Gun Review: SIG SAUER 1911 Stainless Super Target

When most people think of a 1911, they think of Colt or Springfield. Truth be told, SIG SAUER is America’s number one maker of 1911 handguns. The New Hampshire manufacturer has been cranking out John Moses Browning’s masterpiece as fast as their CNC machines can turn, in a stunning variety of models. While many favor the clean […]

Shanon Watts: “There’s Absolutely No Regulation of AR-15s in Texas. No Background Check Required.”

I’ve had intelligent conversations about gun control with rabidly anti-gun people. They can be reasonable and intelligent, analyzing new facts as they’re presented and sometimes even changing their opinions. But when they start the conversation believing false information, that discussion becomes unproductive to say the least. Misinformation and lies are the best way to ensure […]

Poll: 79% of Registered Voters Support Banning Bump Fire Stocks

According to a new poll released by a whopping 79 percent of registered voters support banning bump fire stocks. The majority — 69 percent — strongly support the measure. In the wake of any highly publicized shooting, public sentiment invariably swings in favor of additional regulation. The clearest example: the furor following the Sandy Hook […]

Gun Review: Strasser RS14 Rifle

Firearms technology has moved well beyond wood stocks and leather slings. We’re now in the era of injection molded polymer and precision machined aluminum. While that change has produced some amazingly accurate weapons and lowered the cost of entry for new shooters, there’s definitely something to be said about the charm and the warmth of […]

Republicans Signal Willingness to Ban Bump Fire Stocks

Support for banning bump fire stocks is gaining momentum. Following Dianne Feinstein’s proposal yesterday a number of prominent Republicans have stated that they are open to discussing a ban on the devices, including one Republican senator from Texas. From the NYT: “I own a lot of guns, and as a hunter and sportsman, I think […]

Bumpfire Stock: What Is It? Why Does It Exist?

As details begin to emerge from the Las Vegas mass shooting, more questions are being generated than answers. According to the Associated Press the gunman in that shooting had two bumpfire stocks in his possession, but there is still no confirmation that they were used. So, what are bump fire stocks? Do they actually turn […]

Will Gun Laws Change Following the Mandalay Bay Shooting?

The blood hasn’t even been washed off the streets of Las Vegas yet and, as expected, control activists are already calling for radical new limitations on civilian firearm ownership. Hillary Clinton has been tweeting this morning stating that America needs to “stand up” to the NRA, and countless others are following suit. While the outcry […]