To Reporters’ Horror, Minnesotans Following the Law

Uh oh. The People of the Gun have the folks at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune alarmed again. This time it’s reporters Brandon Stahl and Jim Ragsdale soiling themselves over the fact that Minnesotans can actually appeal a sheriff’s denial of a permit to carry application. Worse — as far as they’re concerned — is that deciding the […]

Rules? We Don’t Need No Steenkin’ Rules

While self-defense advocates (okay, gunnies) were taking time off work and away from their families to show up for and testify at hearings on some seriously ugly gun bills in Minnesota, DFL Rep. Alice Hausman who sponsored two of them – an “assault weapon” ban and a mag cap limit — couldn’t be bothered to show […]

The Problem With Universal Background Checks – Part 1

A couple of years ago I had one of my occasional “moments of unusual interest” with some local police officers who were still unaware (7 years after ‘shall-issue’ passed for the first time) that Minnesota’s is a “carry” law, not a “concealed” carry law state. During the interrogation which followed, one of the officers asked […]

Gun Control is Easy When You Pick Your Own Facts

Walker Bragman has weighed in on the gun control debate with a piece at (where else?) The Hufffington Post. Titled The Culture of Guns and Misinformation it is indeed full of “misinformation” (or what less polite people would call utter horse hockey). Par for the HuffPo course, Bragman makes sure to keep it classy by […]

It’s Time to Accept Gun Limits

In a recent letter to, William Kautz of South Lebanon, PA, makes the case that “we should accept some gun limits.” It may come as a surprise to people who know my feelings on the subject of civil rights, but I actually agree with Bill. Everybody, across the country should accept whatever limits on gun […]

Civilian Disarmament: The Price is Not Right

Armand Derfner (above) has an article in South Carolina’s Post and Courier called Pay the price for the common-sense gun laws we need. Derfner calls for civil war, although he probably doesn’t even realize it. But before dealing with the blood-stained wretch aspect of his piece, let us look at all of his conventional errors . . .

Tax Guns?

Scott A. Hodge [above] doesn’t have a strong opinion on the NRA’s post-Sandy Hook recommendation to put cops into every school in the country. Hodge’s only concern: who’s going to pay for it? If nothing else, Taxing Guns to Pay for Cops in Classrooms? taught me the official name for a tax designed to limit indirect societal costs […]

The Unfettered Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Mike Wells Jr. isn’t just uninformed; he’s uninformed and determined to let the world know it. There are so many errors in his piece at PoliticusUSA I had to stop partway through out of sheer sympathetic embarrassment. To start with, there’s the title. The Second Amendment is Not an Unfettered Right. Actually, it’s supposed to be, […]

A Compromise Gun Control Bill I Can Live With

  Covering for Glenn Beck the other day, Doc Thompson talked about the possibility of the GOP selling out on gun rights. He posted an e-mail exchange in which a high-level Congresscritter’s staffer said (in part): So we’re going to stand up for our principles, but I don’t necessarily think that means refusing to do […]