Bumpfire Stock: What Is It? Why Does It Exist?

As details begin to emerge from the Las Vegas mass shooting, more questions are being generated than answers. According to the Associated Press the gunman in that shooting had two bumpfire stocks in his possession, but there is still no confirmation that they were used. So, what are bump fire stocks? Do they actually turn […]

Will Gun Laws Change Following the Mandalay Bay Shooting?

The blood hasn’t even been washed off the streets of Las Vegas yet and, as expected, control activists are already calling for radical new limitations on civilian firearm ownership. Hillary Clinton has been tweeting this morning stating that America needs to “stand up” to the NRA, and countless others are following suit. While the outcry […]

Gun Review: SIG SAUER 716 G2 DMR

SIG SAUER is best known for their extensive line of handguns. Over the last few years, the gunmaker’s been steadily expanding into the semi-auto rifle world. Their SIG SAUER MCX is still one of my favorite carbines (especially the shortened version), but that’s still a new gun. And for military contracts and law enforcement the […]

Los Angeles to Repeal Ban on Concealable Handguns

California is a prime battleground for the Second Amendment. The state continues to be the most reluctant to allow its citizens to exercise their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear firearms, often to its own detriment in recent legal battles. Now it looks like Los Angeles is voluntarily backing down and repealing one of […]

Hunters Trolling PETA’s Facebook Frame

If you’re friends with hunters on Facebook then you’ve probably noticed more than a few of them change their profile pictures to something like the above image. Hunters seem to believe that this is “trolling” PETA, subverting their message and making a mockery of their anti-hunting campaign. But here’s the thing: this is exactly what […]