BREAKING: Five People Including US Congressman Shot in Virginia

Five people, including U.S. Congressman Steve Scalise (R-La.), were shot at the Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, Virginia at 7:00AM today, reportedly by an attacker with a rifle. The suspect is in custody. The Alexandria Police Department reports that the suspect is “in custody and not a threat.” Also injured, according to NPR, were two police […]

Michigan Appeals Court: No Guns for Wolverines

Although Michigan is all atwitter with the news that a Constitutional Carry bill has been passed by the state House, the reality is that even without the need to acquire a Concealed Pistol License, firearms carry for Mitten Staters is still subject to some contradictory and confusing rules and regulations about where and when a gun may be possessed. […]

UPDATE: Attacker Shot and Arrested, One Officer Wounded at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Multiple news sources are reporting that gunshots were fired outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The UK’s Mirror reports that Police have confirmed an “incident” is underway, and are warning people to stay away. A French journalist claimed police shot a man armed with a hammer, but this is unconfirmed. Another French Journalist, David Rahul […]

This is for IS, this is for Al Qaeda!’ – Two Dead in Australia Attack

One man was killed and three police officers injured after a woman was taken hostage by an apparently pro-ISIS attacker at an apartment complex in the beachside community of Brighton, South Australia last night. The suspect was subsequently put down by police who ended the incident. The attack began around 4:00pm local time and the woman was held hostage for […]

Firearms Reciprocity Protects Civil Rights: A Response to Robert VerBruggen

Is it right that sixteen million Americans with firearms licenses are effectively barred from traveling freely between the states? Should innocent citizens like Shaneen Allen languish in a New Jersey jail cell for daring to exercise a right purportedly guaranteed to all Americans, with her only recourse being to throw herself on the mercy of Chris Christie? Robert VerBruggen, a […]

Supreme Court: No Gun Cases for this Term…Yet

Tuesday came and went with the Supreme Court only taking one more case for its docket this year, an Ohio case involving voter registration. Gun rights activists had thought (hoped? feared?) that the Justices might be interested in hearing one of two cases touching the Second Amendment. The first case, Peruta v. California, centers on whether […]

New York’s ‘Child Operated Firearm’ Bill is Bad News

The New York legislature is considering a bill that would ban retailers from selling handguns that don’t have either a 10-pound trigger pull, a “firing mechanism” sufficiently unwieldy that a five-year-old couldn’t use it, or “the capacity to require a series of multiple motions” to fire the pistol. In a rather brilliant propaganda move, the bill […]

AR/AK Pistols: What’s the Point?

Nick’s article about declining interest in AK-patterned pistols got me to thinking: is there really any good use case for these not-so-little .223/7.62x39mm sidearms? I’ve shot them before, and they sure are fun as all get-out. But my tastes tend toward minimalism in style and a functional justification for anything that costs more than $500. Thus I haven’t […]

Trump Administration Fights Pro-Gun Court Decision

Despite its strong rhetoric supporting the right to keep and bear arms, and the appointment of staunch originalist Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, the Trump Administration is fighting a 2016 federal appeals court ruling that strengthened the Second Amendment. In last year’s Binderup v. Attorney General decision, the en banc Third Circuit held that David […]