Gun Owners Fight For All Americans’ Civil Rights

The Minneapolis police officer who put his knee on George Floyd’s neck for almost ten minutes deserves the scorn and legal jeopardy in which he now finds himself. He has become a pariah for good reason. In the coming months, he and the others responsible for Mr. Floyd’s death will face face a jury of […]

WaPo Publishes Piece Criticizing Biden’s Gun Control Plan as Punishing Working Class People

The Washington Post criticizing gun control? The year 2020 really does feel like some kind of alternate universe. But yes, the Post published a piece that lambasted Creepy Uncle Joe’s plan to price gun ownership out of the reach of working class people. Joe “Shotgun” Biden’s plan would, however, ensure that the wealthiest families across […]

Mark McCloskey Responds to Felony Charges: Prosecutor ‘Keeps Criminals Safe From Us’

Mark McCloskey and his wife defended their St. Louis home from a violent mob of criminal trespassers and hoodlums using their guns on June 28th.  Yesterday, the St. Louis Circuit  Attorney Kim Gardner charged them with felonies.  Last night on Tucker Carlson Tonight, McCloskey hit back. The lawyer spoke very articulately, saying the Gardner “apparently […]

Seattle Ice Cream Shop Bans Cops Carrying Guns

Business must be booming these days for a chain of Washington State ice cream shops, because Molly Moon’s had no problem banning uniformed police officers from bringing guns inside their shops. The owner of the chain, Molly Moon Neitzel, claims that armed police officers in her stores make some of her employees feel unsafe. So […]