Free Targets Use Circular Logic

Financially, being a college student sucks. Not only is no one paying me, I have to pay other people. My bank balance has forced me to be frugal, like switching to 9mm ammo for range sessions (instead of my beloved .45). When former Magpul Dynamics instructor Travis Haley introduced a number of drills on his company’s blog, […]

Gun Review: Bushmaster ACR

The ACR’s designers didn’t exactly start with a blank piece of paper, but they addressed many of the AR-15’s platform’s perceived flaws. The ACR sports ambidextrous controls. It’s rid of the buffer tube. It moves away from direct impingement. It offers a consistent cheek weld. The end result: a reliable, low-maintenance rifle with sensible fire […]

Gun Review: Smith & Wesson M&P45c

Virginia may be for lovers, but it’s not for full-size handguns. At least not in summer. By June, the temperature in Old Dominion starts knocking on 100F. The humidity is so thick you need a machete, never mind a pistol. No matter what holster I’ve tried, carrying my full-size Springfield XD(m) .45 in the Virginia summer […]

Gear Review: Ares Gear Ranger Belt

Sometimes good enough stops being good enough. We want the best, price no object. Hence Rolex, Ferrari, and Ares Gear. I bought one of Ares Gear’s $80 Ranger belts recently. By recently, I mean two months ago. I finally received the belt a few days ago, after a bunch of tailor gnomes finished sewing it together. It was […]