Vegas Murderer Sued Cosmopolitan Hotel in 2012

As RF mentioned, Steven Paddock, who murdered at least fifty people and wounded over 400 in Las Vegas last night was involved in a legal kerfuffle with the Cosmopolitan Hotel in 2012. It appears that Paddock filed a “premises liability” complaint against Cosmopolitan in 2012, according to Court Records from Clark County, Nevada. The complaint […]

Water Moccasins: Use Case for a Taurus Judge?

TTAG writers are, in the main, skeptical about the Taurus Judge and Smith & Wesson Governor. John Boch says “No gracias.” Our Illinois correspondent reckons they’re ridiculously unconcealable, and there’s nothing these things do that something else doesn’t do better. On the other hand . . . ShootingtheBull410 has done a couple of tests on the […]

Gear Review: Suarez International Flat and Straight Patrol Grade Trigger for GLOCK

Even the most die-hard GLOCK fanboy has to/should/must admit that Gaston’s motto of “perfection” doesn’t include the triggers in his guns. That said, arguably, the standard-issue GLOCK gas-pedal is one of the better triggers in the striker-fired cohort, if not the best. Though there’s a long take-up, the break is reasonably crisp, and there’s plenty […]

Steve Tarani Goes Hand to Hand in Milwaukee

Lots of people carry a handgun for personal self-defense, but as far as self-defense training goes, most people don’t progress beyond a one to three day introductory use-of-firearms course which teaches people how to shoot, but not necessarily how to fight. To the extent the people carrying a firearm are ready to fight, however, they […]

If Only Guns Were Regulated Like Cars

Last week I was Milwaukee-bound, heading for the NRA Carry Guard Expo in my BMW, listening to some of J.S. Bach’s Two Part Inventions. I was tooling along at a speed that was (ahem) perfectly legal and safe given the general conditions. I downshifted to pass some guy in a Chrysler, the shift barely necessary […]

Dave Grossman’s Bullet-Proof Mind

  The NRA Carry Guard Expo’s value-add: training for the citizenry who choose to arm themselves. Dave Grossman, author of On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, gave a lecture on what he calls the “bullet proof mind.” It’s a holistic mindset (my words) that he deems necessary for […]

Glock Gen 5: Coming to a Store Near You August 30

NRA Carry Guard attendees are getting a preview of the Gen 5 GLOCK 17 and 19 pistols today in the Wisconsin Center. I got a chance to handle it and the lack of the finger grooves make the gun feel…great. Really good, actually. The ‘forcing your fingers into slightly unaligned grooves’ sensation is totally gone. […]

Anti-NRA Protestors at Milwaukee Carry Guard Expo

“That’s where the protest was earlier,” my driver said. “Zeidler Square. Named after Milwaukee’s socialist mayor.” he revealed with special contempt. (As he works for a Silicon Valley “transportation network company” — where people have been fired for thought crimes less serious than speaking ill of socialism — I’ll leave his name and employer out of […]