Some is Never Enough: Colorado Shows Gun Control Advocates Can’t Be Satisfied

The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex is made up of gun control advocacy operations like Giffords, the Brady Bunch, Moms Demand Action and Everytown, along with anti-gun politicians and supportive members of the mainstream media…which is just about all of them. And don’t forget their deep-pocketed financiers. They play a long game of gradually chipping away […]

The Aftermath of the wiskey_warrior_556 Standoff

You may have followed the situation that played out online and in Mahopac, New York on Saturday evening. Alexander Booth, a veteran who posts on Instagram as whiskey_warrior_556, put of video from his home as the Putnam County Sheriff and other police assembled outside his home. It wasn’t clear exactly what prompted the police response […]

BREAKING: Anti-Gun Patron Saint Michael Bloomberg Officially Enters the Presidential Race

The least well-kept secret in the presidential campaign world has now been made official. Former New York mayor and gun control financier Michael Bloomberg has officially entered the race for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination. Daddy Bloombucks thinks he’s “uniquely positioned” to defeat George W. Bush next November. Senior moment? George Stephanopoulos says Bloomberg’s pitch […]

Texas Politicians Think the Ground is Shifting on Gun Control

The quote of the day is presented by The expectation that Texas’ Republican voters uniformly hold a fanatical resistance to any regulation of guns, or to any action that would change current laws governing access, cries out for qualification, and in some places is clearly and unambiguously wrong. When asked in the October poll whether or not […]

New York Instagramer Posts Video of Possible Red Flag Confiscation Action Against Him

UPDATE: According to a report from News 12 Westchester, the situation has “ended peacefully.” It’s not clear if he’s been taken into custody. Police say that man is not expected to face any charges from the standoff. -/-/-/- We’ve been watching something that’s been playing out online as an Instagrammer, wiskey_warrior_556, has apparently been dealing […]