Gun Review: TrackingPoint M400XHDR

From the beginning, TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia has complained that TrackingPoint’s automated firing technology’s not worth the considerable stack of cash needed to own it. For the same price as a TP rifle package you can buy a gun that’s just as accurate, and enough training to shoot it well. Their new M400 XHDR might be […]

FBI: Congressional Baseball Shooter Bought [Non-Assault] Rifle in Illinois

In the immediate aftermath of an assassination attempt on Republican politicians at a Virginia baseball field, the anti-gun mainstream media blamed Virginia’s “lax gun control laws.” Virginia’s Governor immediately used the shooting to further his agenda. Virginia needs to do more to “get guns off the streets”! There was one problem with the narrative: it was wrong. Virginia’s […]

Gun Review: Kalashnikov USA KS-12 Shotgun

  There’s something undeniably rugged about the AK-47 design. Intended to be used by relatively untrained conscripts and maintained less frequently than Robert’s guns (if that’s even possible) it keeps working under even the worst conditions. Bringing that rugged reliability and brutal design to the shotgun world seemed like a slam dunk. While other companies […]

US Expands Russian Sanctions to Include MOLOT VEPR Firearms

Back in 2015 the Obama administration banned companies from doing business with the Russian company Kalashnikov Concern, one of the popular manufacturers of Russian made AK rifles. That’s why Kalashnikov USA is now a thing — they’re building rifles here in the US of A to circumvent the sanctions and continue selling to the American […]

NFA Paperwork Processing Time Set to Drop – Buy Now!

Early last year, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) finalized their new regulations regarding fingerprinting for National Firearms Act trust members, and other changes to NFA paperwork processing. There was a massive spike in silencer purchases. People submitted Form 4’s for Short Barreled Rifles in the run-up to that change. […]

ATF: NFA Records Are Unreliable, Often Missing

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request, we now have a look into the ATF’s own employees’ opinions on whether the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Records database — the repository for all the transfer records for silencers and machine guns — is actually accurate. Most firearms in the United States aren’t registered (or […]

BREAKING: Congress Baseball Shooter Used SKS, 9mm Handgun

[Lead photo: Oleg Volk] Original reports coming out of the shooting of GOP congress members at a Virginia baseball field reported that the attacker used a firearm “similar to an M4” in the attack. Reports are now emerging (confirmed by multiple sources) that the firearm in use was actually an SKS and a 9mm handgun. […]

Ask Foghorn: What’s With the Silencer “Fad”?

Sam writes: Suppressors (“silencers”) have become a big topic here. And recently at that. But why? While I understand that argument can be made that suppressors shouldn’t be prohibited, or highly regulated accessories, why the sudden and recent flurry of pro-gun activist interest in making suppressors available free of any restrictions? Why is the hearing […]