California Active Shooter Situation: ‘We Just Ran’

There was a shooting at a gas station in Nipomo, California yesterday that ended with law enforcement officer killing the shooter. Sounds simple, right? In some ways it was, but there’s something else to take away from the report by the mainstream media. According to KSBY news it went down something like this: A suspected […]

TSA Finding More Guns in Carry-On Luggage

Fewer people have been flying  — a lot fewer — since the pandemic national emergency began in Marc, but apparently those who are flying have something in common: lots of them are leaving loaded guns in carry-on luggage. No, it isn’t exactly new for guns to be found during the screening process, but apparently the […]

RIP Jeff Quinn of

He was one of those rare men everyone liked. Whether it was his somewhat twisted sense of humor or his country-boy-turned-biker-turned-gun-reviewer charm, you liked him. He was readily identifiable by the twin braids in his beard; if you ever saw him attempting to cross the floor at NRAAM you know he was constantly swarmed by […]

The Badass Moms Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is upon us yet again (it’s not too late!) and with it comes the avalanche of Mother’s Day Gift Guides, Mother’s Day Must-Haves, and Best Guns for Mothers. Here’s the thing. Here at TTAG we – well, I’m speaking for myself, here – don’t go with the stereotypical flow. This isn’t exactly a […]

Devil Dog Arms Launches New DDA 10mm 1911

As a serious fan of 10mm – hey, I handgun hunt a lot – I’m pleased to see Devil Dog Arms coming out with a new 1911 chambered in one of my favorite hog calibers. Here’s the official release info from DDA: The DDA 10mm 1911 is the perfect choice for the handgun hunter, the […]