Gun Review: Weatherby Mark V Accumark in .308 Win

There’s no doubt that Remington’s 700 is the champ, the long-time gold standard in bolt action rifles. But much as Romeo y Julieta is (arguably) the gold standard of cigars, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of room for improvement. To push that analogy just a little further, you might say that Weatherby’s Mark V […]

Trump’s New Comms Director: More Gun Control is ‘Just Common Sense’

President Trump has appointed Anthony Scaramucci as his new communications director, a move which resulted in Sean Spicer’s resignation earlier today. It also prompted something else: celebration from Michael Bloomberg’s employees at Everytown for Gun Safety. It seems that Scaramucci has made some strident communications of his own in the past in support of strict gun […]

Three Best Ways to Eliminate Felt Recoil

When I take newbies shooting for the very first time, the Number One thing that they’re concerned about isn’t noise or the high velocity piece of hot lead rocketing out the end of the firearm — it’s the recoil. They’re concerned that the gun will push them backwards or knock them down. That’s not an […]

Silencer Review: NG2 Defense MAXFLO 3D

Ever since the first Maxim designs, silencer makers have focused on one thing: containment. The sound of gunfire is caused by the rapid expansion of super-heated gasses escaping as the bullet leaves the barrel. Think of a cork exiting a champagne bottle. Maxim’s design was simple — slow down the gasses and cool them enough […]

Backup Tactical Threaded GLOCK Barrels: Gear Review

Gun owners seeking the sound of silence continue to wait for the fat lady to sing about the Hearing Protection Act. While ATF wait times are coming down, suppressor buyers still have to jump through the National Firearms Act’s paperwork, tax and temporal hoops. But that hasn’t stopped them from buying threaded pistol barrels ahead of the Act’s […]

Gun Review: TrackingPoint M400XHDR

From the beginning, TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia has complained that TrackingPoint’s automated firing technology’s not worth the considerable stack of cash needed to own it. For the same price as a TP rifle package you can buy a gun that’s just as accurate, and enough training to shoot it well. Their new M400 XHDR might be […]

FBI: Congressional Baseball Shooter Bought [Non-Assault] Rifle in Illinois

In the immediate aftermath of an assassination attempt on Republican politicians at a Virginia baseball field, the anti-gun mainstream media blamed Virginia’s “lax gun control laws.” Virginia’s Governor immediately used the shooting to further his agenda. Virginia needs to do more to “get guns off the streets”! There was one problem with the narrative: it was wrong. Virginia’s […]