HR 5717: Killing Off America’s Gun Culture In One Generation

Hank “Tippy” Johnson [D-GA, sadly], noted loon and midget/giant cage match fan, has filed HR 5717 the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020 in the US House. It has everything a violence-enabling victim disarmament advocate could possibly want: national gun owner licensing, an “assault weapon” ban, a suppressor ban, ex parte “red […]

The Export Munitions List ‘Victory’: A Different Perspective

The National Shooting Sports Foundation declared victory in defeating a group of Attorneys General who challenged to Trump administration’s relaxing of ITAR export rules. While that’s well and good for the firearm’s industry, they did it by throwing gun owners and hobbyists under the bus. The NSSF protected their commercial exports by sacrificing the more […]

Lucky Gunner Is Likely To Dodge This Legal Bullet, Too

As TTAG reported on Saturday, Mini Mike Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety has filed a lawsuit against Lucky Gunner on behalf of a victim of the May 2018 Santa Fe High School shooting. Gun website sold ammo to Texas teen accused of school shooting: lawsuit A gun-control group has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the […]

The Remaining Democrat Primary Contenders Need A New Strategy on Guns

Let’s take a look at the Democrat primary field. Duke Nukem Swalwell: Planned to implement victim disarmament on a massive scale… at nukepoint. Bobby Francis O’Rourke: Planned to buy back all the things with an inflationary system guaranteed to destroy the nation’s economy. Kamala “Wrongful Conviction” Harris: Screw laws; she planned to disarm everyone through […]

No, The Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee Is Not Legalizing ‘Brandishing’ a Gun

brandish: to shake or wave (something, such as a weapon) menacingly Monday evening, the Georgia Senate Judiciary committee approved Senate Bill 224 which clarifies the offense of aggravated assault when committed with a firearm. In other words, when a gun can be displayed in a defensive situation. By Tuesday, ignorant, panicky reporters were claiming that […]