Flint River Armory Unveils 45 ACP Carbine – SHOT Show 2017

Pistol caliber carbines are the hotness right now. Especially in 9mm Luger. Everything from the SIG SAUER MPX to the dozens of AR-15 pattern guns introduced over the last couple years have been chambered in that well-loved caliber. Flint River Armory is doing something different, introducing a completely redesigned and improved AR style rifle in […]

UTM Capable MCX and P320, New from SIG SAUER

Training with the same gear you plan to use in the field is a huge advantage. Building that muscle memory on the range translates directly to improved reflexes when it counts in the field. For organizations that use the MCX rifle that hasn’t necessarily been possible, as the unique gas system and bolt design isn’t […]

Bullet Hole Found in Boeing 767 Passenger Plane Wing

There’s a series of steps that need to happen before a passenger airliner pushes back from the gate to go fly off into the distance. One of the more important parts of that process is the pre-flight inspection of the aircraft. The pilot (or, more often, the lowly first officer — especially if its raining) […]

First Impressions: New Colt Cobra

The original snake guns from Colt were high-polish, hand fitted masterpieces. The smooth feel of the trigger pull was matched only by the exquisite exterior finish. Discontinued in 2005, it remains one of the highest requested line of firearms to be brought back from the graveyard. New for 2017 Colt has heard the people’s request […]