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SO CLOSE! If only Austin Police Department Chief Art Acevedo [above] had Tweeted that Texas’ impending permitted open carry law presaged “Open Season ON Armed Criminals and Extremists.” Then again, who gets to decide who’s a criminal? (I seem to remember something about presumed innocence.) Even more worryingly, what’s an “extremist”? Proponents of civilian disarmament call anyone in favor of uninfringeable gun rights an extremist. So let’s forget the whole “open season” thing. And let Art explain his opposition to the amendment to Texas’s open carry that prohibits police from using an openly carried weapon as probable cause to detain someone (and check ID). Here’s his thinking- such as it is – via . . .

Yesterday’s amendment to Texas’ Open Carry Legislation is beyond belief and Aiken [ED: akin] to open season for gang members, drug cartels, outlaw motor cycle gangs and any other criminal or extremist to defy the law with impunity, just brilliannt! [sic] If criminals, drug cartels, and extremists had a seat at the policy writing table they couldn’t have come up with s better Amendment.

By prohibiting law enforcement from stopping or detaining to check for CHL, Texas is authorizing within our state lines any and all criminals to carry a firearm. My heart goes out to domestic violence victims and the victims of violent crimes in our State. Through this amendment we are facilitating the victimization of the people we are sworn to serve, protect and lead.

Here is a scenario, next time groups face off in our Capital City at the Capitol, Klan with their hoods on, Panthers with their faces covered, ISIS sympathizers with their faces covered and just about any other extremist group, armed with firearms authorized by Open-Carry, law enforcement will have absolutely no authority to ensure the people who are armed as they wish……….why bother common sense has officially died and writing any further would be fruitless.

It’s just one more dire blood-in-the-streets prediction from another sad, defeated civilian disarmament advocate. Of course, Texas’s neighbor to the north, Oklahoma, has had open carry for quite a while now. Maybe we missed it, but we haven’t heard reports of mayhem in Tulsa. Does the chief think Texans are less prepared to deal with open carry than your average Okie?

You gotta feel sorry for a police chief who swears to uphold the Constitution of the United States who’s so very frustrated about his inability to break his oath with self-righteous impunity. Or not. Still, we have faith that the chief will be able to handle life under the new law, finding plenty of reasons (jay walking, disorderly conduct, littering, etc.) to stop anyone whenever he really wants to. Anyway, hook ’em horns!

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  1. Chief Acevedo wants to open carry – doesn’t want you to.

    To Chief Acevedo, an extremist is someone that “wants” to openly carry guns.

    Through this amendment we are facilitating the victimization of the people we are sworn to serve, protect and lead.

    I didn’t know police “protected” people. I thought they just showed up after the aftermath. You know – to take statements and sweep up the mess.

  2. Just another blight on Texas, like most people who come here from the “other” coasts.

    • haha Well it is Austin, a mecca for people like that or as should be quoted: “Youll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, we must be cautious.” Art isnt the police chief they need, hes the one they deserve.

      Then again Ive been to CA, NJ before, theyre definitely winning on the scum and villainy part in comparison 🙂

  3. You can literally look at ANY STATE TOUCHING TEXAS, since they all have permitless OC and somehow civil war hasn’t broken out in any of them.

    • Oklahoma requires a permit for open carry.
      In the more than two years of having open carry here in OK the only time I have seen someone open carrying was a person getting into their car to leave a gun range.

      • See, that’s a shame. People worked hard to get that right back and it isn’t even being used.

      • Have seen a couple at various fast food establishments in line in OK. And nobody got slagged, go figger.

        • But I’ll just bet the reason you spotted those two guys in line was because they were swaggering about and pushing people around, huh.

    • Washington has had permitless open carry since it was the Oregon Territory. Our streets have very little blood.

      And, not surprisingly, the small number of criminals around here usually carry concealed, not openly.

    • Yes but I don’t believe any state has protected citizens against search for carrying openly. This would mean a cop can’t stop and question you simply for carrying. That’s great.

      • So he will stop you for looking nervous and jittery, or smelling of pot, or whatever other BS excuse for a stop he can come up with.

  4. Right Art. Because it’s totally open season everywhere else in the country where open carry is the norm. Get some f&*cking perspective already.

    • Lighten up on Acevedo. He’s a California shithead, just doing what California shitheads do.

        • @ vv ind , as a californian, we should of cleaned up this trash before it got blown all the way to texas. its not nice to litter.

        • @sagebrush: as a Californian I try to take out the trash every election. Its a fight to say the least, but I’ve no intention of abandoning ship.

      • Actually, he is a cuban who fled the island. Wound up in California. Apparently, you can take a moonbat out of a communist relic, but you cant get the communist relic out of the moonbat.

      • And he found the one place in Texas that feels most like home to California progressives. Sigh. And Austin used to be a nice town. Now it’s like, well . . .

      • As a californian I apologize for being associated with this freedom hater. I also apologize to any states that we have screwed over due to a large migration of our voters to your state. (Im looking sympathetically to you Colorado)

  5. Seeing as today is April 21, I have to say this to the hook ’em horns comment…Gig ’em, Aggies!

  6. Am I to guess Brown v. Texas (1979) no longer applies? I don’t remember hearing SCOTUS re-opening that case….

  7. See yesterday’s comment about the lamentations of sock puppets.

    Cry little tyrant, cry some more for me. Your tears are delicious.

  8. Oregon has had “Open Carry” since before it became a state.
    No Blood in the Streets
    No daily body pick-up route
    Crime has in fact gone done in recent years
    Few, if any “Gun in Circle with line” signs
    Guns in bars allowed
    No Police paranoia (Well, except in Portland)
    I get the impression from the good Chief, that Texans are not mature or responsible enough to be allowed near handguns unless they are among the very elite, such as himself.
    It seems that the problem actually lies with the authorities rather than with The People.

  9. Dear Chief, please move back to California. Their gun laws are already your Utopia. Please leave Texas.

  10. Sounds like someone whose plans to thoroughly harass every open carrier he saw just got dented rather severely.

  11. Through this amendment we are facilitating the victimization of the people we are sworn to serve, protect and lead.

    “Serve and protect”, yes.

    “Lead”!?!?!? No!

    Acevedo, that’s not your job. If you think it is, I feel sorry for the officers serving under you and, even more so, for the citizens you think should be following you. You are not competent to be in law enforcement.

    • All liberal/progressives (AKA Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us) were born with the notion that they were, well, “Born to Lead”. It is in their DNA. Their genes. They cannot help themselves.
      Unfortunately, the “Born to Lead” gene automatically turns off the human “Logic” gene and activates the “Liber-Logic” gene which helps them generate Liber-Nonsense which leads them to Liber-nonsensical conclusions.
      Without this basic foundation, you can never hope to understand the Chief.
      As I understand it, the Master of Logic, the late Dr. Spock spent much of his spare time trying to decode the “Liber-Logic” system with little or no success.
      Many human researchers have attempted the feat, and have utterly failed with many being driven irreversibly mad in the attempt. This fact has been kept quiet and covered up by the species Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us and their Sheeple-People followers save the human species get wind of it.

  12. No problem, Chief Avocado. Just tell your boys to go all Michael Slager on everybody they stop. You know you want to.

  13. He argues the police would not be allowed to check an open carrier to see if they are felons (at least I think he means that) but wait…if they weren’t open carrying, how could they check anyways without reasonable cause?
    Of course his argument is a stupid one because how many felons go around open carrying a sidearm? You know damn well if a felon or future felon has a gun, it is hidden!

      • To be clear, Art is a scumbag with barely any morals. See here for his history back in Cali:

        ..too bad they didn’t pass him by for poor ethics..

        He is out of place here in Texas, although of all places in Texas Austin would (unfortunately) be the most accepting. That said not all ATX locals approve of this guy– he’s basically a gun grabber in a police uniform.

        Apparently he’s not a complete piece of shit as I know somebody (a local radio personality) who actually likes the guy, although I can’t see why..

    • There is a perfectly logical explanation for the chief’s conclusions: He uses the Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us logic system known as “Liber-Logic”
      It is evident in his statements.

    • He wants to check open carriers to see if they have a CHL. That way he can harass every single one he or his underlings see.

  14. why bother common sense has officially died and writing any further would be fruitless.

    True, if not how he meant it. I suppose even a blind pig finds the odd acorn now and then.

  15. Is he kin to that Buncombe County, NC Sheriff? You remember the “control” us common folk LEO?

    They said that CC would lead to “The Ol’ West” in FL, back in the 80’s. But FL was an open carry state prior. NC has been an OC state, albeit rather strictly controlled in urban areas, and there is that “Brandishing to the terror of the public thingy”. However, also a CC state, (but no CC at funerals as I can recall), laws are funny things that tie the 2nd Amend. in knots.

    I don’t seem to need a background check, paid instruction, fingerprints on file, and a photo card for the 1st Amend.
    Maybe I’m just being silly.

    • I was NCOIC for a funeral detail to Cincinnati, OH for a Vietnam vet that had also been a biker. I informed the funeral director to pass the word among the attendees that there’d be volleys fired of blanks. Didn’t help. 3 that I saw drew before their buds stifled them. Ah, the good old days.

  16. Acevedo raises good points when it comes to police restraint. I recall hearing about him giving lectures on various times when the rules would have allowed him to shoot a suspect, but he opted for a lesser degree of force, and based on that judgement call someone didn’t have to die.

    He does, however, have derangement syndrome concerning this.

    I am inclined to be charitable and posit that his misgivings come from concern about the lives of his officers. It is objectively true that open carry makes it difficult for a police officer to tell whether an open carrier is actually allowed to carry their gun or not. It is also irrelevant, because we have this thing called presumption of innocence which overrides such concerns.

    • Crime statistics and inmate surveys indicate that 90+% of criminals prefer to carry concealed, when/if they carry.

      People up to no good do not open carry. Period. Well, except for Chief Jackwagon and his ilk.

    • “It is objectively true that open carry makes it difficult for a police officer to tell whether an open carrier is actually allowed to carry their gun or not.”

      Though you knock down your own straw man with your following statement, it’s even negated here in THIS very statement.

      “allowed to carry their gun or not” presumes “allowed” actions of a free citizenry derive from the government.

      The Statists have effectively convinced generations that this is so. Laws do not define what we are “allowed” to do; they can’t even do that…cf the failure of every single law to “stop” a behavior.

      For example, murder has not been “allowed” for a very long time; yet, it still happens.

      The only thing a law does is codify what behaviors a society believes are punishable and defines those punishments. Laws do not “allow” or “disallow” behaviors at all.

      This is, of course, the underpinning of your own knocking down the straw man…the very philosophical basis of “innocent until proven guilty.” Presumption of innocence is not a procedural thing; it’s fundamental to understanding what role government CAN vs CANNOT even have in the lives of free individuals.

  17. So, the criminals that now conceal-carry will start open-carrying because they will expect this to be the least likely way to get stopped by the police? Seems highly unlikely.

    A didn’t Georgia pass a similar law last year? All bank robbers must now open-carry there.

    • Georgia already had laws and court cases that kept police from detaining you for the sole reason of checking your weapons license. However, since some police kept doing it anyway, the legislature made the law explicit so that there could be no ambiguity. We heard the same lamentations that LEOs wouldn’t be able to tell who was a criminal or not. These same people think that, “How do I know you’re not doing something illegal?” is the same thing as, “I have reasonable suspicion that what you are doing is a crime.”

      In Georgia, OC and CC are treated the same; they both require the same license. Shockingly, the felons who are carrying illegally are not OC.

  18. Is he an elected sheriff?

    Is there a recall campaign yet? Let me know when it gets going because I would like to donate.

    • He’s a political appointee. One who is wholly unfit for the job he’s been appointed to, in my opinion.

    • More specifically, he is the Chief of the Austin city police. He was hired by the city government. Being Austin, I expect they are completely satisfied with him.

  19. He sounds seriously unstable. Maybe he shouldn’t have a gun. With that wilted intellect, overheated rhetoric, and overwrought manner, this guy is simply unemployable in my book. Never mind his politics, I just couldn’t trust this individual not to succumb to one panic attack after another and go screaming down the corridors. He’s unfit at any speed.

  20. I live in NC where we have had constitutional open carry forever. I hardly ever see anyone carrying openly. Lots of folks carry concealed.

    • Huh? NC is not a Constitutional Carry state that I know of! You may want to reevaluate NC laws before you get sent to prison.

    • When I visited NC, I OCed quite lot. Not one of the NC residents I met had any idea the guv would “let” them do that…

    • Yeah, NC is absolutely NOT Constitutional Carry. I think you might be confusing some terms; no permit required for OC is NOT Constitutional Carry.

      NC has statute that defines “Permit required to legally carry concealed.” Further, this permit is only for handguns and does not apply to knives that meet certain definition for “concealed weapon.” That is, we don’t have a Concealed Weapon Permit, we have a Concealed Handgun Permit.

      Constitutional Carry has been proposed numerous times in the past. Current bill (read in the House last week) is H699 and is presently in Judiciary Committee.

      Hope this clarifies….

  21. In Austin, I can see those diverse groups coming together. Where did the guy get “….serve, protect and lead”? Out his butt?

    • Because being a KKK member, or Black Panther, or an ISIS supporter means you are probably a felon. Yeah, sure it does.

  22. Cripes. We hear this EVERY time a state makes the change and NOTHING remotely near anarchy occurs. NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. ZILCH.

    • Let’s call them on it. I have an idea for some funny videos to make fun of antis who said tbisnwouldncause problems. We just need video of them ( or audio) saying there will be murders, shootings, etc.

  23. Not saying that I want to take the law into my own hands ! but!,

    open season for gang members, drug cartels, outlaw motor cycle gangs and any other criminal or extremist

    I’m kind of ok with that. It’s been open season on the law abiding long enough.

    • Now why would you want to go and harm drug cartels? They are undocumented pharmacists who are looking for a better life for themselves and their families.

  24. Criminals and extremists did have a seat at the policy making table. They were called the founding fathers. They created the Constitution.

      • Outlaws yes perhaps for s time, but not criminals. A criminal is somebody guilty of a crime. Revolution against tyranny is a moral obligation not a crime, regardless of any law to the contrary. Also they where not ( even wrongfully) ever tried and convicted.

        • That’s kind of the point.

          The Progressive Statists like to classify us as “extremists” and with other negative sounding epithets. They often conflate legal carry with criminal activity.

          They are trying to create the association between “law abiding gun owner” and “criminal” in the minds of those that have not thought about this stuff very much.

        • Depends on which side you’re on at the time.
          All of our “Founders” were British Subjects. They were in revolt. They were declared traitors by British Government and, if caught, were to be treated as such.
          On the other side, of course, they were patriots.

  25. “Still, we have faith that the chief will be able to handle life under the new law…”

    I hope not. I hope it proves to be more than his fragile constitution can bear, and it drives him out of Texas and back to California.

  26. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, are ABSOLUTE PROOF that his assertion is completely without merit and an utter falsehood. They already HAVE a more permissive open carry than Texas is getting, and the streets are not flowing with blood.

    • And Oklahoma, just to the North, and basically culturally the same. OC legal since 2012, zero issues.

      • I was going for the ones with no permit required at all.

        Heck here in AZ, we have Constitutional Carry… It gets tough going to work wading through the streets filled with blood, and dead children(Sarc)

    • Even in MN — which hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Nixon — we have a “permit to carry a pistol” which allows either CC or OC, which if I understand correctly is what Texas is getting now.

      OC isn’t very common around the cities, but I saw a guy carrying openly in a suburban Target not long ago and nobody seemed worked up over it.

      • In Oregon, we don’t have firearms “permits”. Only a permit for concealed carry. Open carry all you want with no permit or license.
        The CC “mother-may-I” does allow you to carry in places others cannot.

        • That’s not entirely true — there are cities where you will get arrested for open carry.

          I used to OC at Clackamas Town Center, but it’s no longer safe to do so there — exercising that right will get you punished.

  27. From Chief Avocado: Here is a scenario, next time groups face off in our Capital City at the Capitol, Klan with their hoods on, Panthers with their faces covered, ISIS sympathizers with their faces covered and just about any other extremist group, armed with firearms authorized by Open-Carry, law enforcement will have absolutely no authority to ensure the people who are armed as they wish.

    Welcome to the First Amendment.

    Apparently its too difficult to cover known assemblies of armed individuals with APD’s force of trained officers.


    Stop the histrionic fear mongering.

    Or go back to CA.

    • And I saw the video of the Black Panthers marching and open chanting “pig” pajoratives towards law enforcement during their walk downtown a month or two ago, all legally open carrying long guns.

      Art is so full of s*it his eyes are dark brown.

  28. As if the Austin police can’t figure out one of a thousand ways that people break laws every day to rid the Capitol of those Klan members, Panthers, ISISts, and “extremists”. Cops have no problem rounding up the undesirables even if they’re not OCing. And domestic abusers? How about seeing the woman with a gun just might sober up the ex-husband/boyfriend to reconsider his violent intentions?

    • That’s just as true about today’s so-called conservatives — it’s just a matter of what topics they like to lie about. Both of the big parties are statist, and neither likes all the rights protected by the Constitution; they just differ on which rights they like and don’t.

  29. By prohibiting law enforcement from stopping or detaining to check for CHL, Texas is authorizing within our state lines any and all criminals to carry a firearm.

    Because none of them did before…?

  30. other point related to Art’s idiotic rants– he says “By prohibiting law enforcement from stopping or detaining to check for CHL, Texas is authorizing within our state lines any and all criminals to carry a firearm.”

    The *LAW* here in Texas is that if you are asked for ID by any police officer and you have a CHL (which is required for this upcoming open carry) then you MUST ALSO show them your CHL. What Art would like is the ability to stop and “ask for papers” for anybody, for no reason whatsoever. Screw this guy.

  31. I’d like to think if ISIS, KKK and Black Panthers got together at the capital with a bunch of guns the problem may very well sort itself out. Then again, when was the last time anyone that even looked like they might say something about sympathizing with any of these groups ever even showed up in Austin, Mr. Acevedo?

    Oh our wayward capital, I do hope y’all turn redder once more. At least to the point that you hire a better chief (not that we in SA are much better off) and stop trying to get silly laws made like when businesses are allowed to BBQ.

  32. Take it easy on poor Art…its been a rough couple of days…not only did Open Carry get final passage in the House, they also passed the bill requiring officers to have canine encounter training.

    Oh and Art, if all hell did break loose on the Capitol grounds…that’s DPS territory anyway, Colonel Steve would grab the spot light….

  33. “Through this amendment we are facilitating the victimization of the people we are sworn to serve, protect and lead.”

    You folks are reading that wrong. He’s not saying “lead” pronounced “leed,” he’s saying “lead” as in the heavy metal coming from the muzzle of a gun.

  34. From the part quoted above I didn’t get opposition to open carry but oposition to removing the police ability to verify that you have a license. Totally different concern.

    • Yeah, except what he wants is to be able to stop and badger everyone his officers see toting a handgun. Not very conducive to exercising your newly-minted permission to OC. He can stop anyone who evidences “reasonable suspicion” of criminal activity now, he wants vastly more than that.

  35. He can’t stop someone who just walked across the border, can’t arrest them, can’t send them back but will give them an ID and an SSN, but he wants to stop legal citizens with a Constitutional right from carrying a legal gun openly. It must be that he is running out of people over whom he can exert his perceived power.

  36. Otherwise an apparently good Chief, Acevedo is off the mark on this issue, probably out of concern for his officers and in accord with the Democrat politics of the Austin region.

    He has plenty of resources and authority to police Austin and even with open carry in place I seriously doubt there will be any difference in policy and practice after the local growing pains to accommodating what little open carry takes place.

    A lot of anti-gun over the top bluster from the good Chief.

  37. No worries Art, I’m sure you and your buddies will have plenty of time to think up whatever the equivalent of “changing lanes without signaling” is for open carriers… Statist gotta state

  38. Arturo Acevedo is a liberal activist hired in 2007 as Chief of Police by the notoriously progressive liberal Austin City Council. Prior to becoming the Austin PD Chief, the Cuban native was a California Highway Patrol Captain.

    Acevedo forced the Texas Legislature’s hand on the amendment after making it clear that Austin PD intended to make life difficult for anyone who dared to openly carry a handgun in Austin by treating them as an armed criminal until proven otherwise.

    To no avail, Acevedo has pushed for California style gun control since arriving in the Lone Star State as well as creating a California style DUI law that lowers the BAC from .08 to .04. Acevedo’s failed DUI law attempt didn’t deter him from imposing his brand of justice on Texans though; Austin PD Officers routinely arrest drivers with any detectable amount of alcohol on their breath, and routinely jail and criminally charge drivers with DWI even when BAC’s are as low as .03, which is why 30% of all Austin PD DWI cases are dismissed.

    Any other Chief in Texas would have been fired a long time ago, but the Austin liberals back Acevedo’s the end justifies the means obstinance to and misapplication of Texas law. Even though I personally believe that in most circumstances open carry is foolish, I’m glad that the Texas Legislature did what was necessary to make it more difficult for Art Acevedo to impose his liberal will on law abiding Texans.

    Make no mistake, Acevedo will likely come up with some sort of ruse to subvert the open carry law just as he’s done with DWI law and the Austin City Council will do nothing other than cheer him on.

    • Just to clarify, I know several Cubans, and they mostly Republicans and mostly gun owners. Not sure why you called out Acevedo as a “Cuban”

      • Acevedo was born in Cuba, that’s simply fact; he is not a Republican, he is not conservative, he is not an independent, he is not pro 2nd amendment, he is a progressive liberal who prior to moving to Texas in 2007 was a California Highway Patrol Captain loyally aligned with progressive liberal Democratic Party power brokers in California, the same power brokers who’ve severely restricted gun rights in California. Acevedo is an unapologetic gun control advocate who’s pushed for California style gun control in Texas since he got here. Acevedo’s liberal credentials are why the Austin City Council hired him as Police Chief and why the Obama administration considered him for a position as Director of I.C.E. in 2014.

    • The DUI law needs to be fixed. If you blow and its lower than .08(should be higher like .10 or 12) then they should not be able to charge you with DUI. And if he does try to conspire to deny rights to lawful open carriers I know the folks at open carry TEXAS will sue the hell out of his dept. we don’t have many liberal judges here in texas, esp in the higher courts. And even federal courts could find that if OC is legal in our state that illegally depriving some parties would be a civil rights violation.

      • So far the “sue the hell out of his dept.” route hasn’t worked and because of governmental immunity and tort claims, Acevedo and the City of Austin aren’t concerned much with lawsuits and simply them as a nuisance cost of doing business. One of the bogus DWI arrests that resulted in a lawsuit that has or will be later quietly settled was the New Years Day 2013 arrest of Larry Davis for DWI by Austin Police even after he checked 0.00 on a breath test, Davis fully cooperated by also providing a blood test which also later came back negative for drugs, but he still had to hire a lawyer to get the charges dismissed. Such bogus arrests and the 30% DWI dismissal rate would get most Texas Chiefs fired, but not Acevedo because in the eyes of the Austin City Council, he can do no wrong.

  39. So what’s up with the Hawaiian shaka sign from a Californian living in Texas who cannot spell?

    Clearly a douche.

  40. Isn’t it odd that the people who piss on the Constitution are the ones calling the people that defend the Constitution extreme. How is it not extreme to dismantle a foundational law of the land?

  41. “By prohibiting law enforcement from stopping or detaining to check for A DRIVERS LICENSE, Texas is authorizing within our state lines any and all criminals to DRIVE A GETAWAY CAR.”

    Ass-evedo sure is kinda stupid.

  42. Robert, surely after a year in Austin you recognize that the Acevedo is not big on citizens rights. For instance his thugs arrested a college student for having the audacity to film them beating the hell out of a Jay Walker on 6th Street. Old Art immediately came to their defense and decried people spying on their supposed public servants. The man is a tyrant and a thug.

  43. Silly man, armed criminals and extremists have been open carrying long before this. They wear government uniforms.

  44. Group Open “Wal-Mart” Walk in downtown Austin, 1st Saturday after it becomes legal. Who’s in? 😀

    • I’d try, but would prefer notice so I could find proper expensive leather, and perhaps get some inlay.

  45. I kinda sorta agree with him. So let me propose a solution to this dilemma. Let the police stop open carriers. If the citizen happens to have a permit then it will cost the city $500. Should limit arbitrary harassment of legally armed citizens while still making it risky for gangbangers etc to be walking around with an gun showing.

    • EXCELLENT!!! If the fuzz are right, the OC bum goes to prison and loses all firearm rights, if they are wrong, their paychecks are docked $500 which is delivered to the inconvenienced citizen. What could be better? It would be fun to see the objection this jerk could find for that.

    • I like the spirit of you suggestion, however… Ohio has been open carry since 1851 or before and we really haven’t had any problem with criminals openly bearing arms. To catch 1 or 5 criminals dumb enough to do so in a hundred years or more wouldn’t be worth giving the Austin PD the perceived privilege of stopping every armed person. ‘Tis better to stop this in its infancy; $500, $5,000, or $50,000 be damned.

    • The city? You want to penalize the taxpayers?

      No — $550 is good, but $300 from the erring officer, $100 from his immediate superior, and $100 from the chief.

      And it goes to a charity of the harassed citizen’s choice.

  46. This guy has to be the biggest knuckle head heading up a police dept anywhere in the continental U.S.A. His badge should be shoved up his sphincter.

  47. He’s doing the Hawaiian Shaka. Probably a transplant from Hawaii where concealed carry is unheard of and laws are sometimes optional if you’re native hawaiian.

  48. How embarrassing fod Austen. Chief Acevedo is becoming yet another parody of leadership under progressives, run amok on civil rights.

  49. The only change in activity by those carrying guns I’ve ever see result from open carry is several citizens stopping to talk about what they others were carrying.

    Other than that, I’ve seen assaults and fights stop dead when someone open carrying walked by.
    Hey — maybe that’s the chief’s worry: his officers won’t have as much to do as people become more polite to each other!

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