An Interview with Craig from Rugged Suppressors

Craig from Rugged Suppressors was in town visiting Silencer Shop last week, and the guys and gals there were cool enough to set us up in their vault with some lights and a couple of cameras. I did my best to interview Craig about Rugged — who they are, how they fit in the market, […]

Gear Review: Mirzon Enhanced Grip Module for SIG P320

With a serialized, easily-removed internal chassis, SIG SAUER’s P320 is a truly modular handgun. The ability for the end user to swap between slides and grip frames is a big selling point of the P320 platform, and the aftermarket continues jumping into the mix and upping the modularity factor. This spring we saw Mirzon at […]

Hands-On With KelTec’s New P17 .22LR 16+1 Pistol

Last November I attended a KelTec media event at High Bar Homestead in Wyoming. Though the list of warm places I would have rather been during Turkey Month is impressively long, it did offer me the opportunity to put dozens and dozens of full magazines — like, 33 and 50 rounds full! — through a […]

Hunting with CZ-USA Suppressors and Firearms

Unbeknownst to many, CZ-USA has been somewhat quietly rolling out a line of suppressors designed to compliment their rifles and subguns (and yours, too). Earlier this spring I was invited to join a West Texas hunt — for what, I didn’t know — to get some trigger time behind the new suppressor line, and jumped […]

Gun Review: Franchi Momentum Rifle in .308 Win

Franchi, a 150-year-old shotgun manufacturer, clearly felt it was high time an affordable Italian hunting rifle hit U.S. shores. Affordable? Italian? Yes and yes. Meet the Franchi Momentum Bolt-Action Rifle. Available in six calibers, TTAG gave the $609 MSRP .308 Winchester flavor a test drive. Unsurprisingly, the Momentum is equipped with a synthetic stock. Synthetic […]

Save the Second Seeks to Save The NRA, and You Can Help

Save the Second is out to reform the NRA. Lord knows it’s needed. They’re focused on five goals involving amendments to the NRA’s bylaws, and they have the access and the juice to make it happen . . . That is, with a little help from their friends: you, me, and just 248 other petition […]

The Hi-Point YEET CANNON Has Finally Arrived

In response to popular demand and internet outrage over a naming contest gone sideways (again), Hi-Point has acquiesced and is now shipping the amazing YEET CANNON G1! Or is it G1 YEET CANNON? Whichever it is, it’s a temporary and limited solution until the brand officially adopts YC9 (Yeet Cannon 9mm) as the name of […]

Gear Review: Teeny Rimfire Silencer Roundup

Outside of Hollywood, the purpose of a firearm suppressor is to reduce the volume of a gunshot to below the threshold of causing immediate hearing damage. While chasing the lowest decibel ratings is the norm for newcomers to silencer ownership, experience eventually takes most shooters in a different direction: a quest for the smallest, lightest […]