Angela Corey: A Common Sense-Free Zone

Ronald Thompson is a disabled 14-year Army vet. After his service, he acted as a Deputy Representative for AMVETS. Thompson accumulated more than 5,000 hours volunteering at the VA hospital in Lake City, Florida helping other retired vets with their rehabilitation. Julie Stewart at HuffPo: “Thompson was 62 years old in September 2009 when he […]

Zombie Apocalypse: Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

The gnomes at have been hard at work tracking the early signs of the outbreak everyone knew was coming. And they’re clearly not the only ones keeping abreast of the situation. We don’t know if patient zero was the naked face-eater or the guy who tossed his own entrails at the cops. Not that […]

Predictably Amusing Fallout from the Seattle Shootings

Not that anyone’s amused by the shootings. It’s the fallout that’s amusing – and oh, so predictable – in an infuriating kind of way. First, they blamed the guns. Now it’s “stand your ground” laws. The connection? None that I can see, really. Their solution: “stronger” gun laws that hardly affect the bad guys but […]