The GOP’s Gun Violence Prevention ‘Failure’

Joel McNally, writing for the Shepherd Express out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is once again waving the Newtown bloody shirt in an apparent attempt to smear the GOP in general and Gov. Scott Walker in particular. The only thing missing from the opening paragraph of his essay titled The Republican Failure on Gun Violence is a big-eyed kitten with […]

Wait, Who’s David and Who’s Goliath in this Story?

It seems a definitional change has taken place somewhere recently. Apparently scofflaw local governments are now the “little guys” and law-abiding citizens who just want their local governments to obey state laws are the “big bullies.” At least that’s the way Susan Winston sees things at HuffPo with her piece “David Vs. Goliath, or Do You […]

Deer Don’t Wear Combovers

When I first saw Congressman Eliot Engel’s picture at the head of his LoHud editorial “Deer don’t wear Kevlar” the very first thing I thought was, Don’t mock him because of that idiotic comb-over; that’s an ad hominem attack and is beneath the People of the Gun. Besides, maybe he just doesn’t own a mirror. […]

Standing Tough on Groundless Gun Laws

Jonathan Perloe of the Greenwich Council Against Gun Ownership Violence and board member of Connecticut Against Gun Violence had an op-ed in last week’s Greenwich Time. Titled “Standing ground on tough gun laws” he explains how the “common-sense gun safety reform” legislation passed in obscene haste after the marvelous opportunity terrible tragedy of Sandy Hook was really […]

Why Can’t the Mainstream Media Understand what “Grass Roots” Means?

Nick O’Malley, the U.S. correspondent for Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald displays an above average amount of lying and/or willful ignorance in his latest piece, “Another textbook gun law victory for National Rifle Association.” O’Malley being an Australian, I would be willing to cut him a little slack when it comes to firearms knowledge and cartridge familiarity – […]

Seven Questions About the Second Amendment Answered

Kenneth Roberts, “a 92-year-old World War II US Navy veteran” recently had a letter to the editor published in the Las Vegas Informer. Appropriately titled Questioning the Second Amendment, he poses seven questions designed to demonstrate, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the Second Amendment does not protect an individual right to keep and […]

Attention Anti-Gunners: Freedom ≠ Anarchy

Stephanie Heck doesn’t trust her neighbors. She doesn’t trust high school seniors, college students, and young adults in general. She believes that anybody 18 or older, given the opportunity to exercise the natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil and Constitutional right to own and carry the weapon of their choice without let or hindrance is […]

Mathis: PA’s Preemption Law is an NRA Tax Grab!

Joel Mathis, writing in Philadelphia Magazine has his knickers in a serious twist over a new piece of NRA-supported legislation which just passed the Pennsylvania House and is awaiting action by the Senate Judiciary Committee. His article, The NRA Wants Your Submission spends 841 words excoriating the NRA and the legislature, explicating how when this […]