Hunting Dogs Terrorize UK Cat Sanctuary

In the UK, you can’t shoot hares, rabbits or other game animals on Sundays or Christmas Day. And I’d give up my Toyota Tacoma to own a pair of Purdey shotguns — after which I’d sell one of the guns and buy a better truck. There. I’ve done the UK gun bit. ‘Cause this story […]

Louisiana Cops Nab Deer Poacher Bragging on Snapchat

Ashley Edgeworth loves her some social media. Click here for her Instagram page. It’s kinda surprising it’s still up (at the time of writing), given the hot water the huntress dove into via Snapchat. gives us the 411 from Monroe Louisiana (a.k.a., Sportsman’s Paradise). According to an arrest affidavit for Ashley Edgeworth, 18, Forest Drive, […]

Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest: Kids in Wisconsin, Royal Hot Hunters and Wayward Yoots

Duh. Parents aren’t sending their babies out into the woods alone to hunt. Right? . . . Board Member: Publicity Over Infant Hunting Embarrassing Wisconsin Republicans’ decision to eliminate the state’s minimum hunting age has created an embarrassing perception that infants are roaming the state’s woods with guns and could allow adults to kill more animals […]

Liberte Austin’s Hunting Digest

Woah, that’s a lot of boots, belts and handbags. Husbands, get your wife a 17-foot python for Christmas. It’s the gift that keeps giving . . . Snake hunter catches 17-foot python in Florida Everglades A monster Burmese python has been captured by a snake hunter in the Florida Everglades. The female snake caught Friday at […]

Liberte Austin: Duck Hunting with the New Beretta Vittoria

Women who hunt are no longer satisfied with men bringing home the bacon. Literally. With the increase in female hunters nationwide, some manufacturers are answering the call. I spent the weekend with some ladies of all ages testing the latest “just for girls” Beretta Vittoria shotgun. Sorry. “Lady upland game hunters and casual sporting clay […]