The Supreme Court Confirms the Second Amendment Remains a Second Class Right

[I]n several jurisdictions throughout the country, law-abiding citizens have been barred from exercising the fundamental right to bear arms because they cannot show that they have a “justifiable need” or “good reason” for doing so. One would think that such an onerous burden on a fundamental right would warrant this Court’s review. This Court would […]

Havoc Tactical Solutions’ Deflector Brake Controls Your Ejected Empty Brass

From Havoc Tactical Solutions: Havoc Tactical Solutions, a veteran-owned firearms accessory company, is proud to introduce the Deflector Brake. The Deflector Brake is an AR accessory that guides spent brass into a pile as it is ejected. It absorbs the energy normally contained in the ejected casing and reduces the speed and distance the brass travels by an average […]

The Trump Administration Has Its Hands Full in Defending the Bump Stock Ban

When the ATF, at the Trump administration’s direction, waived is regulatory magic want and announced that bump fire stocks (which they’d previously approved) had magically become machine guns, they created hundreds of thousands of criminals. People who had legally purchased bump fire stocks and then had to make the choice of destroying them, turning them […]

Bloomberg’s ‘The Trace’ Notes the Racist Roots of Gun Control, Makes the Case for More People Carrying Guns

Is this what Michael Bloomberg expects when he writes those monthly checks that keep his anti-gun agitprop generating machine ‘The Trace’ up and running? Police have always understood that firearms facilitate abuses of their power against Black people. As early as before the Civil War, “Slave Codes” — and later “Black Codes” — prohibited Black […]

Biden: There Are So Many Reasons For More Gun Control in America

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Friday called for action to combat gun violence while marking the fourth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla. “Sadly, all these years later, terrorism, mass shootings, and hate crimes continue to rip apart our American communities,” Biden said in a statement on Friday. “Our places of worship have been attacked, […]