Red Flag Law Abuse: Lawsuit Plaintiff Files Dubious Red Flag Action Against New Jersey Man

Red Flag laws, or so-called “extreme risk protection orders” strip gun owners of their gun rights without any due process to confront their accusers. And just like traditional “orders of protection,” abuse runs rampant as people use them as bargaining chips in personal disputes and legal battles. That’s exactly what appears to have happened in […]

Sitting Ducks: Elizabeth Warren Wants to Eliminate Armed School Resource Officers Nationwide

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) wants to leave our children unprotected in their schools. She opposes allowing school staff to tool up. And now, in a new editorial, she proposes eliminating armed school resource officers, leaving our nation’s children utterly undefended from madmen and losers. The Dems’ wild-eyed front-runner in the race for president does her […]