Going Dark

To save on operating expenses, small cities and towns have begun replacing asphalt roads with gravel, laying off police officers and turning off streetlights. What is a citizen to do? Governments Go to Extremes as the Downturn Wears On It was when the street lights went out, Diane Cunningham said, that the trouble started. Her […]

Eight shot at Buffalo Wedding Reception

According to wivb.com, “some type of incident” at a wedding reception in downtown Buffalo left four dead, including the groom, and four wounded. “It happened about 2:30am outside the City Grill Restaurant on Main near Swan. Buffalo Police say three of the victims died at the scene, a four died at the hospital a short time […]


Farago’s article, Ohio Vigilantes “Arrest” Homeless Man, made me wonder about citizen participation in law enforcement, some form of which seems inevitable with the coming contraction of government services. We already have neighborhood watch, of course, and citizens can be deputized in emergencies, but I was wondering if vigilantism might be made official in some […]

Your Lucky Day

Found this on Vimeo. I like the editing, but there are some XXX images in the background and adult dialogue throughout. Oh yeah, it’s violent, too.

Camera-Shy Cops Cite Civil Rights

In Police Officers Don’t Check Their Civil Rights at the Station House Door, Radley Balko discusses several cases of citizens charged with crimes for videorecording police. He includes motorcyclist Anthony Graber, who videotaped an undercover cop emerging from an unmarked car with his gun drawn. The debate over whether citizens should be permitted to record […]

The Other Guys have guns

Via the Daily Dish, SF Weekly notes that adverts with too many guns are not welcome in the SF Muni: While the official poster for the film features a maniacal Ferrell and the menacing Wahlberg sailing through the air, guns drawn, the version in Muni stations features Ferrell brandishing a vial of pepper spray and […]

Arm Steven Slater?

I have no opinion about Steve Slater yet, but the story is everywhere, and on the NY Times City Room blog, there are no shortage of commenters saying that the fed up flight attendant should have A – hit the passenger, or B – thrown her off the slide, or C – that the passenger […]

Dog Shooting Remains Controversial

That story of the shooting of a Husky still has four legs around here, though the shooting of a family man sitting in his car at a traffic light near BWI may supersede it. Quail Run will be voting on whether to name the dog run after Bear-Bear. Among her several blog entries on the […]

Thinking Too Much

This isn’t about guns, but it is about everything, and since TTAG reviewers analyze and review everything related to guns, it seems valid to consider whether they’re doing useful work – or just confusing the issue. In We Are All Talk Radio Hosts, Jonah Lehrer challenges the usefulness of rational analysis. He starts off talking about strawberry […]

Should Felons Own Guns?

I thought she was fully retired, but Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor sat in with Circuit Judges Kanne and Rovner, to hear, among other claims, convicted drug dealer Adam Williams’ argument that the statute dispossessing felons of firearms was unconstitutional. Welcome to UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v. ADAM WILLIAMS . . .