2015 TTAG Readers’ Choice for Best New Shotgun: Benelli 828U

Until recently, Benelli has only produced auto-loading and pump action shotguns. That changed this year when Benelli introduced their 828U Over/Under shotgun. According to our readers, their gamble paid off. Big time. The 828U’s scores another landslide victory (2:1 over the next most popular choice). We’ll be handing Benelli their Best New Shotgun 2015 Readers’ Choice Award […]

Texas H-E-B Bans Open Carry, Concealed Carry Still OK

With the coming legalization of licensed open carry in Texas companies are re-examining their firearms policies. They’re determining if permitting open carry is right for them. Concealed carry follows the “out of sight out of mind” mentality, which respects a person’s right to carry a gun for self defense while keeping those more skiddish about firearms […]

BREAKING: ATF Revokes Stag Arms’ Manufacturing License

A few weeks ago we reported on some ATF enforcement activity at the Stag Arms manufacturing facility. Namely the seizure of thousands of undocumented firearms sitting on the factory floor. It seems that Stag has been doing a pretty poor job on the compliance front, failing to properly record firearms that they produced – among other […]

Colt to Exit Bankruptcy by Cutting Workers’ Retirement, Borrowing Money from Connecticut Taxpayers

After losing the contract to produce the majority of the U.S. military’s firearms to FN Manufacturing Colt was left out in the cold, trying to rely on their smaller law enforcement contracts and what little commercial sales they have to keep themselves afloat. That didn’t work and they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in June. Six […]

VOTE NOW: TTAG’s 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards

Every year around this time, the editors of the various firearms related publications retreat to their respective back rooms to count their receipts and determine which companies paid them the most money. I mean…which products were the best of the year. TTAG doesn’t play that game. Instead, we ask you, our gentle readers, to tell us […]

Bloomberg-Backed Gun Control Group to Run Scare Tactic “Terror Gap” Ad During Republican Debate

Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control advocacy group backed by Michael Bloomberg (and not very many other people), has purchased some airtime this evening’s Republican debate on CNN. Its their attempt to shame the government into closing the “terror gap” and scare the public into further trading their civil rights in favor of the […]

Gun Review: Zenith MKE Z-5P Pistol

This truly is the year of the civilian sub-gun. From the MPX to the CZ Scorpion and all the various options in between, it seems there’s a pistol out there to suit every shooter. The reason is simple: just about everyone already owns an AR-15 and now American gun owners are moving on to more interesting […]