Self-Defense Tip: Inoculate Yourself to Physical Stress

Several weeks ago my younger brother was a victim of a strong-arm robbery. Two assailants attacked him from behind, immobilized him, ransacked his pockets and stole his wallet and phone. Afterwards, he couldn’t recall how he’d ended up on the ground. You could say that the attack’s success highlights a failure of situational awareness. And […]

Self Defense Tip: Understanding the Human Traffic Light

  This series offer advice of how you should think before, during and after a defensive gun use. How to create mental patterns that determine the neurological pathways between recommended actions and actual behavior. Today I’m going to try to bridge the gap between defensive thought and defensive action with defensive execution. That’s because the most finely […]

Self-Defense Tip: Keep It Simple

  I know a lot of us like to customize our guns. I haven’t bought a gun I didn’t add something to. And if I did buy one and leave it stock, the odds are that gun won’t last long. I know I’ll keep it if I do something to it to make it mine. […]

Gun Review: Glock 17 EXO

I’ve been a Glock fanboy for my entire shooting career. I’m not ashamed to say that I look forward to new model releases with as much anticipation as a COD player. Glock doesn’t scratch that itch, much. Save the introduction of the Glock .45GAP and .357Sig, Gaston’s product line has remained almost identical—at least to the […]