Kamala Harris: We Need to Seize Guns From Bigots

Can you smell the scent of desperation on Kamala Harris yet? You should. She has dropped 12 points in polling since the first debate. Now, in an effort to resuscitate her failing campaign, she now says wants to send police to confiscate guns from people she deems “bigots.” While all of her compatriots running for […]

California’s New Police Use-of-Force Law Twists Language to ‘Do Something’ About Police Shootings

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill into law that allegedly establishes a new standard for when police can use deadly force. In reality, it’s likely to do little more than endanger police officers and enrich the state’s litigation lawyers. And the blame for this one goes to Golden State politicians’ desire to pander […]

An SP-101 & a Trio of Reloads from Crown Point, IN: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Interesting people from interesting places.   With interesting stuff that they carry.  That’s what I’ve grown to love about these EDC posts. Today, we’ve got Jose from Crown Point, Indiana.  He sends his “Black and Silver.” I’ve been to Crown Point plenty of times.  A nice Cabela’s store there, along with a couple of friends and […]

Walmart CEO Supports ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control

Dick’s Sporting Goods should serve as a giant warning sign of the perils of practicing corporate gun control advocacy. To the tune of $150 million. And Levi’s. And Delta Airlines ($40 million annually). Now Walmart’s CEO is making noises that sound like he wants to sail those same perilous seas, too, signaling his company’s support […]