What Does Red Flag Law ‘Rapid Due Process’ Mean?

We’ve been writing about the civil rights dangers inherent in so-called red flag laws — gun violence restraining orders, extreme risk protection orders, whatever — since they were first enacted in California. They’re a due process nightmare in which someone (virtually anyone in some states) can petition a court to have an individual’s firearms confiscated. […]

BREAKING: Dell’Aquila Files Multi-Million Dollar Class Action Lawsuit Against Wayne LaPierre, NRA and NRA Foundation

David Dell’Aquila is the National Rifle Association donor who has been leading a grassroots effort to oust EVP and CEO Wayne LaPierre and other senior NRA officers. In a conversation with him last month, he laid out his four-phase strategy for bringing about those management changes with the goal of cleaning up NRA operations and […]

Dems Demand Universal Background Checks Which Wouldn’t Have Stopped One Mass Shooter Ever

Inevitably, after President Trump announced his support for red flag laws yesterday, the civilian disarmament industrial complex immediately criticized him for not calling for passage of the federal universal background check bill. A bill which would have done nothing to stop any mass shooter in recent memory. As far as we know, neither the El […]

FPC Announces Addition of Attorneys & Constitutional Law Scholars Joseph Greenlee, Adam Kraut, & Matthew Larosiere to Legal Team

With the recent resignations of three NRA board members, Adam Kraut, who had come up  just short of being elected recently, became eligible for a board seat. Yesterday, he announced that he won’t be taking one of those positions. One of the reasons is his new job with the Firearm Policy Coalition. Kraut, along with […]

Firearms Policy Coalition Responds to Demands for More Restrictions on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the Wake of Recent Mass Murders

The Firearms Policy Coalition has issued the following statement in response to demands for more restrictions on human rights and fundamental freedoms in the wake of recent mass murders in Dayton, El Paso, and Gilroy: We mourn for our fallen brothers and sisters whose lives were cut short or forever changed by acts of immeasurable […]