic rifle. Ahead of this, Washingtonians are buying up everything they can get their hands on. […]

TTAG Weekly Gun Law Roundup: Northam’s Special Session, Cities Fight Supremacy, and More Spooky Ghosts

VA Special Session Following the mass murder in VA beach where a city employee murdered 12 people, disgraced Virginia governor Ralph Northam announced his intention to “take on” the Republican controlled state legislature by forcing a debate on a package of gun control measures. Included in Northam’s suggested measures are a ban on suppressors, universal […]

TTAG Weekly Gun Law Roundup: The Administrative Threat, The Highest State’s Hi-Cap Mags, and a Sanctuary Town

With the NRA Annual Meetings under way today, you can be sure there’s no shortage of things to cover this week. If you’re in Indy for the meetings and exhibition, remember that individuals need to have valid license to carry. The Ever Expanding Administrative State Everyone remembers former President Obama’s “pen and phone” threat to […]

TTAG Weekly Gun Law Roundup: More From the Kiwis, Delaware AWB, Pittsburgh Breaking the Rules

Another week, another series of thunderous applause for civil rights restrictions. New Zealand Still Has a Parliamentary System As New Zealand sprints toward imposing the deluge of restrictions we’ve mentioned in the preceding weeks, American media outlets are still obsessed with the fact that other systems of government are able to act on divisive issues […]

TTAG Weekly Gun Law Roundup: The Mighty Benitez, The VAWA, and Mini Omnibus

Our recap this week starts off with a sad end to one federal judge’s notorious fulfilling of his Constitutional duty to apply the law as written. Judge Benitez’s order stopping California’s “high capacity” magazine ban was outstanding, and one of the most firearm-literate pieces of judicial writing I’ve read to date. Truly worth a read […]