Gun Rights v. Property Rights: Here We Go Again

The Tennessee legislature is working on a bill (Senate Bill 3002/House Bill 3560) to prevent businesses and employers from banning lawfully possessed firearms in the cars parked in their parking lot(s). According to a story on “[Governor] Haslam told reporters Wednesday that he’s trying to work out a compromise between gun rights supporters and […]

Thought At EIU: Logic Not a Prerequisite

There are logical arguments against allowing college students to exercise their natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil, and Constitutional right to carry a concealed weapon on campus. Before firing-up the hate-mail generator please, note that I said logical not correct. If your starting premise is flawed then all the logical reasoning in the world won’t […]

Virginia is for Gun (and Freedom) Lovers

The Los Angeles Times’ anonymous editorial writer (at least I couldn’t find attribution) thinks Virginia is making a big mistake. In fact the headline of the editorial is Virginia shoots itself in the foot on handguns, referring to the repeal of Virginia’s sensible one gun a month law. Here we go . . .

OMG OMG! Missing Guns in Pennsylvania! OMG!

The Brady Campaign is breathlessly (gotta run fast to dodge those falling chunks of sky) reporting that Pennsylvania Leads The Nation In Guns “Missing” From Gun Shops: “Newly released data show that Pennsylvania ranks #1 in the nation for the most guns “missing” from licensed gun shops with no record of sale, with more than […]

Quote of the Day: Cognitive Dissonance Edition

“Sen. Gould of Lake Havasu City has adjusted his previous bills over concerns expressed by Gov. Jan Brewer [above]. The new bill addresses concealed-carry permits, the posting of ‘no-gun’ signs and lockers for gun storage. I hope the governor has greater concerns than these. A concealed-carry permit does nothing to ensure that shooters don’t act […]

TTAG Turns Two: Krafft Edition

When I first ran across The Truth About Guns, I was ecstatic. Since I collect news stories for finding TTAG meant that much less work for me. Robert and his minions were doing the hard part for me! Then I actually started reading the stuff and before you knew it I was checking out […]

Shooting Holes in Uncivil Journalism

Rekha Basu of the Des Moines Register is awfully concerned about a proposed change to Iowa’s use of force statute. Currently, before using any kind of force in self-defense, you have the duty to retreat from a confrontation – if it can be done safely. The proposed change would remove that language, allowing individuals to […]

Tristine Skyler’s Irrelevant Solution

Tristine Skyler has written a piece for HuffPo looking back on the Tucson shooting of more than a year ago. She hoists the bloody shirts of the victims and waves them enthusiastically, attempting to capitalize on the empathy we all have for people who have suffered a loss and then asks. . .

Rick Gray Doesn’t Like Making Illegal Laws Illegal

Lancaster Pennsylvania mayor Rick Gray is outraged. Outraged I tell you! The state legislature is debating a law which would punish municipalities for breaking the law. Pennsylvania has statewide gun law preemption which means that local governments can’t make and enforce their own gun laws, which in turn means that gun owners can drive from one town […]

Outreach to Antis: Never Give Up

Kristen Lodge’s friend, Nathan Lyczak, lost his father to a drunken, stoned 19-year-old driver named Jason Sokorelis. Nathan’s dad Richard was driving the family home when Sokorelis rammed Lyczak’s car from behind—and then shot him as he drove past. As Nathan got out of the back seat to help his seriously injured father, Sokorelis came […]