Take the Christian Science Monitor 2A Quiz. Carefully.

The Christian Science Monitor is daring readers to test their knowledge of the Second Amendment. There’s more than a hint of condescending anti-gun satire to the quiz but it’s a generally worthwhile exercise. Careful! Question 8 is deliberately poorly worded to lead you to choose the wrong answer. Question 10 (“Does the Second Amendment guarantee a […]

Only the Police and the Military are Trained Well Enough to Use Firearms (Or The Truth About Joe Zamudio)

Lost in the national news about the events in Tucson was the killing of a Baltimore Police Officer who was shot by… his fellow officers. Officer Torbit has been described by his neighbors and colleagues as “tough but fair.” From the anecdotes others told it sounds like he was mostly just tough. On Saturday night Torbit was […]

Can Australian Gun Rights be Saved?

Short answer: no. The reason that I say this is not because of how the Australian police reacted to a 12-year-old playing with a toy rifle in his own backyard. Reading the news.com.au report doesn’t provide enough info to make that call. Besides, here in the USA, there is a non-zero chance that you will […]

Everything You Know About Hollow Points Is Somewhat Inaccurate

The November issue of American Rifleman [print only] contains an interesting article about expanding bullets. Although the article is aimed at hunters, there’s some insight for those of us who skew towards defensive firearms. Author John Barsness does a great job of breaking down the factors that constitute “stopping power”—though that phrase is never mentioned […]