Armed Home Invader Killed by Homeowner, Public Defender Calls It ‘Heartbreaking’

Home invaders certainly aren’t practicing social distancing or complying with stay-at-home orders. And once more in Illinois, another violent home invasion happened in recent days. In Urbana, three teens picked a Marine Corps veteran’s apartment to break into. One of them was armed with a rifle and another with pepper spray. They chose…poorly. In this […]

Murder City, USA: Impotent Chicago Mayor Retreats When Kid Tells Her to ‘Go Home’ [VIDEO]

While Illinois citizens remain subject to a state-wide lockdown, someone forgot to tell the bad guys. Consistent with past practice, with warmer weather, the Chicago’s violence increased over the weekend. The bad guys racked up five murders and 44 others maimed in Murder City, USA. Meanwhile, tough-talking Mayor Lori Lightfoot turned tail and ran when […]

Why Americans Are Buying Guns: Illinois Has Released Nearly 4000 Prison Inmates Since March 1

The Illinois Department of Corrections has finally come clean with a list of inmates released since March 1.  The data should scare the hell out of Illinois residents. And plenty of other states have done the same. While many of these Prairie State offenders had already been scheduled for “mandatory supervised release,” plenty more were […]

Tensions High As Armed Protesters Return to the Michigan Capitol

On Thursday, hundreds of “Liberate Michigan” protesters showed up in Lansing at the State Capitol to show their continued displeasure with Governor Gretchen “Half” Whitmer’s tyrannical edicts. Some of the protestors brought their long guns, which caused a stir. Whitmer, who’s been campaigning to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential candidate,  gained the coveted title as […]

Tyranny of the Snitches: If ‘Karens’ Will Snitch on You for Playing in a Park, They’ll Definitely Do It Over Your Guns

America has edged closer to tyranny this year. We’ve seen, first hand, how far too many of our governors, state officials and even local law enforcement stand ready, willing and able to trample Americans’ fundamental constitutional protections. And they’ve used the coronavirus as an excuse to do it. Regrettably, we’ve also seen nosy neighbors call […]