The Gunsmith Chronicles: What’s Your Story?

Life can be complicated sometimes. Things you think should be simple too frequently end up being far more complex than they have a right to be. And usually it’s because the person trying to do the job doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing. Read on for a few distressing tales of gunsmithing woe. . […]

Gear Review: Homak Gun Safe

 Black 12 gun cabinet safe w/ FREE SHIPPING!!!!  I clicked the Buy It Now button and then went over to PayPal and completed the transaction. stephens_st0re on eBay has several different models of the Homak safe at competitive prices (compared to other Homak’s for sale) and a 1381 star rating. This was Saturday. By Wednesday all […]

Gear Preview: Homak Gun Safe Pt. 2

While waiting patiently for the delivery van (dammit, hurry up!), I’ll detail my thinking process on the gun cabinet safe versus several alternatives. My thought process involved looking at what I could afford, how many guns I’d need to lock up, where I could put the safe in the house and determining what exactly I’m […]

Gear Preview: Homak Gun Safe

Theft. Robbery. Nothing gets me angrier than some bastard coming in and taking something of mine. Obviously the health and welfare of family is way more important, but we’re not talking logic. We’re talking the helpless feeling after finding your car gutted, your house entered, your belongings gone. And bear in mind I’ve never had […]

The Truth About Arming Teachers

TTAG often focuses on the conflict between individual liberty and public safety. The example that sets the stage for me: school lock-downs. Add to that list the current TSA pat-down searches at airports, the argument on open carry. Hurricane evacuations. Chicago’s pseudo gun ban. Washington DC’s pseudo gun ban. Etc. and so forth. Suppressing individual […]

Gear Review: Caldwell Handy Rest NXT

I admit it. I’m a sucker for impulse purchases. I resist. I fight. I hold back. And then one day I give in to those urges and come home with something new. So this morning I’m in Academy – remember when it was Academy Surplus and they actually had military surplus gear? Sorry, old fart […]

Castillo’s Jewelry: Anatomy of a Houston Shoot-Out

I just saw this story from Houston’s while drinking my morning coffee. Jewelry shop owner in bad neighborhood defends wife, life, and livelihood against three armed attackers. Final tally, three dead bad guys, one wounded and hospitalized good guy, one scared wife, and one potential accomplice fled and remains at large. First, my info is based solely […]

Four Gun Things Every Man Should Know or Do

I’ve recently come across several of those “50 things every man should know or do” articles on this here interweb thing. Some of the items range from ridiculous (shotgun a beer) to ridiculously simple (jump start a car). Most of the so-called necessities are a simple reflection of the author, but some trends are visible […]

How to Buy A Used Gun

A recent commenter asked for some advice on buying used guns. At one point I was frequenting about a dozen gun shows a year, with almost weekly trips to pawn shops, gun shops, secondhand stores, etc. in search of the elusive bargain. I bought and sold close to 30 firearms (all but three were used) […]