‘Gun Violence’ Kills Business, Lowers Credit Scores, Home Values. Or Not . . .

Gun control advocates can’t sway the public toward their point-of-view by proving the effectiveness of their “solution.” Because it isn’t. A solution, that is. Instead, they continuously wail about how terrible the “gun violence” problem is, demanding that something must be done. That something: gun control! To that end the Urban Institute has released a study called […]

BREAKING: VA Judge Rules Katie Couric Changing Pro-Gun Answer in Documentary “Neither False nor Harmful”

  Katie Couric produced an anti-gun documentary titled Under the Gun which was released last year. The biggest reaction may have been from the pro-gun voices featured in the film. Couric assembled a pro-gun panel in studio. She asked them “how do you prevent felons from purchasing firearms?” The former CNN PA edited their answer. She […]

Gear Review: SB Tactical Adjustable PSB

Only a few years ago the SB Tactical arm brace elevated the obscure AR-15 pistol from the level of occasional range toy and oddity to functional and desirable firearm. Thanks to our mercurial friends at the ATF, there was once a question about the legality of these devices, but that has now been satisfactorily resolved. […]

SIG SAUER to NJ State Police: Blame Your Cheap Ammo, Not Us

Last week we reported that the NJ State Police are suing SIG SAUER because, according to the NJSP, the P229 handguns that SIG SAUER sold them were jam-o-matics. SIG SAUER has since responded and, according to their diagnosis, the problem here is exactly what we expected: NJ is too cheap to buy their troopers decent range ammo. According to […]

McMillan Officially Launches Mc3 Polymer Budget Priced Stocks

And so marks the end of cordial holiday gatherings at the McMillan residence. This year at SHOT Show we told you about McMillan’s new Mc3 line of polymer stocks designed to bring the accuracy and comfort of McMillan’s fiberglass stocks to the more budget minded segment of the market. There’s just one problem: Ryan McMillan, son […]

Is The AK-47 and AR-15 Pistol Craze Over?

Pistol versions of firearms usually configured as rifles have been the belle of the proverbial ball for the last few years. Thanks to the popularity of ATF-approved devices like SB Tactical’s pistol arm brace they were elevated from almost-useless range toys to handy and convenient tools for many gun owners. After the ATF’s 2015 open letter […]