Battle Rifle Company at The 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. Come and Shoot It!

(sponsored post) The Battle Rifle Company builds combat-grade firearms for law enforcement agencies and anyone else who needs a high-quality, reliable, durable, accurate, mil-spec rifle upon which they can stake their life. (Click here for a component run-down.) It’s a difference you can feel – once you click here and buy your tickets to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival, October 14 […]

Henry American Beauty Lever Gun Giveaway…All Ticket Buyers to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival Automatically Entered!

(sponsored post) We’re coming down the home stretch for the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill (just outside of Austin). On October 14 -16, thousands of enthusiasts will be trying and buying the latest and greatest pistols, rifles and shotguns from IWI, SIG SAUER, Remington, STI, Wilson Combat, SAUER, Kel-Tec, Taurus […]

Enter to Win a Clean Start for Your Guns With Otis Technology’s New Smart Chemicals

(sponsored content) Everyone appreciates the chance for a clean start. It’s just the smart thing to do. Otis Technology offers that chance for your guns with its Clean Start Giveaway, which begins September 1. The giveaway features Otis Technology’s new line of advanced, American-made Smart Chemicals, formulated to the exact specifications of Otis engineers for […]

Need a Gun or Part? Think

(sponsored content) At, we’re gun owners ourselves. That’s why we work every day to provide gun buyers like you a wide range of firearms and gear at great prices with the best service. We offer a tremendous line of name brand and other quality guns with new shipments arriving daily. Our line of fine […]

Kel-Tec at the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. Come and Shoot It!

(sponsored post) Kel-Tec made their Texas Firearms Festival debut at least year’s event, showcasing their innovative 15-round bullpup KSG shotgun [above]. This year, on October 14 – 16, the Florida gunmaker’s bringing the noise to a large bay at Best the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill. Ticket holders can shoot, shop and buy from Kel-Tec’s extensive catalogue of firearms: shotguns, pistols and […]

Gunwerks at the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival. Come and Shoot It!

(sponsored post) “1000 Yards Out of the Box,” Gunwerks’ website promises. Click here, buy your tickets to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival, then come and put the company’s claim to the test. Shoot Gunwerks’ 6.5mm LR1000 [above] and/or 7mm Rem Mag Magnus [below] at 1000 yards at Best of the West Shooting Sports on October 15 – 16. As it is for all of our 30+ come-and-shoot-it exhibitors, you pay one […]

U.S. Law Enforcement Turning to Bergara USA Rifles

(sponsored content) With the recent firestorm of active shooter incidents and brazen acts of terrorism on U.S. soil, America needs law enforcement more than ever before. When a SWAT team is called in to a crisis situation there are typically two units: an entry team to assault the target’s position and a sniper/observer team to […]